Hot #SundaySample – Just This Once #erotica

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Just This Once

Just This Once: Taboo Escort

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Dating is so complicated that Perry has given up. Now divorced, it’s easier to call escorts to a hotel room. Tonight things go wrong though.

Tonight the escort turns out to be his cousin Kasey!

As they struggle with the awkwardness of the situation, they start talking and soon discover their secret attraction to taboo subjects. Kasey has a confession that will change everything and send them both on a path toward forbidden pleasure…


“We still have an hour and a half together. You already paid me. We’re related and you just admitted to being turned on by family members. We could fool around together, cousin.”

“Are you serious?”

“If you want. Besides, it’s okay for cousins to fool around together, right? Happens all the time. I like you, Perry. I never thought about you this way before, but now I find myself really attracted to you.”

“Really? Thanks. You’re gorgeous as well. Hot.”

She grinned. “And I’m also excited, Perry. All this discussion between us, you and my mom, what I do, it’s getting me in the mood. So I think it would be great to have fun together tonight. Unless you think it’s too weird.”

I spoke even before her words sank in. “It’s not too weird!”


I nodded, my member starting to ache in my briefs. “I’m… I’m game.”


She stood up slowly and rounded the table. She reached for my hand and motioned for me to get up. She caressed my chest slowly, always looking into my eyes, and I impulsively placed my hands on her waist.

“Kiss me, cousin.”



Would you sleep with daddy to inherit? #erotica

Attention, attention! This is probably the best book I’ve written so far.

I’m not just saying that either. It has a virgin daughter with her stepdad, with her stepbrother, and said brother even sleeps with mom. But more than everything, it has a genuine and surprisingly deep story. I’m very proud of this story and I hope you enjoy it.

Last Will: The Taboo Clause

Last Will: The Taboo Clause

Genres: , , , ,

After the death of the long-lost relative, the Caudill family is unexpectedly invited to the reading of the will. That’s when they hear of a bombshell: they stand to inherit $1 billion, but on one condition.

They have to sleep with one another!

Great uncle Kermit had a peculiar lifestyle and he intends for it to endure. Will parents Ben and Cheryl be okay with this? Are the two step-siblings Marissa and Tommy going to accept what this entails? After all, Marissa is a virgin.

They have one week to discuss the situation, to discover if money is worth more than the forbidden taboo. And a lot can happen in one week…


Hot #SundaySample – Red White and Blew #erotica

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Red White and Blew

Red White and Blew

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It’s the Fourth of July and 18-year-old Meadow is in the mood. Everything around her is turning her on. So it’s second nature for her to pick up the handsome Army officer at the supermarket and blow him in the parking lot.

It’s not until she goes to her mother’s house that night that she realizes he’s her new boyfriend!

But is her mom mad about this? Of course not. Meadow and Judy have always been close, sharing men, sharing their bed. Tonight, the new boyfriend will find out the true meaning of fireworks with these two aroused women…


I was astounded but then I smirked. “Good evening, Colonel White.”

Mom was confused. “You two know each other?”

“A little bit,” I said. “I gave him a BJ in his truck this afternoon.”

The color drained from Mr. White’s face. “Judy, I’m so sorry.”

My mother was still cheerful though. “What are you sorry about? We said we weren’t exclusive, yes? I told you it excited me to think about you with other people. I really meant it, Red.”

“But still. This is your daughter. It’s wrong, I’m sorry.”

I grinned. “He really is straight-laced, mom!”

She shushed me and led her boyfriend to the couch where they both sat down. I remained on the other side, leaning on the armrest of the La-Z-Boy, crossing my ankles.

“It’s okay, Red. There’s nothing wrong with any of this, trust me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“We love each other, yes?”

“Of course, Judy. I love you more than I ever loved anyone.”

“And I feel the same way. No harm, no foul. I love a swinging lifestyle.”

He still struggled to come to grips with this. “But Meadow is your daughter.”

“You have to tell him, mom,” I said.

“I think you’re right, baby.”

“Tell me what?”


Farm family fun #erotica

This story was a hoot to write as Jimmy Lee is being shown the ways of the world by mama!

The Taboo Birds and the Bees

The Taboo Birds and the Bees

Genres: , ,

The talk about the birds and the bees was a long time ago but now Jimmy Lee is about to get a very taboo take on it!

It’s the 1940s and Jimmy Lee is eager to leave the farm and join the Navy, much to his parents’ disappointment. His dad Buford has an idea though. He will teach his son to be a real man before leaving.

