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Golden Age Taboo 5

Golden Age Taboo 5: Our Hero’s Welcome

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Timothy finds himself in Hawaii, now a war hero but wounded in the Battle of Saipan. Fortunately, his stepmother Georgina and stepsister Patricia come visit him.

Georgina and her son are eager to rekindle their taboo affair which began before he joined the Marines. However, Patricia has glimpsed the secret diary. She knows what’s going on.

And she wants to be taken by her brother too!


“Patricia, I…”

“Kiss me, Timothy. I know you want me. Taboo is in our blood. I’m a product of it. My mother knows her own parents so intimately. I want to know you intimately, too. Kiss me, now.”

Timothy ran his hands through his sister’s hair, pulled her closer, and laid a deep kiss on her. Feeling his tongue enter her mouth, guiding everything inside of her, her mind started to go crazy with years of pent up need. She wanted to strip him down to nothing and finally see everything she had been reading about for the past two years.

Passion ran through both of them, but the reality of their very public display of affection also reared its ugly head.

Timothy thought fast. “There’s a storage building about a block down. Sometimes the guys go drinking there. It should be empty for a few more hours.”

Patricia, sad to break the kiss, went back behind the chair. Never in her life had she run as fast, pushing her brother along the way. It wasn’t as if her brother was light as a feather, so she had impressed herself.

Like he’d said, the door was unlocked, and in they went. A flick of a switch, and she had enough light to keep seeing the man she had lusted for after all these years.

She was on top of her brother on the wheelchair, kissing him so deeply. His muscular hands going down her back, undoing the strings that had held her dress in place. She let it drop to the side, and before long it fell off her shoulders. Through the fabric of her undergarments, Timothy touched her.


His touch firm and driven, Patricia remembered reading about his shyness with their mother.


I will make a man out of him! #erotica

It was almost two years ago that I published a series that was very dear to me, Golden Age Taboo. I had originally pictured a long-running series were Georgina gets into a million different taboo situations, but the series didn’t perform up to my expectations so I moved on after three books.

However, these ideas kept coming to me for Georgina so I decided to jump in with two more adventures, picking things up more than a decade later. Here’s one such story and next week there will be another one. Full disclosure, I will eventually bundle all 5 stories, but that won’t be for a couple of months.

Less than a buck until Friday morning 🙂

Less than a buck

Golden Age Taboo 4

Golden Age Taboo 4: Off to War

In The Series
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It’s 1942. The world is at war. Even worse, Timothy is now old enough to join the fight and he wants to enlist in the Marine Corps even though that’s the last thing Georgina wants for her stepson.

But there are more pressing matters when she finds her boy pleasuring himself while reading her secret diary!

This is where she has committed to paper everything she has done. Losing her cherry to her brother, seducing her father, and then her mother – it’s all in there. This could destroy the family.

Or it could make them closer than ever…

Georgina needs to make a decision and send him off to war finally a man.