Hot #SundaySample – Hush Now #erotica

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Hush Now: Taboo in the Library

Hush Now: Taboo in the Library

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What is it about school libraries that turns you into a complete slut?

It began innocently enough, for a college student like me anyway, just fooling around at the library one night. But everything goes to hell when my uncle Ward catches me in the act. He works here, I should have been more careful, but I was swept away by how good it felt to be ravaged in the stacks.

At first, I’m wondering if it’s just a matter of hoping he won’t tell my parents. In hindsight, that would have been the easy way out. Instead he wants to punish me in his office.

He wants to spank me and take me roughly even though I’m his niece! Then again, what if I like it?


“So, Sherri,” he began, sitting on the desk in front of me. “What are you hoping to accomplish in your college career?”

“Uh,” I said, feeling guilty as sin.

“I stuck my head out for you to get you in here, you know. It was because I wanted you to secure your future.”

“I’m grateful, uncle Ward. I really am.”

“Is that why you’re thanking me by getting ravaged in public?”

The ball was dropped. My worst nightmare was coming true. I couldn’t look him in the eyes.

“Are you just a slut, Sherri? How often do you do things like this?”

Was I a slut?!? I mean, I did get frisky in the library. What’s more, uncle Ward had been watching, and there was the simple fact that I think I liked that he was watching me. Nevertheless, I wasn’t up to speed on the current qualifications for slut status.

“No,” I said quietly. “That was the first time.”

The first part I wasn’t sure was a lie, but that was the first time I had ever indulged in doing something so public.

“You need to be punished, and be taught a lesson that you shouldn’t do things like that again.”


Hot #SundaySample – The Billionaire’s Duo #erotica

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The Billionaire's Duo

The Billionaire’s Duo: A Taboo First

Genres: , , , , ,

My boss is famous billionaire Salinger Ackerman and he finally notices me just as I spill coffee all over important documents. But instead of getting angry, he glimpses my stepsister’s picture and decides he wants her.

He wants BOTH OF US!

Before I know it, he whisks me away by limo and helicopter and private jet to my sister’s college in the Midwest and soon the three of us are having wine in a fancy hotel. He wants to see us in bed together. He wants to take my sister’s virginity.

He wants to breed us. Can you really say no to a handsome alpha billionaire?


“Come on, Taryn. You’re not that innocent.” She was blushing again. “Besides, I think it’s either this or he’s going to fire me. He’s the type who can get away with demands like this.”

“I don’t know. I mean, he is sort of hot for an older guy, but, I don’t know. I’ve…”

“I’ll be here for you. You’re comfortable with me, right? You have to be with the things we’ve done.”

“Things you’ve done?” a very masculine voice interrupted. Mr. Akerman was stepping out of the bathroom. “What things have you two done?”

Taryn started giggling. The wine and absurdity of the situation was getting to her.

It was up to me to explain. “Uh, when our parents weren’t home, we were curious. Getting those feelings that teenagers get.”

“Please don’t tell him, Renna,” Taryn said, still embarrassed by all of this.

“We practiced kissing with one another. You know, for when we wanted to do it for real with boys. As it turns out, we liked kissing one another, a lot too. Then we practiced other things with each other. Taboo things.”

“You promised we’d never tell anyone, Renna.”

Salinger crossed his arms and looked down at us both, still side by side at the edge of his bed.

“Show me. Show me what you used to do to one another.”

I swallowed. I had promised Taryn that years ago that no one would ever know. It was behind us. This situation though was different. It wasn’t just about my job.

I discovered that I wanted more of Salinger and I knew Taryn was the key to it. Plus, would like it as well, I was sure of it. She needed to be broken out of her shell somehow.

Okay, I decided. We could do this…


Hot #SundaySample – Taboo Conjugal Visit #erotica

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Taboo Conjugal Visit

Taboo Conjugal Visit

Genres: , ,

Ryken has spent five long years in prison and finally he’s been granted a conjugal visit with his wife. Only she doesn’t show up. Instead, it’s his stepsister Emily who does, pretending to be his wife.

He’s obviously crestfallen so she decides to make it up to in a very TABOO way!

It’s clinical at first, very awkward, but soon neither of them can hide their lust for one another. How far will they go?


“Sure but that doesn’t do anything about your… needs.”

“Sis, geez!”

I stood up, as if wanting to put some distance between us.

“Look, I’m a nurse. I know how the body works, right? I know how it is to have physical desires and not be able to do anything about it. There’s no shame in talking about it.”