And doing so involves making mother and stepson sleep together!

Buford starts by showing the 18-year-old how to treat a woman before he can do it himself. What starts as a regular Mississippi evening soon becomes a family threesome…


Parents join stepsiblings #erotica

First they listened, then they watched, and when it became unbearable the parents joined their 18-year-old kids!

Dirty Noises

Dirty Noises: A Taboo Home

Genres: , , ,

Zeke and Samantha are getting frisky late at night when they hear dirty noises coming from inside the house. While beautiful mature Samantha is excited listening to what obviously is her daughter having some fun, Zeke thinks that she shouldn’t have people over on a school night.

Determined to stop these shenanigans, he goes to her room but the sound isn’t coming from there. Instead, it’s coming from their son’s room…

Their son Evan who never does anything wrong, who never even had a girlfriend. Sure enough, he has a girl in bed right now and it’s his STEPSISTER Whitney!

How will the parents react at finding these two 18-year-olds together in bed? Will it awaken their swinger tendencies to turn this into an orgy?


Hot #SundaySample – Home MILF #erotica

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Home MILF: Taboo Attraction

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My stepmom wants me to clean my room but I’m not fast enough so she starts without me. That’s when she discovers my porn stash and her panties that I stole.

I want to die, I’m so embarrassed… And then she tells me to pleasure myself in front of her!

She’s excited that I have a crush on her and maybe she feels the same way about me. After all, I’m a young stud about to go to college. Should I go through with it?


“Caleb, is this…” She unfurled the cloth until she could tell what it was: a pair of bikini-cut underwear. “Are these my panties?”

She was staring right at me and I couldn’t breathe anymore.

“Answer me,” she ordered.

“I… uh…”

“I’ve been looking for these for two years. Did you steal them?”

There was more surprise than outrage in her voice. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to admit that I was a full on perv to my mother.

“It was just a stupid dare from my friends, no big deal.”

“No big deal? If it was just a dare, why are my panties in your private stash, Caleb?”

“It’s just… I couldn’t throw them away and I couldn’t give them back and…”

Something weird happened next. Her face softened. She took a step toward me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“It’s okay, baby. I’ve known about your crush.”


“You haven’t really been stealthy over the years, Caleb. I’ve known that you had a crush on me for a long time. I always thought it was cute.”

“That’s not true!”

“What, are you saying it’s impossible for young man to have a thing for me? You don’t think I’m attractive enough?”

“No, I mean yes. You’re gorgeous, mom!”

She cocked her head to the side in a way that always made my heart beat faster. “So are you gonna admit it then?”

She came closer still and took my hand in hers.


Hot #SundaySample – How Kimmy Changed Us 2 #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

How Kimmy Changed Us2

How Kimmy Changed Us 2: Crossing the Taboo Line

In The Series
Genres: , , ,

Gorgeous young Kimmy has just turned 18 and her probation terms call for her to stay with the Morgan family.

That’s when she proceeds to not only seduce every family member, but she talks them into having sex WITH EACH OTHER! Brother and stepsister, stepmother and father, and possibly even an all-out orgy!

But why is Kimmy doing this? Does she have an ulterior motive aside from pure hot taboo pleasure?

PART TWO: Kimmy finally makes Trixie cross the forbidden line with her stepbrother before she goes all in with a lesbian threesome with her stepmother.


“Relax, guys. I thought it was time the two of you did something about the situation.”

“What situation?” I asked, anger and anxiety seeping through my voice.

“Please, Trixie. It’s just the three of us, there’s no need to play games anymore. It’s time we all put this out in the open. You’re turned on by your brother.”

“I am not!”

“Trixie?” Dixon mumbled.

“And you Dixon, don’t play dumb either. You have a thing for your sister too.”

It was my turn to have my eyes bulge out. Kimmy noticed and chuckled.

“He does,” she continued. “He shootss so quick when I mention your name.”

“Kimmy, jeez…”

“It’s okay, Dixon. Your sister feels the same way, even if she won’t admit it. When she came the other night, it was after I told her to pretend you were doing her.”

I don’t know what shocked him more, learning that I was kind of fantasizing about him or finding out Kimmy and I had a fling together. She spent the next minute telling him about what had happened between us in my room last week.

“This is surreal,” I said, feeling unsteady on my feet. “We shouldn’t even be thinking about this.”

“Sure you can think about it. That’s a good start.”

“It’s not what I meant and you know it. This is my brother, Kimmy. We shouldn’t be joking about this.”

“Who said anything about joking?”