Every Kimmy story bundled #erotica

I’m going crazy with this back-to-school season so if you act quickly you can get all three How Kimmy Changed Us books in one bundle.

Next week I’ll release a new series that’s up there with the best I’ve ever written.

How Kimmy Changed Us bundle

How Kimmy Changed Us: The Complete Taboo Set

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Gorgeous young Kimmy has just turned 18 and her probation terms calls for her to stay with the Morgan family.

That’s when she proceeds to not only seduce every family member, but she talks them into having sex WITH EACH OTHER… Brother and sister, mother and father, and possibly even an all-out orgy!

But why is Kimmy doing this? Does she have an ulterior motive aside from pure hot taboo pleasure?


#99cents Your stepdaughter is a porn star. What do you do?

less than a buckPicture this: daddy is at a party and all his buddies are enjoying a raunchy porno. Only the young actress is HIS STEPDAUGHTER!

Available under a buck on Amazon for a couple of days only 🙂

Taboo Wet Peach (daddy daughter)

Taboo Wet Peach

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The most popular new porn star is Pierce’s stepdaughter and he can’t stop jerking off to her movies!

What’s a man to do? He has tried everything but he can’t stop thinking about her and her perfect young body.

Desperate, he comes up with a devious plan: what if he got into the porn business too as a way to seduce her? And what if she was on board with the idea?