“Still, I don’t wanna talk about this with my sister.”

We shared an awkward chuckle and she stood up, facing me.

“Remember that summer, my senior year of high school? It was just before you moved out of the house.”

I gulped, knowing what she was referring to.


“Remember that night?”

She stared right into my eyes. It was the deepest connection I’d ever felt with anyone in my entire life, I knew it. I nodded slowly.

I truly remembered that night. I had gotten my hands on some cheap whiskey and Emily had made me share it with her while our parents were out for the night.

“We already crossed the line once, Ryken. What’s the big deal if we do it again? I mean, I could help you just this once, extenuating circumstances and all. I could just use my hand so it’s not too weird.”


Hot #SundaySample – Oooh Pair #erotica

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Oooh Pair

Oooh Pair: Our Taboo Situation

Genres: , , , ,

I love older men. I think it has to do with the crush I used to have on my stepdad. So it was a foregone conclusion that I would have an affair with one of my professors at college. But tonight things aren’t going well.

My professor doesn’t take care of my needs and I walk out frustrated with no one to hook up with me. That’s when I get the idea of going home, fortunately nearby, and using the privacy of my room to pleasure myself.

But what I find at home is my stepdad and the nanny in bed together!

Instead of being angry, I’m turned on. Besides, I’ve slept with Lily myself before so it’s no big deal. But getting it on with daddy? This could be quite an adventure…


“Don’t you remember you kissing my cheek, daddy. You lingered there for such a long time, I thought you were going to start kissing me on the lips. Then you put your hand on my chest.”

“I was drunk, I’m so sorry, Willa.”

“Don’t be sorry. Do you know how many times I played with myself thinking about that night, daddy? I still remember feeling you as got hard under me. If I had been braver I would have touched you back.”

Lily was looking between us, her head swiveling back and forth. She was at once stunned and turned on. I winked at her, getting her on my side.

“Daddy, thinking about that night with you always makes me so wet. I’m drenched right now. Do you want to see?”

“Willa, stop it. We can’t.”

And still he wasn’t reaching for his robe on the floor, I noticed. “Stop fighting this, it’s going to happen.”

“No, that’s impossible,” he said, his voice becoming weaker.

“If you don’t let me join you, then I’ll have to scream. Mom will show up and you know what happens next. Scandal, divorce, Lily loses her job. None of us wants this, right?”


“And it’s not like Lily and me haven’t fooled around before.”

“What?!” my father whispered, his eyebrows shooting up with curiosity.

“It’s true, Mr. Dunbar.”

“So it’s not that big of a stretch, right?” I said, starting to unbutton my blouse. “You two are already pretty excited anyway. A nice little threesome between us, and nobody has to know. Please, daddy?”


Hot #SundaySample – Starry Nights Taboo #erotica

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Starry Nights Taboo

Starry Nights Taboo

Genres: , ,

Step-siblings Amanda and Donovan have to share a tent in the backyard for a few days while the house is being fumigated.

The 18-year-old girl decides it won’t be so bad after all, but during the first night she wakes up to find her stepbrother stroking himself. She’s disgusted at first but eventually she gets turned on. VERY turned on…

This leads to watching each other, maybe even some touching. But is she ready to lose her virginity to her big brother?


I was still wide awake when I heard my brother’s breathing change, getting ready to fall asleep. I wouldn’t be able to rest until we addressed what we had done the night before.



“Are you… are you gonna be doing that thing again tonight?”

He was silent for long seconds and then he turned toward me. Since I was on my back, I could see him.

“Do you want me to, sis? Is that something you wanna do?”

“No!” I shot back.

“Okay then. Good night.”

He rolled back away from me.

“Uh, good night.”

Why had I said that?! The right answer was yes! Yes, I wanted to do that again! I was such a stupid cow. Maybe all wasn’t lost, I could be honest for a change.

“Actually, Donovan…” He rolled once more toward me. “What if I changed my mind?”

“About what?”

“You know what.”

“Yes but I want to hear you say it. Come on, sis, say it. What is it you want?”

“I want… I’d like if we, you know, like last night. If we… play with ourselves.”


Hot #SundaySample – Girly Games #erotica

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Girly Games

Girly Games: Taboo Trio

Genres: , , , ,

It’s summer in the South. Ashley and Bobby Jon are about to get married but he’s worried about the future. How can they keep the excitement alive, especially since they’ve been together four years already? Ashley suggests living out their secret fantasies.

