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Taken on Taboo Street

Taken on Taboo Street

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Melanie is shocked after witnessing a father and his barely legal daughter being so shamelessly intimate. The only thing that can calm her down now is to sleep with someone. But who?

She goes to her friend Marvin’s and tells him everything. It turns out he’s into taboo himself, often sharing women with his brother Luke. Would that be something she could be interested in?

Torn between curiosity and excitement, Melanie finds herself considering having a menage with the two handsome siblings…


“I once fooled around with one of my cousins after a family party. She was in the mood, we were alone… It was fun.”

Melanie said, “Oh.”

That wasn’t so bad, right? A cousin wasn’t the same thing as an innocent young daughter. Or maybe it was that she was starting to not be disgusted by this? It was all so much to take.

“All right, I’ll be honest with you,” he began as he took one last sip of wine before putting the glass down. “I’m comfortable around family members because I was close to my brother growing up.”

“Close? How close?”

That made him laugh. “Luke taught me things.”


Instead of being revolted, Melanie felt the heat between her legs again. It reminded her that she had come here to have fun and all she’d done so far was give him head. She had met his brother many times in the past. He was truly good-looking and the image of the two of them together was, well, thrilling.

“We continued to do that for years, it was no big deal. Later he had a girlfriend who was into kinky stuff. One time she talked Luke into having me join them.”

“You and your brother had a threesome with a girl?”

“Many threesomes,” he replied with amusement. “You’re enjoying this conversation, aren’t you?”