Hot #SundaySample – I’m Your Man Now

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I’m Your Man Now

I’m Your Man Now

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Farrah is an independent divorcee, beautiful and mature. She’s used to being single and taking care of her own sexual needs in the shower.

As she gets out of the bathroom, she finds her hunky stepson in the house. He’s drunk, assertive, and he wants to have sex WITH HER! He wants to be her man.

It’s stupid, she knows it’s wrong, but his take-charge attitude is exciting her. Would it be so bad if she let him have rough sex with her? Will the hot MILF surrender her ass too like he demands?


While staring into my eyes, he brought the pink toy to his face. He inhaled it, shocking me to my core!

“You smell great, mom.”


He took a step closer and I was overwhelmingly conscious of his body heat. I hadn’t been this close to a man in a long time and I despised how it made me feel. It was giving me goose bumps!

“You need a man in your life,” he growled, putting a hand on my bare shoulder. “You need somebody to take care of you, of your needs. No little mail-order product is gonna do that for you.”

I hated that he was speaking the truth and I hated being reminded of it. I had started making my peace with being alone, of taking care of my own needs, but being so close to him made my hormones spike. Breathing in his manly scent, feeling his body heat, I was no longer looking at him as my son.

No, he was a man!


Would you let him do it?

Mother’s Day is just behind us but I thought I would celebrate with this naughty new story between stepmom and son…

In a battle between what’s right and what feels good, where do you stand?

I’m Your Man Now

I’m Your Man Now

Genres: , , ,

Farrah is an independent divorcee, beautiful and mature. She’s used to being single and taking care of her own sexual needs in the shower.

As she gets out of the bathroom, she finds her hunky stepson in the house. He’s drunk, assertive, and he wants to have sex WITH HER! He wants to be her man.

It’s stupid, she knows it’s wrong, but his take-charge attitude is exciting her. Would it be so bad if she let him have rough sex with her? Will the hot MILF surrender her ass too like he demands?


Hot #Sample – Her Favorite Lollipop

Here’s a look at the story!

Her Favorite Lollipop cover

Her Favorite Lollipop

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“What I enjoyed the most about family night was watching the bulge in daddy’s pants.”

Cute little Jenna is comfortable with her blooming sexuality, especially around her stepdad. The teenager loves prancing around, turning him on. Even mom finds that fun and encourages the barely legal antics.

But there’s one thing she doesn’t like doing: oral sex.

Mom can’t believe this so she sets out to show her daughter how to give a perfect blow job. Who better to practice on than daddy himself! And what if this turned into a family threesome?


She got this faraway look in her eyes. “It’s genuinely arousing to suck a man’s cock, Jenna. Licking his flesh, inhaling his manly scent. You’re going slow, teasing him, and you know you’re about to swallow his seed. It gets me really wet.”

Hearing her describe it, I was myself breathless. I could almost let her convince me that I was missing out.

Mom leaned into my father and they whispered to each other while she had a hand on his knee. This was odd, we usually didn’t have any secrets. Dad nodded to her and she smiled back.

Turning back to me she said, “What would you say if I showed you how to please a man with your mouth?”

“What are you talking about?”

“If you want to learn, your dad is willing to help. He’s right here and he loves you very much, we both do.”

“With daddy?”

“He’s someone you trust, right? We’re a close family and we only want what’s best for you.”

“I don’t know,” I said, sucking on what remained of my lollipop. “Wouldn’t it be weird?”

“Come on, Jenna… Don’t start acting coy now. The two of you have been flirting for years, it’s always amused me actually. Now you get a chance to know what it’s like to be with your father and at the same time teaching you how to perform oral sex will make you a better lover.”

Honestly, I was warming up to the idea. To be intimate with daddy was getting me moist and if there was a chance I could be taught to enjoy performing fellatio it would be worth it. I would have something in common with my friends, something we could talk about, and the prospect of going to college knowing how to give blow jobs was enticing.

Not wanting to appear too eager, I looked at my father. “You’re really okay with this, daddy?”


Late Night Practice

Having a great summer so far? I’ll be back next week with a brand-new story which I know you will LOVE (and hopefully Amazon doesn’t object to it this time). To help with the wait, I have a special treat for you: a guest post so HOT it could melt your screen! Enjoy…Late Night Practice

It seems that every time I see Alison, she has some new ridiculous sex story to tell me. I thought it would tone down a bit once we got out of college, but the opposite was true. Instead her stories were more detailed and graphic than ever.

I know, I should have tried to change the subject, but damn if they didn’t make you want to keep listening. Some of her exploits would have made Jenna Jameson blush.

Her most recent tale came after a particularly kinky night were she tried Ben Wa Balls for the first time. Apparently she read something from Adam and Eve about how they were a “partner-friendly” sex toy and could add another dimension to her sex life. As someone with plenty of stories about awkwardly fumbling with a vibrators and dildos when getting it on, I was inclined to believe her when she said that they made sex with “that guy from last Saturday” the best she had ever had.

“So what about you Kate?” she asked, “What’s the story behind the best sex you ever had?”

I looked down at my drink and stirred it around with my straw. The truth is, I knew exactly when it was. But I couldn’t tell her that.


He was my volleyball coach in high school, Coach Brad. He was good looking, and a lot of the girls on the team had crushes on him. He pretended not to notice or care when we would innocently flirt, bending down in front of him to pick up a ball, or stretch up, allowing our shirts to show off our toned stomachs.

The other girls always liked to give me a hard time by saying that I was his favorite. I would shake it off in front of them, but I couldn’t help but notice him looking at me during practice. He would turn away when I’d catch him, but really, I didn’t mind. In fact, I thought it was kind of hot.