For Bobby Jon it’s easy, it involves performing anal. But for Ashley it’s much more taboo: she wants to do it with Janalyn, her STEPSISTER!

Can the three of them have a threesome, again playing those girly games like before, without destroying their relationship?

Find out in this funny and romantic story…


“Sis, please be honest with me. Tell me the truth. Was Bobby Jon making a move on you?”

Janalyn sighed and looked away. She was visibly torn between telling the truth and not wanting to hurt Ashley.

“It’s fine, just the moonshine messing with his mind.”

“Janalyn, please tell me the truth! Was he or was he not trying to seduce you?”

It was almost a minute before the older the replied. She said, “Yes.”

Ashley smiled. “Good! I was hoping you’d say that. So what do you think?”

“Excuse me? The hell are you talking about?” Janalyn stammered, standing up.

With a wicked grin, Ashley joined me on the couch. We were sitting side-by-side, our solidarity unmistakable.

“Bobby Jon and I came here with a purpose tonight. This was… This was set up to happen this way.”

“You lost me, sis. I don’t understand.”

“We,” my girlfriend began, looking at me lovingly. “We’d like to invite you to have a threesome with us.”

“What?! What’s the matter with both of y’all?!”

Ashley sobered up and I admired how calm she appeared while her sister began pacing in panic.

“Janalyn, Bobby Jon and I thought about this long and hard, okay? We feel it’s something we need to do.”

“Have a three-way with me?”

“We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s something missing in our lives. And…” Ashley looked at me, hesitating for the first time. I nodded and she continued. “More than anything, it’s something that I need. Hold on, this is gonna sound mighty strange…”

“Stranger than you and your boyfriend wanting to bump uglies with me?”

The younger sibling didn’t answer straightaway. Instead, she took a deep breath to steel her nerves. I took her hand in mine and felt some of her tension ease up.

“Janalyn, do you remember when we were younger? Do you remember when we used to practice making out with each other?”


Hot #SundaySample – How Bad Do You Want It? #erotica

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How Bad Do You Want It

How Bad Do You Want It?

Genres: , , ,

Sophie is a good girl but it’s mostly because she’s terrified of her mother. It’s also why she’s still a virgin at 19. So when she crashes her car, she knows mom will have a fit.

That’s when her handsome stepbrother Ridge steps in, seeing an opportunity. He will give her the money she desperately needs if she strips for him. Only it doesn’t stop at stripping.

He wants to pop her cherry too!


“I’ll do all the chores. I’ll organize record collections – if you even have any. I’ll wash your car. Come on, Ridge, don’t be a jerk. Name it. I don’t want to face mom about this, I just don’t. You know how she is. I mean it, I’ll do anything you ask of me to make this go away.”

He cocked his head to the side. “Do you really mean that, Sophie?”

“What are you getting at?” I replied, swallowing with difficulty. “I need help, and it’s annoying me that you’re being an ass about it, Ridge.”

My brother laughed. “I didn’t mean it that way. Look Soph, I know mom is a psycho. I’m going to help you. I don’t want you to pay me back with money, but I want you to give me something that I don’t think I can put a cost on.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“I’m loaded, Soph. Don’t you think if doing stuff like skimming the pool or doing the dishes bothered me, I’d just hire a pool guy to do it for me? Or maybe just a maid to go around and clean everything up? I can just buy that. Stuff with a price doesn’t really mean much to me anymore.”

“What are you asking me for, Ridge?”

My mind was awash in possibilities. Did he want to humiliate me? Make me do something stupid? Or was it something far darker and inappropriate? Oh God…

“Work with me, Soph. Come on, follow me,” he gestured at me as he went up the stairs.

I obeyed, following him up. He led me to his bedroom, opened the door, and waved me in. He then sat on the side of the bed. I timidly stood in the center of the floor, looking about, trying to figure out what it was that he meant.

He stared at me with a devious smirk.

“What do you want me to do, Ridge?”


Hot #SundaySample – Her Sweet Taboo Hands #erotica

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Her Sweet Taboo Hands

Her Sweet Taboo Hands

Genres: , ,

I was taken aback when I learned that my stepbrother Noah burned his hands in an accident, but I was positively shocked when he asked my help to squeeze out a donation at the sperm bank!

Fallen on hard times, my brother doesn’t have a choice but to use his status as a world-class athlete to secure a lucrative deal with a fertility clinic. And his last chance rests on me, on my ability to make him explode hard into a plastic cup.

