Brothers #gangbang stepsister on Valentine’s Day #erotica

There’s a romance and then there’s TABOO ROMANCE. Discover how Virginia celebrates with her five stepbrothers… and stepdad!

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The Group's Taboo Valentine's Day

The Group’s Taboo Valentine’s Day

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There’s a Valentine’s Day tradition in this family: Virginia gets gangbanged by her FIVE stepbrothers.

It’s been going on for years and today little brother Michael is doing it for the first time.

But that’s only the beginning. Later that night, Virginia gets a visit from her stepdad. He saw everything! Is this the beginning of the end? Or does he want to sleep with his daughter as well?


Hot #SundaySample – Taboo Conjugal Visit #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

Taboo Conjugal Visit

Taboo Conjugal Visit

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Ryken has spent five long years in prison and finally he’s been granted a conjugal visit with his wife. Only she doesn’t show up. Instead, it’s his stepsister Emily who does, pretending to be his wife.

He’s obviously crestfallen so she decides to make it up to in a very TABOO way!

It’s clinical at first, very awkward, but soon neither of them can hide their lust for one another. How far will they go?


“Sure but that doesn’t do anything about your… needs.”

“Sis, geez!”

I stood up, as if wanting to put some distance between us.

“Look, I’m a nurse. I know how the body works, right? I know how it is to have physical desires and not be able to do anything about it. There’s no shame in talking about it.”

“Still, I don’t wanna talk about this with my sister.”

We shared an awkward chuckle and she stood up, facing me.

“Remember that summer, my senior year of high school? It was just before you moved out of the house.”

I gulped, knowing what she was referring to.


“Remember that night?”

She stared right into my eyes. It was the deepest connection I’d ever felt with anyone in my entire life, I knew it. I nodded slowly.

I truly remembered that night. I had gotten my hands on some cheap whiskey and Emily had made me share it with her while our parents were out for the night.

“We already crossed the line once, Ryken. What’s the big deal if we do it again? I mean, I could help you just this once, extenuating circumstances and all. I could just use my hand so it’s not too weird.”


Fling between wrestling siblings #erotica

Sometimes you write a story and you get to learn about something in the process. That was the case here since I had to learn about wrestling to make it believable as brother and sister turn playfulness into sexiness. And I apologize in advance if I got the wrestling techniques wrong!

Let's Get Ready to Taboo

Let’s Get Ready to Taboo: Wrestling at Home

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Charlotte is tired of her stepbrother Owen watching wrestling on TV, it’s so stupid to watch grown men play acting this way. So Owen decides to show his sister what wrestling is really about.

But when he tackles her to the ground, she feels a familiar tingling between her legs and she instinctively starts rubbing against him. She knows she shouldn’t, it’s not allowed, it’s too TABOO! But she can’t help herself.

That’s when Owen begins to grind back against HIS SISTER!


Hot #SundaySample – Billionaire Taboo Weekend

Here’s a look at the story!

Billionaire Taboo Weekend

Billionaire Taboo Weekend

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Gary is secretly in love with his stepsister Veronica. They’re roommates, best friends, but he wants more from her although he doesn’t have the courage to tell her.

But their relationship takes a turn when an exclusive promo code sends them to Las Vegas, invited by a glamorous billionaire where all their naughty fantasies can come true.

Will Veronica come to see her brother in a new light?


It felt so good to have relief at last.

Finally, I had nothing left to give and I was starting to go limp. The video was fading out but that’s not what surprised me. No, the shock of my life came when I noticed my sweet little sister looking at me. She was licking her lips and staring at my cream-covered hand. She quickly looked away when she realized she’d been caught.

“Sorry. I’d better go wash up.”

She took her hand out of her sweatpants and stood up. Without giving me a second look, she disappeared behind the bathroom door. I had trouble believing that had just happened.

It was so much better than the last time. We’d both been sober and she had actually looked at me. Maybe there was a chance we could move our relationship to the next level.

I went to the kitchen where I washed my hands and took off my wet shirt. Just as I finished drying up, my phone rang.


“Mr. Gary Bayles?”


“I’m the limo driver. Just want to let you know I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.”

“Limo driver? What are you talking about? I think you have the wrong number.”

“Martindale Oasis, sir.”

The promo code! What had I gotten myself into? I was about to find out just how far I was willing to go with my sister…