It was the week of my 18th birthday, and a few of my friends on the team and I were planning on celebrating that night at dinner. Once practice was over we were responsible for picking up the rest of the gym, collecting the balls, taking down the nets, and making sure the carts were put away. When the last few of us were finished stretching for the day, we started making our way over to some of the balls that were strewn around the gym.

“Okay, let’s get this done so we can get the hell out of here,” said Shannon.

“No, you guys go ahead, I got it!” I shouted over my shoulder. I didn’t want to be the first person to arrive at my own birthday dinner anyways.

“Are you sure?” they asked.

“Yea!” I assured them, throwing another Spalding ball into the cart. “You guys go ahead and I’ll meet you there later!”

Not surprisingly it took about double the time for me to get everything done on my own, and by the time I got back into the locker room, all the other girls had left.

I was planning on going to the restaurant directly after, so I peeled off my clothes, wrapped myself in a towel, and walked towards the showers.

I was standing outside of the stream of water, waiting for it to warm up, when I heard, “Oh my god, I’m sorry.”

Startled, I turned. It was Coach Brad. “I thought everyone had left,” he said. “I was turning off the lights and locking up.”

He looked surprised but he didn’t walk away. He just stood there, staring at me, barely covered in my towel.

I’m not sure what made me do it. Maybe it’s because we had made such a running joke about it on the team, or maybe it was because I just wanted a good story to tell at dinner, but I decided to have a little fun with him.

“It’s no problem.” I cooed as I let my hair loose from my ponytail. I tilted my head to one side and shook my hair with my fingers. “I was just getting ready for dinner with the other girls. Did you want to join me?”

“Join you?” he echoed, still frozen in his spot.

“Yea,” I said, walking towards him. “At dinner of course.” I grinned.

“Oh,” he said, releasing his breath. “No, I don’t think that would be appropriate.”

I was less than a foot from him now. “Well, neither is being in the locker room when one of your players is showering, but here we are.”

He furrowed his brow and clenched his jaw. “Just turn off the lights when you leave,” he growled. I could tell I hit a nerve, but that just encouraged me.

Before he had a chance to turn around a leave, I dropped the towel.


His eyes panned from my bare breasts down the rest of my body. Normally wouldn’t be so bold, but truth be told, I knew I had never looked better. My skin was still tan from summer, and months of practice had made my muscles lean and toned.

At this point I expected I had made him so uncomfortable that he would have gone running out the locker room. Instead, he stayed put.

A little taken-aback at his reaction, I turned away from him back to the shower that was still running. At first I thought maybe I had gone too far, but all my feelings of doubt were greatly outweighed by how excited I was.

I stepped under the hot stream of water, letting it cascade down my body. I started rubbing my breasts with the water, letting out a gentle moan. I was so turned on. What started out as a prank was now something that I was starting to crave.

I tilted my head back, gently shaking my head from side to side, letting the water soak my hair. When I looked back in his direction I was shocked to see him right in front of me. I could tell he wanted it just as bad as I did.

I reached for the bottom of his shirt, and he lifted his arms, allowing me to remove it. His chest and abs were toned, and his whole body clenched at the shock of the cold air mixed with the drop of water bouncing off my skin.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I stepped into him. Letting my hard nipples graze his chest, I gently kissed his neck. He leaned his head into it, and I continued down his chest. Making my way down to my knees, I trailed along the his waist before reaching for his belt, removing it with one hard pull and throwing it to the side. I undid his button and he tugged on the sides, letting his pants and boxers fall to floor.

I was ready to go down on him, but before I could, he grabbed my arm and brought me up to my feet again. At first I thought he was going to make me stop. His eyes darted back and forth from mine, and his muscular chest rose and fell in line with his heavy breathing.

Stepping out of his pants, he forcefully grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me towards him, kissing me deeply. He pushed me back against the wall, and the cold tiles made my already hard nipples even more so. Bending down to my breasts, he teased one with his thumb while licking and sucking on the other.

No one had ever made me want it this much before. Until now the string of immature and inexperienced boys I had dated were never able to get my anywhere near cumming, and Coach Brad was getting me close without even touching my pussy yet.

When he met my lips again, I wrapped one leg around him, and grabbed his cock, guiding it into me as I arched my hips back.

He let out an exasperated moan as he slowly pushed his cock into me, filling me entirely before he began to gently thrust. For a moment I lost my breath, quickly followed by gasping from the pleasure. I buried my head in the between his neck and shoulder, trying to stifle screaming, but with every thrust, it was more difficult.

The faster he went, the closure I got, and when I felt the pulsing of his cock as he came, I couldn’t hold it anymore. Even to this day, it was the most intense orgasm I had experienced. If he didn’t already have a hold of me I would have collapsed on the floor when my knees buckled.

We stood there for a moment, letting the waves of pleasure run through us, both trying to catch our breath.

When I finally met his eyes again, he grinned at me. Exasperated, he whispered, “Happy birthday Katie.”


I met up with him several times until the season ended but we lost touch after I graduated. Last I heard he had a new job as a trainer for our local college’s football team.

“I’m not sure.” I said. I took a long sip on my Stoli Gimlet. I was just tipsy enough to consider blurting out the whole story.

“I guess none of them really stand out.” I finally said, deciding I’d rather keep my secret shower sex with Coach Brad to myself.

“Ugh. You’re so boring.” she said, while eyeing the guy at the other end of the bar.

“Yep. That’s me. Just boring ol’ Katie.”

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