Even more surprising is how much I like it! It awakens something inside of me and all of a sudden I want to do a lot more with my helpless big brother…


There was so much heat coming from between my thighs that it wasn’t even funny. My thought pattern became warped. I started to wonder whether it actually mattered if Noah was my brother. Didn’t I used to have a thing for him?

I recalled how life was before he’d moved out to live on his own. Oftentimes I became soaking wet when I watched him getting out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist. He was a world-class athlete with all the muscles and sharp edges that it entailed.

And what about his volleyball games? I would stare at him and think that he was the most handsome guy on the team. I practically drooled as I watched him panting after the games, his body covered in sweat.

Sometimes at night when I touched myself, I found myself imagining what it would be like to be taken by him. Of course, I always chased these thoughts away in shame but I’d had them in the first place. So on a subconscious level I was turned on by my brother.

Should I go against nature and ignore this?

Without thinking, I looked up at him and saw something flabbergasting. My brother wasn’t watching the movie. No, he was watching me!

I should have been creeped out but I kept looking at him. As I did so, he grew harder still in my hands.

“It’s perfect, sis. So perfect…”


Hot #SundaySample – Golden Age Taboo 5 #erotica

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Golden Age Taboo 5

Golden Age Taboo 5: Our Hero’s Welcome

In The Series
Genres: , , ,

Timothy finds himself in Hawaii, now a war hero but wounded in the Battle of Saipan. Fortunately, his stepmother Georgina and stepsister Patricia come visit him.

Georgina and her son are eager to rekindle their taboo affair which began before he joined the Marines. However, Patricia has glimpsed the secret diary. She knows what’s going on.

And she wants to be taken by her brother too!


“Patricia, I…”

“Kiss me, Timothy. I know you want me. Taboo is in our blood. I’m a product of it. My mother knows her own parents so intimately. I want to know you intimately, too. Kiss me, now.”

Timothy ran his hands through his sister’s hair, pulled her closer, and laid a deep kiss on her. Feeling his tongue enter her mouth, guiding everything inside of her, her mind started to go crazy with years of pent up need. She wanted to strip him down to nothing and finally see everything she had been reading about for the past two years.

Passion ran through both of them, but the reality of their very public display of affection also reared its ugly head.

Timothy thought fast. “There’s a storage building about a block down. Sometimes the guys go drinking there. It should be empty for a few more hours.”

Patricia, sad to break the kiss, went back behind the chair. Never in her life had she run as fast, pushing her brother along the way. It wasn’t as if her brother was light as a feather, so she had impressed herself.

Like he’d said, the door was unlocked, and in they went. A flick of a switch, and she had enough light to keep seeing the man she had lusted for after all these years.

She was on top of her brother on the wheelchair, kissing him so deeply. His muscular hands going down her back, undoing the strings that had held her dress in place. She let it drop to the side, and before long it fell off her shoulders. Through the fabric of her undergarments, Timothy touched her.


His touch firm and driven, Patricia remembered reading about his shyness with their mother.


Hot #SundaySample – Golden Age Taboo 4 #erotica

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Golden Age Taboo 4

Golden Age Taboo 4: Off to War

In The Series
Genres: ,

It’s 1942. The world is at war. Even worse, Timothy is now old enough to join the fight and he wants to enlist in the Marine Corps even though that’s the last thing Georgina wants for her stepson.

But there are more pressing matters when she finds her boy pleasuring himself while reading her secret diary!

This is where she has committed to paper everything she has done. Losing her cherry to her brother, seducing her father, and then her mother – it’s all in there. This could destroy the family.

Or it could make them closer than ever…

Georgina needs to make a decision and send him off to war finally a man.


Georgina was ever curious to what her son was up to. Through the door’s crack, she saw him. More of him than she had ever seen before!

He was laying on his bed, his member tall and erect, taking after his father in all the ways that Georgina quite enjoyed. Stroking himself, maintaining his strength. In the opposite hand, however, was what Georgina sought. Her leather-bound secret diary.

Oh goodness…

Her face was immediately flush with blood. Her stepson was simply using her diary for all the same reasons she did. Memories of what she had done. It had been years since she had engaged in such vicious disregard for taboo, but rarely a day went by where she didn’t remember the events fondly.

