Hot #SundaySample – Golden Age Taboo 4 #erotica

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Golden Age Taboo 4

Golden Age Taboo 4: Off to War

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It’s 1942. The world is at war. Even worse, Timothy is now old enough to join the fight and he wants to enlist in the Marine Corps even though that’s the last thing Georgina wants for her stepson.

But there are more pressing matters when she finds her boy pleasuring himself while reading her secret diary!

This is where she has committed to paper everything she has done. Losing her cherry to her brother, seducing her father, and then her mother – it’s all in there. This could destroy the family.

Or it could make them closer than ever…

Georgina needs to make a decision and send him off to war finally a man.


Georgina was ever curious to what her son was up to. Through the door’s crack, she saw him. More of him than she had ever seen before!

He was laying on his bed, his member tall and erect, taking after his father in all the ways that Georgina quite enjoyed. Stroking himself, maintaining his strength. In the opposite hand, however, was what Georgina sought. Her leather-bound secret diary.

Oh goodness…

Her face was immediately flush with blood. Her stepson was simply using her diary for all the same reasons she did. Memories of what she had done. It had been years since she had engaged in such vicious disregard for taboo, but rarely a day went by where she didn’t remember the events fondly.

Unconsciously, her fingers drifted underneath her dress, and between her legs…

Even more arousing was watching the grin that was on the face of Timothy. He was loving everything that he was reading. Every time his manhood twitched with excitement, it made Georgina quiver just a little bit more.

“Oh… oh my…” she murmured, unable to control her intense feelings any longer.

She was shaking. So strong, she felt as if she were the naive 18-year-old again, completely powerless to control herself.



Hot #SundaySample – Wholesome No More #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

Wholesome No More

Wholesome No More

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Why did mom have to marry Brad? He’s really cramping my style. I’m 18 and I want to party now that I’m back from boarding school.

But after he pinned me against the wall to read me the riot act, feeling his hard bulge on me, I knew I was lost. However, I can’t let him know that I want him to be MY FIRST!

I want him to take me roughly like I know only he can…


I slid into the passenger’s seat of daddy’s BWM and hiked my skirt up so high that it showed him I wasn’t wearing any panties. His scowl grew deeper.

“You’ve been out all day like that?” he asked as he started the car.


“Where men could see you?” he asked.


He gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckled blanched, and I could see the muscle in his jaw clench and relax repeatedly. I’d peed him off.


He pulled the car onto the street, saying nothing. He kept his eyes fixed on the road.

I reached over and ran my hand over the front of his pants, noticing he already had an erection.

I grinned and said, “What has you so horny, daddy?”

“What’s between your legs is mine,” he said. “It’s all mine. You will not let anyone else see it. You will not let anyone else touch it. And you certainly will not let anyone else pound it. Is that understood?”

“Yes, daddy.”