Feel like five stories in one convenient book?

As I’m recharging my batteries, here is a bundle of five stories, of which only one contains taboo, but all are scorching nevertheless.

Please make sure you don’t already have these books first.


Drilled and Thrilled Again

Drilled and Thrilled Again: 5 Steamy Stories of Debauchery

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This box set includes 5 STORIES featuring all the steamy action you can handle! Includes:

Randy Dixwell: The Most Perfect Man
-A billionaire biker/rockstar/war hero seduces a waitress and then a reporter sent to write a story on him.

Primae Noctis: The King’s Privilege (a.k.a. Bred by The Cuckolding King)
-A medieval king claims the right to take the virginity of a local maiden on her wedding night and makes her husband watch.

Safe Word Not Required
-A woman submits to a mysterious stranger who sends her naughty messages at work, ordering her to commit BDSM acts, leading to a menage arrangement.

The Time Traveler’s Escapades (a.k.a. The Doctor Who Became a Sex Looper)
-A wisecracking scientist travels through time and has sex with famous people from the past.

Want a Christmas Bonus? (a.k.a. Anything for a Christmas Bonus)
-A secretary is willing to do EVERYTHING to get her Christmas bonus this year.