Hot #SundaySample – Santa’s Eggnog

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Santa's Eggnog

Santa’s Eggnog: Thirsty Taboo Brat

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It’s Christmas Eve and the gorgeous 18-year-old Callista comes downstairs to place a present under the tree. That’s when she catches her grandfather taking ED medication.

Curious, she questions him about it and it makes her realize that old people have sexual lives as well. It awakens a deep desire within her and she wants nothing more this holiday season than to be ravaged by grandpa Walter and taste his eggnog!


“You wanna know something funny, grandpa Walter?”


We were staring right into each other’s eyes, both of us spellbound.

I said, “Remember when I was younger and you would play Santa?”

“I still play Santa.”

“You insisted we sat on your lap when you gave out presents.”

“It’s the correct way to do it,” he said.

“You would always make me bounce on your knee. One year, I started to feel funny between my legs when you were doing it.”

“You did, Callista?”

“Yes. I guess that’s when I hit puberty. You did that to me, grandpa. You practically gave me my first climax.”

He swallowed dryly. “Listen, buttercup…”

“What if you did more than diddle yourself this Christmas, grandpa?”