#99cents Moms deserve a sexy Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing sexier than a MILF getting pleasured by a young stud.

Taboo Valentine MILF

Taboo Valentine MILF


Griffin is horny and he starts thinking about his hot stepmother while the strokes himself to a delicious climax. Soon he realizes it’s Valentine’s Day and she’s all alone.

Could this be the right time to seduce his mom? What if he discovered that she’s just as horny and kinky as he is?


Hot #Sample – Pink Christmas Taboo

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Pink Christmas Taboo

Pink Christmas Taboo

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Christmas Eve in Chicago, Shelton is snowed in. Thankfully the MILF waitress Angela takes pity on him and brings him home. All seems fine but her stepdaughter Tessie doesn’t like the intrusion.

Mostly, she wants her mom for herself so they can have SEX TOGETHER like they do every year!

But Angela has a suggestion: what if they had a threesome with Shelton instead? Will the handsome executive be okay with taking a MOTHER and DAUGHTER at once?


Angela grinned teasingly like she had done at the diner earlier. “There is no problem whatsoever, Shelton. In fact, the fun is about to begin.”

“What? I don’t underst–”

I couldn’t say anything else because what happened next took my breath away. Angela slid closer to the girl and put her arm behind her shoulder. And then she kissed her on the mouth. She was making out with her daughter!

“Whoa, what’s going on?!” I said as I stood up once again. “Angela, that’s your daughter!”

The two of them weren’t in a hurry to stop but they eventually did, turning toward me and sporting amused smirks.

“Relax, Tessie is just my stepdaughter. I love her dearly, I’ve raised her, but I’m not her biological mother.”

“Yeah, Shelton. Relax. It’s okay, it’s just something we do together.” She then turned to her mom. “I thought you said he’d be all right with this?”

“He is, he just hasn’t realized it yet.”

I had trouble believing what was happening. The two of them were still in each other’s arms with no sign of letting go. It was like they were taking pleasure in my discomfiture.

Angela spoke again. “Take a deep breath, it’s gonna be okay. I thought every guy had a secret fantasy about sisters or a mother and daughter going at it together.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a difference between thinking about something in vague terms, and actually seeing it with my own eyes.”

I continued staring at them and I finished my drink, hoping it would soothe my nerves. In my younger days, I had jerked off thinking about my sister, my cousins, and even some of my aunts, but it had been innocent daydreaming. This was real. This wasn’t just some schoolboy fantasy, it was a real mother and daughter gearing up for incest.

“It’s not like we do this every day,” Tessie said, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. “It’s only for special occasions.”

Her mom took over. “Ever since she turned 18, we’ve done this together. It started out as harmless fun but now it’s tradition. Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays…”

“Mother’s Day,” the teenage girl added, making them both laugh.

“We give each other pleasure, we’re not hurting anyone. There’s nothing wrong with this, right? And she’s just my stepdaughter after all.”

I shrugged. “I guess.”

“So I thought to change things up we could have a threesome with you, Shelton. We only ever shared one guy before and that was over a year ago. We’d really like it if you joined us.”