Unconsciously, her fingers drifted underneath her dress, and between her legs…

Even more arousing was watching the grin that was on the face of Timothy. He was loving everything that he was reading. Every time his manhood twitched with excitement, it made Georgina quiver just a little bit more.

“Oh… oh my…” she murmured, unable to control her intense feelings any longer.

She was shaking. So strong, she felt as if she were the naive 18-year-old again, completely powerless to control herself.



Hot #SundaySample – Touch Me There #erotica

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Touch Me There

Touch Me There: His Taboo Needs

Genres: ,

My 18-year-old adopted daughter Aida remarks that I haven’t been dating since my divorce. More than that, she wonders who has been taking care of my intimate needs. I tell her that she shouldn’t speak that way to me but she’s just so beautiful and seductive…

So it comes as a shock when she offers to take care of my needs HERSELF!

I refuse to cross this forbidden line, of course – she’s my daughter – but she insists and drops to her knees in front of me. When she pulls me out, I’m not sure I can resist anymore…


“So, daddy?”

“At my age, physical looks aren’t that important,” I answered in a rather diplomatic tone, I decided.

“Is that a way of saying that you’re not picky these days?” She had me there and she knew it. I burst out laughing and so did she. “So you would be open to just about any woman then?”

“Well, not any woman. We’d have to be compatible, able to get along, you know.”

“Like me?”

“What do you mean?”

She put her head on my shoulder and grinned. “We get along you and me, right, daddy? We’re compatible.”

“What are you saying?”

“I could help you,” she whispered. “With your needs, I could help you.”

Before I knew it, her hand was caressing my face and slowly going down, her fingers tracing circles across my broad chest. And going farther down…

“Aida, what are you doing?”


Hot #SundaySample – Taboo Candy Cane #erotica

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Taboo Candy Cane

Taboo Candy Cane

Genres: , , , ,

It’s been years since Candy has been close to her stepbrother Jacob. They had a taboo affair together in high school and he moved away to London when she made things stop between them.

But now they’re reunited on Christmas, along with her fiance Russ. So it’s not awkward, promising not to have any secrets from him, Candy reveals her experience with her brother, also mentioning that she still yearns for him.

Instead of being angry, Russ is intrigued. And turned on! So he gives her permission to sleep with her brother again… as long as he can join in as well!


Such a loving man deserved so much more than just to be a voyeur, I decided.

Even as I enjoyed the steady drilling Jacob continued to give me, I shot my hand up at him and my stepbrother stopped.

“What’s wrong, little sister?”

“How about we make this more interesting? Like, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been putting on a show. Maybe we ought to make it more interactive.”

“You want to make it a three way?”

I nodded.

“My sister really is into it,” he said with a smile, obviously approving of my suggestion.

Sliding out of me, Jacob stood and I looked over to Russ. “Come on over, babe.”

The competition was between me and his hand. It wasn’t much of a debate for Russ who was more than happy to come my way. Sliding off the bed, I had both men in front of me, both were standing at attention, and I took it as my duty to take care of them.

“What are you gonna do?” Russ asked, halfway between curiosity and nervousness.

“I’m gonna have fun.”


Hot #SundaySample – Let’s Get Ready to Taboo #erotica

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Let's Get Ready to Taboo

Let’s Get Ready to Taboo: Wrestling at Home

Genres: , ,

Charlotte is tired of her stepbrother Owen watching wrestling on TV, it’s so stupid to watch grown men play acting this way. So Owen decides to show his sister what wrestling is really about.

But when he tackles her to the ground, she feels a familiar tingling between her legs and she instinctively starts rubbing against him. She knows she shouldn’t, it’s not allowed, it’s too TABOO! But she can’t help herself.

That’s when Owen begins to grind back against HIS SISTER!


I didn’t see him coming. He ducked, lowering himself, and then he charged forward, wrapping his arms around my thighs. His face ended up almost completely between my legs and I felt his breath on me.

Before I knew I was doing it, I yelped in pleasure. “Oh!”

I can’t describe how sexy it felt to be held like this, to have his face so close to my apex. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second.

And my brother wasn’t done yet. He pushed through and he took me down until I was lying on the couch. I found that sweet of him, like he didn’t want to slam me on the ground like a real wrestler would’ve done.

But in this move, he wound up being on top of me again. I was trapped between the cushions and my brother’s strong body. I felt his hands on my soft thighs and I nearly came.

“Aaahh…” I mewled without realizing I was doing it.

“What the hell, Charlotte?” he said as he let go of me and straightened back up. “Are you getting off on this?”


