All my Christmas stories in one book #erotica

As the description says, here’s a smorgasbord of every Christmas erotic story I’ve written these past five years. This should keep you busy for a week… or six!

Make sure you don’t already have these books, but if you’re just missing one it still is a bargain.

Keep Me Warm: Hot Christmas Collection

Keep Me Warm: Hot Christmas Collection

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This bundle contains every single Christmas-themed story – 14 books – I’ve written up until December 2016.

Most are of course very taboo, involving stepdaughters, stepdads, stepbrothers, moms and daughters, and everything in between. But there are also more vanilla stories, and even one where the REAL Santa Claus is on hand to provide pleasure!

The stories are:

Pink Christmas Taboo
Santa Gives Her a Ride
Up Aunt Bea’s Chimney
Not-So-Little Drummer Boy
A Christmas Carol Gangbang
Little Sister’s Gift
Want a Christmas Bonus?
He Raised Me I Pleased Him
Christmas Stockings Taboo
Taboo Christmas Morning
Naughty Bows of Holly
Unwrap Me for Christmas
Santa’s Eggnog: Thirsty Taboo Brat
The Forbidden Taboo 9: Throckmorton Family Christmas


Get ready for the #taboo #BoxSet HOUSEGUESTS! #erotica

As mentioned a while ago, here is the entire Houseguests series in a convenient bundle. Three stories in one collection to satisfy your family craving.

Oh and it’s also available as a paperback! CLICK HERE


Houseguests: The Complete Taboo Saga

In The Series
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=== The three books of the Houseguests series are bundled together! ===

Hot MILF Dana has family visiting this week – her stepbrother Willis and his son Rudy. Following the 25-year high school reunion, she rekindles her taboo relationship with Willis and it tells her that she wants to go back to having regular sex with him.

Of course, she’s used to going down that road. After all, she’s been making love to her adopted daughter Blair ever since she turned 18!

But what if her uncle Willis took her virginity? And what about the young hunk Rudy? What if Dana was his first woman?

This is a slippery slope though and it could lead to a family orgy…


Extraordinary Naughty List Bundles #erotica

You’ve heard of The Naughty List before, right? It’s a fantastic way to discover new erotic books and authors, not to mention great deals.

I have been a partner of this service for many years and so I was honored to provide a story for their latest taboo box set. What do you think? Need something to read this weekend?

The following are fresh off the presses, available in Kindle Unlimited, and less than a dollar right now 🙂

Untouched: A Taboo First Times Collection (family and virgins): GET IT HERE

Punishment & Pleasure (BDSM): GET IT HERE

Taking Chances (gay romance books): GET IT HERE


Want another 10 #taboo #erotica stories?

It’s time for a new bundle of family fun.

As always, make sure you don’t already have all the stories. But if you don’t, if you’re only missing one, it will be worth it to you at that price 🙂

So Wrong 12

So Wrong 12: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Back again because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me.

You’re interested in fathers and stepdaughters swinging together? Sisters and mom too? How about a hunky stepbrother, an uncle, or a family orgy?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

Taboo in the Bleachers
Billionaire Taboo Weekend
Because He Needs a MILF
Tag Team Taboo
Valentine’s Day Surprise: Taboo Trio
Spring Break Me In: My First Taboo
We Must Repopulate
House Arrest: Taboo Choices
How Kimmy Changed Us 1
Well-Equipped Man of the House


16 stories in one book? DANG! #erotica

Step by Step (Volume 1)As a friend of erotica legend Selena Kitt, I was honored when she gave me a chance to be part of a box set with her. These things take time to put together but now the book is finally live.

No, Step by Step (Volume 1) isn’t just a book, it’s a 16 Book Forbidden Romance MEGA Bundle! Stepbrothers, stepsisters, daddies, everything you can handle, it’s all here.

You’re interested, aren’t you?

The bundle includes the following stories:

Selena Kitt ~ Stepbrother Studs: Logan
Alan W. Jankowski ~ A Family Reunion
Amy Ward ~ A Brand New Step
Cerise Lush ~ Taken at the Party
Cheri Verset ~ Her Crazy Craving
Marian Tee ~ When I Moan
Arabella Keppler ~ Let Me Come With You
Katrina Millings ~ Samantha’s Story (Taboo Princess)
Lenore Love ~ Taking Hope
Cassie Donoghue ~ Burning Desire
Kitty Jones ~ Blackmailed by the Stepbrother
L M Adventure ~ Changed by my Step
Sophie Stern ~ My Darling Stepbrother
Hope Roberts ~ Ready To Ride?
Tina Gayle ~ My Future Step Brother
Gillian Cherry ~ Birthdays with My Stepbrother


Moms and MILFs everywhere! #erotica

It’s when I do bundles like these that I realize I’ve been writing these perverted stories for a long time LOL Some of the stories included in the bundle I’m announcing today go back to 2011.

