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We Must Repopulate

We Must Repopulate

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After the world has ended, there’s only one family left standing. For the last two years, they’ve made a nice life for themselves on this private tropical island. But one thing is clear: if humanity is to go on, they need to repopulate.

This means Grover needs to impregnate – to BREED – his two stepdaughters, with the help of his son Toby.

It’s wrong, it’s taboo, but it must be done. It’s for the greater good and even mom is on board, willing to teach Toby how to please a woman.


“Melinda, we need to repopulate the planet.”

She took my hand and slid closer to me. I put an arm around her shoulders. I loved how warm she felt next to me.

I continued. “It could give us a tangible goal, making sure that humans thrive again someday. It could make us focus, give us a reason to keep going, to keep living.”

“It’s a nonissue anyway, I can’t have kids anymore.”

“We have daughters.”

“Grover!” she exclaimed, pulling away from me.

“Believe me, I’ve looked at every possibility. I’m not giddy at the prospect of involving our girls but you have to face the reality. They’re the only hope humanity has.”

“That has some profound implications. We’re talking about… inbreeding.”

“Well, technically no, we’re fine. Toby is my son, Ariel and Wren are yours, there shouldn’t be any genetic problems, not for a few generations anyway. After that, we’ll need to trust nature.”

My wife was rocking back and forth, letting all of this sink in. I put my hand on her bare knee to try and comfort her.

“You’re sure there’s no other way?”

I shook my head. “I did nothing but mull this over for months. Toby is now 18, just like Ariel. I think he should father the kids, he’s healthier than me.”

“Yes, you’re right, of course. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around this, you know? It’s a big responsibility for him to take, becoming a father.”

“That’s for sure. He has to do it with both his stepsisters to save human civilization.”

At that, Melinda and I both realized how silly it sounded and we burst out laughing. A few years ago, this could’ve been fodder for a raunchy teen comedy. Now it was the reality we were living in.