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Spring Break Me In

Spring Break Me In: My First Taboo

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I thought my first college spring break would be amazing but it turns out no one wants a virgin 18-year-old like me.

So after I go back to my uncle’s house, where I’m staying in Florida, I have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. That’s when he drops a bomb on me: he thinks I’m HOT!

Is it weird that I feel the same way about him? After all, he’s my uncle. But I have this urge, I want him to be my first SO BAD…


“I’m not kidding,” uncle Keith said, finishing his margarita. “I always had a thing for you. I’ve even been known to date girls who looked like you. The closest I’d ever get to the real thing, you know?”


He pulled his hand away from my leg and I could tell he realized what he had just said.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. It’s most likely the booze talking.”

“Sure,” I replied with a nervous laugh, hoping to defuse the situation.

The most troubling thing about how this conversation was going was that I wasn’t appalled. To the contrary, I was getting excited!

I kept my eyes on uncle Keith and in the moonlight I found him the most handsome man I’d ever met. He was 100 times more attractive than Adam. He was mature, composed. He was downright cool.

On top of that, I had memories rushing back that should have made me blush. In the years following him telling me about about boys, uncle Keith had become my go-to fantasy when I played with myself.

I understood that it was probably because he fulfilled my image of the ideal man – an artist, a perfect single man who defied society’s expectations. But the results couldn’t be denied.

Thinking about him had excited me over the years and for the longest time it was him I’d imagined losing my virginity to. I would picture him on top of me, touching my body, making me stroke his member…

These thoughts were coming back with a vengeance! I felt tingling between my thighs. There was no doubt, I was getting wet!

For long seconds we did nothing but stare at each other. Could he tell what I was thinking about?