Hot #SundaySample – Taboo Phone Operator #erotica

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Taboo Phone Operator

Taboo Phone Operator

Genres: ,

Ruben is feeling awkward about calling a phone sex service after he received a gift card. But exchanging with Gwynn, the mature woman turns out to be right out of his dreams!

They spend several days talking on the phone and eventually she agrees to meet him. That’s when the truth is revealed: the woman is actually HIS AUNT Helen!

Will they go through with this anyway? Can they look past the forbidden taboo when so much pleasure is at stake?


“Do you ever meet other… clients like me?”

“No, you’re the first, just as I said before. I guess fantasies are one thing but they don’t compare to the real thing, to being with a man in the flesh. I kind of miss this. Your uncle barely even touches me anymore.”

She sipped her wine and I found myself saddened by her demeanor. This genuinely seemed to affect her, watching her marriage slip away despite trying to cope as best as she could.

But once I looked past that, I was reminded of this past week. We had spent hours talking together, being open in a most naughty way. Plus the image of her opening the door earlier lingered in my mind.

My aunt was a breathtaking mature woman. She was above and beyond what I had imagined as I pleasured myself to her enticing voice all week. I wasn’t seeing her as a relative anymore but as a hardcore MILF.

“You’re missing being with a man?” I asked.

“You have no idea, Ruben!”

“What if… what if we took care of that?”

We both stopped breathing. There wasn’t a single sound in the room.

“What do you mean?”

“You came here for a reason tonight, aunt Helen. And frankly, so did I. We could still go through with this.”

“B-But… but you’re my nephew!”

“So? I’m also a man and you’re a woman. You can’t deny that we are attracted to each other, we talked about this all week. Hell, we agreed to meet tonight.”

“Don’t you find it weird though? We’re related. Aren’t you disgusted by that?”

“No, I’m a little excited actually. Honestly, don’t you find it thrilling that there’s this taboo connection between us? I do, I think it adds another level to this. I think you’re one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

“You do?” she said, taken aback by this.

“I always thought so, watching you at parties growing up. I just never made the connection until today that I wanted you in that way. But now that I think about it, you’re probably the reason why I’m into older women in the first place.”

“That’s so sweet, Ruben.”

We held hands and she looked at me with doe eyes.

“What do you think?” I said, my tone getting serious.


Hot #SundaySample – Big Tip: A Taboo Reward #erotica

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Big Tip, Taboo Reward

Big Tip: A Taboo Reward

Genres: , , , ,

Timothy is having the worst night ever. His student loans won’t come through, he’s been dumped, and he’s forced to take another shift at the casino restaurant. Even worse, this hot MILF stiffs him on a tip.

But then she takes pity on him and invite him to her room, promising to make it up to him…

In typical Vegas fashion, his luck turns around! The lady wants him to have a threesome with her and her barely legal DAUGHTER. You can’t say no to possibly the best night of your life, can you?


“Look, let’s go in the bathroom,” I said.


“What if she wakes up?”

“Stop worrying, 18-year-olds sleep like a log. Besides, Goldie has seen me pleasuring men before.”

“She has?” I asked, my voice louder than I would’ve wished.

“We have a strong mother-daughter bond.”

June dipped her head and flicked her tongue against my skin while she fondled me. Meanwhile, I kept staring at her daughter. The bed sheet was halfway down her back and I could swear she wasn’t wearing anything. It was difficult to say for sure because I was six feet away from the bed.

It made me harder still!

This was so taboo, a mother shouldn’t be doing this with her offspring in the room. But then why was this exciting me so much? I wouldn’t be able to last long if things continued at this pace.

June followed my gaze and smiled. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Well, uh…”

“It’s okay, you can say it. I think she’s really hot myself. Don’t you think so?”

“She’s hot like her mom,” I replied.

“Thank you, Timothy. You’re such a gentleman.”

She went on fellating me as she moaned, even taking me all the way to the back of her throat. I brushed back her dark hair and yet I kept looking at the teenager. She had such a small body.

“You want to get a closer look at Goldie?”


June giggled, like she was amused by my answer. “Come on.”


Hot #SundaySample – Guardian Angel Taboo #erotica

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Guardian Angel Taboo

Guardian Angel Taboo

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My life is going downhill fast. I have no money, no hope, and worst of all no man in my life. But that’s when I meet Salina my actual guardian angel!

