Two box sets this week – 13 TABOO stories!

It’s time for some taboo bundles, what do you say?

First of all, there’s the two stories of the Close-Knit series available together. And don’t forget that when signing up to my newsletter you get access to the prequel at no charge.

And then I have for you a collection with nothing but stepbrother-stepsister stories! There are 11 in total, all previously published. Just make sure you don’t have them already. But at this price, even if you’re only missing one it’ll be worth it to you.

Closer Than Most

Closer Than Most: 11 Taboo Home Stories

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Stepbrothers, anyone? You want a collection of stories featuring brothers and sisters having sweet forbidden fun together?

This is it! This box set includes the following 11 stories:

Brother Films Us Having Sex (aka Film Me Join Me Thrill Me)
Sister Sloppy Seconds (aka Adopted Sloppy Seconds)
The Forbidden Taboo 5
In-Law Lactation (aka Engorged and In Need)
Brother Does It Better (aka Aiden Does It Better)
Brother Does It Better 2 (aka Aiden Does It Better 2)
Hillbilly Taboo Homecoming
What Have We Done?!
My Husband, His Sister, and Me (aka The Taboo Weekend)
Desert Island Taboo
The Forbidden Taboo 7


Close-Knit bundle

Close-Knit: The Bundled Taboo Series

In The Series
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First there was Brody and his wife Amber Jade deflowering her sister Shae.

Then it was the two sisters had rough sex with daddy before the family orgy.

Now both stories can be found together in the same box set!


#99cents Your stepdaughter is a porn star. What do you do?

less than a buckPicture this: daddy is at a party and all his buddies are enjoying a raunchy porno. Only the young actress is HIS STEPDAUGHTER!

Available under a buck on Amazon for a couple of days only 🙂

Taboo Wet Peach (daddy daughter)

Taboo Wet Peach

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The most popular new porn star is Pierce’s stepdaughter and he can’t stop jerking off to her movies!

What’s a man to do? He has tried everything but he can’t stop thinking about her and her perfect young body.

Desperate, he comes up with a devious plan: what if he got into the porn business too as a way to seduce her? And what if she was on board with the idea?


10 stories featuring group sex, interested?

New stories are coming in next week but in the meantime I thought you might be interested in this huge box set.

We All Do It: 10 Steamy Group Grope Stories

We All Do It: 10 Steamy Group Grope Stories

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Group sex and orgies, anyone?

This box set includes the following 10 STORIES of multi-partner swinging:

Boom Boom in the Courtroom
Submarine Gangbang aka A Girl with 20 Sailors
Erotic Pen Pal Care Package
American Sex Doll aka Multiple Foreign Relations
Taken by The Three Musketeers
Sharing Secrets On Vice Islet
Prom Night DP aka Two Hunks Reward
Porn Star Experience
Magic Trio with Studs
The Sluts of Cocktoberfest


Hot sample – Sister Sloppy Seconds: Creampie Slut

Sister Sloppy SecondsHere’s a look at my latest story, Sister Sloppy Seconds: Creampie Slut.

It’s virgin Timmy’s 18th birthday and his beautiful older sister Rachel, whom he’s lusted after for years, is back in town for the celebration. After he discovers her getting screwed by an old boyfriend, she invites him to have his sloppy seconds! Brother and sister will cross the forbidden line!

I humbly nodded. “I’m sorry, sis. It’s just so wrong, I know there’s no way you can forgive me.”

“Who says there’s anything to forgive?”


“Was it hot? Did you like what you saw?”

I frowned. “Yeah but…”

“There’s no but. There’s no shame in taking pleasure where you can get it. Never be ashamed to enjoy something, Timmy. Doing that will just mess you up forever.”

“But it was wrong, I know that. You’re my sister, there’s no excuse for what I did.”

She reached forward and put her hand on top of mine. In the process I could see her breasts again and it did nothing to soothe me and my conflicting feelings.

“Look, if I don’t feel bad that you looked at me having sex, then you shouldn’t feel bad either. Think of it as… It’s like I’m giving you permission, okay?”

“Rachel, this is getting weird. I don’t think we should talk about this anymore.”

I moved to get up but she put pressure on my hand which made me stay in place.

“Why don’t you want to talk about it? You want to know a secret? I think it turned me on to know you were watching.”

“It did? You like… you like having people watching you, like one of those exhibitionists?”

“No, not just anybody watching. Just… you.”

My jaw dropped and my mouth went dry. She was excited by having me witness her fucking a guy?

“I’m not sure I understand, sis.”

“What I have to say is hard but important so don’t freak out, okay?” I nodded and she continued. “I’ve known for a while that you have a crush on me.”

“I don’t!”

She smiled lovingly. “It’s all right, don’t deny it. Several years ago I found your diary. It was wide open on your bed when I came in to borrow a DVD. I didn’t mean to be sneaky but it was right there and I saw the words. You’d written that you had fantasies about me.”

“Fuck my life,” I groaned as I buried my face in my hands, trying to hide from the world.

“At first I actually thought it was sweet. I paid more attention to how you looked at me and sometimes I decided to play along, wearing revealing clothes, tiny bikinis. I figured you’d appreciate having fresh material to jack off to.”

I shook my head and avoided her eyes. I wanted to die.

“But after I moved to California,” she went on, “I realized that I not only missed these games but I also missed you. I took your crush more seriously. I took my own feelings more seriously.”

I finally looked at her again. “What are you getting at?”

“When I was with guys – hell, when I played with myself – I discovered that nothing got me off like when I thought of you.”

“Are you saying…”

“I’m saying now I’m the one who has a crush on you, Timmy.”

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Sister Sloppy Seconds: Creampie Slut

Sister Sloppy SecondsIt’s Timmy’s 18th birthday and his gorgeous older sister Rachel, whom he’s lusted after for years, brings him to a party.

However, he’s heartbroken when he witnesses her having sex with an old boyfriend. He’s jealous but still spies on them while the guy shoots deep inside of her for a beautiful creampie.

Things take a turn when Rachel calls her brother in – she knew he was there the whole time!

Will she take his virginity? Will Timmy be turned on by the prospect of pounding his sister’s sloppy seconds?


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New hot #sample – Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Labor Day: Stimulate Me, DaddyHere’s a look at my latest story, Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Overdue to give birth, Stella has sex with her daddy, brother, mom, and sister-in-law to induce labor. Watch as medical stimulation turns into FUN stimulation!

The pregnant girl straightened up. “Really? You’ve been thinking about me this way, daddy?”

Henry had lost the battle, there was no reason to deny it. His wife had pleaded her case better than he had.

“Does that shock you?” he softly inquired.

Stella started to say something before getting up. Then, “No. I’ve seen the way you look at me sometimes. I was… flattered.”

“See, everyone? It doesn’t sound so bad, does it?”

Henry’s dick hardened at the prospect of getting intimate with his daughter. “And you’re truly okay with this, Gretchen?”

“I’d do anything for our little girl.”

She stood up and hugged Stella.

“Come on, let’s induce labor the old-fashioned way.”

Read it all now!

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New release! – Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Labor Day: Stimulate Me, DaddyThey say sex can induce labor when you’re nine months pregnant and Stella is way overdue.

Desperate and willing to try anything, she lets her mom talk her into having sex with her stepdad to stimulate contractions.

And then her brother and sister-in-law come over. Will this turn into a genuine family orgy?

Read it now!

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