Hot #SundaySample – Deliciously Impaled

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Deliciously Impaled

Deliciously Impaled

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Even though I’m actually a virgin, I’m pretty much a nympho. I think about sex all the time! That’s what led to me getting caught by my stepbrother while pleasuring myself with a zucchini.

So embarrassing! But it gives me an idea. What if I had my first time with him? Could my brother breed me too?


“I can’t help it, I get these urges, it’s all the time! I always want to resist but I can’t.”

He came closer to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “What happened? You can tell me.”

“It was this morning, I had some of the cheerleaders over to practice our routine. First we took a break, then we started talking, you know, just goofing around. Next thing I knew we were making out.”

“You were making out with the other cheerleaders?”

“Disgusting, right?”

My brother chuckled. “No, not really. Pretty hot, actually.”

“You really think it’s hot? Even if I’m your sister?”

“Yeah, definitely hot. What happened next?”

I took a deep breath. “You know, making out wasn’t enough. We started touching each other, getting naked. We… we went down on each other. That’s when mom and dad showed up.”

“They didn’t really throw you out, did they?”

I shrugged. “No, not really. But I wasn’t in the mood to have one of those talks, you know? The thing is, I can’t help it. I think about it all the time.”

“Have you seen a doctor? Maybe you have something, like nymphomania?”

I shook my head although I avoided looking at him. “I read about that, I don’t think that’s it. It’s not like compulsive, more like my libido being in overdrive. I love getting sexy, really love everything about it. And everything reminds me of it.”

My brother’s eyebrows went up. “Everything?”

“Everything. Like the zucchini before. I saw it in the fridge and all I could think about was using it on myself. This cherry pie? Man, it turns me on something fierce.”

“This pie, really?”

I nodded. “It’s stupid, right? I look at it and I see the cherry on top. I picture it in my mouth, licking it, sucking on it. I picture what it would feel like rubbing it down there…”

I hazarded a glance toward my brother and saw him swallow with difficulty. Was he getting turned on by this?