Naturally, I’m doubtful at first but she’s really an angel and when she enters my body she makes me do something I never would have done on my own – she makes me seduce my own STEPBROTHER.

From there, my life becomes a whirlwind of emotions, from the taboo of the forbidden situation to the amazing pleasure my alpha brother is giving me.


“You never wondered why I always picked on you so much?” he asked.

“Sometimes,” I shrugged. “I just thought you hated me.”

“I just didn’t want anyone, especially you, to see through the charade. You think I wanted our parents to know I was lusting after my stepsister?”

“I didn’t want anyone to know, either,” I admitted. “I figured people would think I was crazy or gross.”

Make your move, Salina urged me. Come onto him.

I shook my head at her. I may have admitted my feelings to him, but I still wasn’t forward enough to just throw myself at him.

Do it! Lean over and kiss him!

I wanted to. I really did. But I was just too nervous to make the first move. I wanted him to do it.

All right, you asked for it.

I felt the whoosh of air, and suddenly I had flung myself at him and my lips were pressed against his.

Salina was at it again, and I was angry for a moment, but he responded by wrapping his arms around me and pushing his tongue into my mouth, and I quickly forgave her intrusion.

I felt myself maneuver my body to face him, throwing one leg over his lap to straddle him without breaking our kiss. I could feel the passion surging through him as he entwined his tongue with mine, his hands exploring my body.

His member was already starting to harden. I could feel it pressing between my legs, and a jolt of heat rushed there. Wetness began to soak into my panties.


Hot #SundaySample – Screw Biology #erotica

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Screw Biology

Screw Biology: A Man of the House Taboo

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My wife made me promise before she passed, I have to do it. I have to tell my daughter on her 18th birthday that I’m not her biological father.

While it terrifies me to do this, Jewel is ecstatic. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to SEDUCE ME!

Do I want to go this far with her even though she’s stunning and sexy? Even though it’s FORBIDDEN and TABOO?


The more I looked at her and the more irresistible I found her. But she was my daughter, I reminded myself. How could I in good conscience be attracted to my daughter?!

“She wanted this to happen for us, daddy. That’s why she made me wait until my 18th birthday, she wanted me to be of legal age so you wouldn’t get in trouble. It also explains why she chose you to do it today after she was diagnosed. She was planning for our future happiness.”

“It’s like she was giving us permission to act on our passion,” I said weakly, trying to wrap my head around all of this.

“Yes, exactly! I’m so happy you understand, daddy.”

She kissed me again, her mouth wide open. At the same time, she grabbed my crotch and started to rub my bulge through my pants. It felt great! It had been a long time since anyone had touched me like that.

Then I remembered who was doing this to me.

“Jewel, no!”

I pushed her away and soon she was standing before me, crestfallen.

“Don’t you like me, daddy?”

“Of course I like you, chipmunk. I love you. But this is wrong, we can’t do this.”

“Why? Didn’t it feel good? Wasn’t I doing it right?”

“No no… I mean yes. It felt wonderful but…”

“But what?”


Hot #SundaySample – Houseguests 3 #erotica

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houseguests 3

Houseguests 3: Taboo for Everyone

In The Series
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What a weekend it’s been! Going to bed with my stepbrother Willis after 25 years, talking him into taking my daughter’s virginity – his own niece! – and finally me being my nephew’s first woman.

It’s been amazing and hot but I don’t want any more secrets in this house, not if we’re to continue having fun this week. So I’m putting it all out there, making sure that everyone knows what kind of perverted debauchery has been going on.

My deepest wish is that this will lead to a family orgy…


Everyone sat and my brother frowned with worry.

“This sounds serious, Dana. What gives?”

“We need to talk about what’s been happening this weekend. I’m tired of treading lightly around the subject, compartmentalizing secrets like we’re trying to topple the KGB or something.”

“Dana… Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, big brother. It needs to happen. We’re only delaying the inevitable. We need to put our cards on the table.”

“Mom, what’s going on? You’re scaring me.”

I smiled to Blair reassuringly. “Baby, there’s nothing to be scared about. I just think it’s time to put it all out there. Everybody knows what’s going on but nobody is saying anything. It’s really bothering me.”

“What are you talking about, aunt Dana?”

I closed my eyes one last time and steeled my resolve. Here goes nothing, I thought.

“Everybody in this house has been swinging with everybody else in this house. We all know it and we’re all pretending like we don’t, burying our heads in the sand. Let’s stop, okay? Let’s put it out there.”

As if on cue, Willis and the kids all bowed like they literally wanted to bury their heads in the sand. I came forward and sat at the table with them.

“Guys, that’s enough,” I said. “Let’s not be childish. God knows the things we’ve been doing have been anything but childish. You want me to spell out what everybody has been doing?”

Willis groaned. “Dana, come on…”

“I’ll start. Rudy, your dad took my virginity when I was 18. We didn’t really continue our relationship this way until this weekend. I’ve also been sleeping with Blair for a few months. We always have a great time together. Don’t we, baby?”

“Totally, mom!”

“What’s more, you lost your virginity with your uncle Willis yesterday, everybody knows that by now. And last night I seduced Rudy. He tells me I was his first time.”

At that, my nephew shriveled on his seat, embarrassment getting to him.

“How did you like it, son?” Willis asked. “She’s good, right?”


Hot #SundaySample – Houseguests 2 #erotica

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houseguests 2

Houseguests 2: Taboo First Times (virgin niece and nephew)

In The Series
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It’s been such an adventure having my stepbrother Willis visiting this week. First we slept together for the first time in 25 years and now he’s about to take my adopted daughter’s virginity!

It’s an honor to be there for my 18-year-old baby girl Blair, being asked to help as uncle pops her cherry. It gets me all worked up but I shouldn’t get involved, should I?

Besides, there’s also my nephew Rudy to think about. What will I do with him, especially after I catch him pleasuring himself in the garage?!

If my brother takes care of my daughter, perhaps I could take care of my nephew…


“You’re sure about this?”

“Totally, mommy.”

“And you?” I asked my brother.

“Whatever makes her comfortable. It’s rather exciting, actually.”

“All right, then yes. Of course! Have you decided when you want to do this?”

My daughter rolled her eyes. “Well now, duh!”

She walked past me into my room and headed to the bed. I had to chuckle at her enthusiasm. I saw that Willis reacted the same way, fascinated and yet not shocked by the teenager’s eagerness.

“Yeah?” I whispered to him to make sure he was really on board.

“Absolutely, little sister. Let’s make this a great day for her. Come on.”

It was his turn to enter the room and I knew this was real when I saw my brother was unbuttoning his shirt. The heat returned between my thighs!

“Come here,” Willis whispered to my daughter.

He pulled her to him and leaned down to kiss her. She hesitated at first, undoubtedly remembering that this was her uncle, but as he cupped her face, Blair closed her eyes and surrendered to his touch.

She moaned softly and let herself be caressed. Soon she was pressing her body against my brother, hugging him back in return as she made out with him.

I could have looked at this scene forever but I had work to do. I stripped down the bed and I also closed the blinds just to make sure there wouldn’t be any prying eyes.


Hot #SundaySample – Houseguests 1 #erotica

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Houseguests 1: Our Taboo Memories

In The Series
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I love my stepbrother Willis but I hadn’t realized how much I missed him. In town for our 25-year high school reunion, memories come flooding back. Taboo memories.

Willis was the one who took my virginity when I was 18 and now I can’t stop thinking about that amazing summer we had!

It gets me thinking: wouldn’t he be the perfect choice to pop my adopted daughter’s cherry? This is what is going through my mind as I rekindle my forbidden love with my brother in the gazebo.

And then I tell him about the special lesbian relationship I have with my daughter. Maybe we could make this a family affair…


On the living room couch was my daughter. The 18-year-old was sound asleep, sprawled on the sofa with her legs wide and her arms above her head. She was wearing butt-hugging shorts and a halter top which made it obvious she didn’t have a bra underneath.

And my brother was staring at her.

I couldn’t blame him, Blair was gorgeous. Not only was her figure absolutely flawless, with hips which were only beginning to flare out and breasts that were small and perky. It was a foregone conclusion that she had a lifetime of breaking hearts ahead of her.

Being gorgeous, nice, and sexy was a deadly combination and nobody would ever be able to deny her anything.

I craned my neck until my mouth was next to Willis’s ear. “Does it make you hard to look at your niece?”

His head whipped toward me with shock. When he saw the impish grin on my face, he shook his head and smiled.

“Dang, sis. You haven’t changed.”

“Have you?”

“I suppose not.”

“She’s hot, isn’t she?”

“She must be driving the boys wild.”

“Not just the boys,” I said.

“Oh yeah?”

I nodded. “So you haven’t answered my question, big brother. Are you getting hard looking at my little girl?”


“Let me see.”