As you may have guessed from the title, this collection features five stories about mothers and their stepsons although there is also an aunt and a family orgy in there somewhere too.

These stories have been published in box sets before so make sure you don’t already have them all. But as always, even if you’re missing just one it’ll be worth it. Enjoy 🙂

Mature Delight

Mature Delight: 5 Woman of the House Stories (MILF and stepson bundle)

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There’s nothing better than family erotic stories featuring mommy and her stepson because it’s SO TABOO! This collection contains 5 HOT stories about this particular fantasy. They are:

The Forbidden Taboo 1
Cougar of the House
Cougar of the House 2
Mother’s Fingers
Parental Approval


Nothing but family orgies! #erotica

No, I won’t give you time to breathe. After the scorching stories from last week, today I’m bringing you a collection that must be seen to be believed. Ten stories of group family fun!

Now, these are older books so there’s a chance you already have them. But if you’re missing only one it will be worth it to you. Enjoy…

Swinging Together: 10 Family Orgy Stories

Swinging Together: 10 Family Orgy Stories

Genres: , , ,
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Sometimes one family member isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more than just daddy to take care of your needs. Sometimes you need a whole bunch of family members to make all your fantasies come true!

This collection contains 10 SCORCHING stories about taboo group swinging, family-style. They are:

CumSwapping Sisters aka Trailer Park Intimacy
Pregnant by Daddy and Horny for Mommy aka Getting Preggers Taboo-Style Again
Sharing Wet Sisters aka Sharing is Caring
Our Daughter in Our Bed aka Our Precious Girl in Our Bed
The Forbidden Taboo 2
The Forbidden Taboo 6
The Forbidden Taboo 8
The Forbidden Taboo 9
My Stepdaughter, The Nympho aka Everyone at Home is Fair Game
Taking the Stripper Twins aka Identical Dancers Taboo


Want 10 #taboo #erotica stories?

It’s the beginning of a new year so I thought it would be pretty nifty to offer you a brand-new So Wrong bundle. Ten of my best-selling stories in one easy to handle collection– don’t trust their 3-D cover, it’s really 10 stories LOL

Less than three bucks for a limited time 🙂

Dig in!

So Wrong 10

So Wrong 10: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Back again because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me, Cheri Verset.

You’re interested in fathers and stepdaughters swinging together? Sisters and mom too? How about a hunky stepbrother?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

Taboo Wet Peach
Deliciously Impaled
Spying Brat in the Nudist Camp
Secret Taboo in the Attic
Taboo Helping Hand
Mile-High Brat: A Taboo Discovery
She Won’t Know It’s Me
Taken by Taboo Mountain Men
Good Kind of Sore: The Misbehaving Taboo Brat
Taboo Hall Pass


Two box sets this week – 13 TABOO stories!

It’s time for some taboo bundles, what do you say?

First of all, there’s the two stories of the Close-Knit series available together. And don’t forget that when signing up to my newsletter you get access to the prequel at no charge.

And then I have for you a collection with nothing but stepbrother-stepsister stories! There are 11 in total, all previously published. Just make sure you don’t have them already. But at this price, even if you’re only missing one it’ll be worth it to you.

Closer Than Most

Closer Than Most: 11 Taboo Home Stories

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Stepbrothers, anyone? You want a collection of stories featuring brothers and sisters having sweet forbidden fun together?

This is it! This box set includes the following 11 stories:

Brother Films Us Having Sex (aka Film Me Join Me Thrill Me)
Sister Sloppy Seconds (aka Adopted Sloppy Seconds)
The Forbidden Taboo 5
In-Law Lactation (aka Engorged and In Need)
Brother Does It Better (aka Aiden Does It Better)
Brother Does It Better 2 (aka Aiden Does It Better 2)
Hillbilly Taboo Homecoming
What Have We Done?!
My Husband, His Sister, and Me (aka The Taboo Weekend)
Desert Island Taboo
The Forbidden Taboo 7


Close-Knit bundle

Close-Knit: The Bundled Taboo Series

In The Series
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Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

First there was Brody and his wife Amber Jade deflowering her sister Shae.

Then it was the two sisters had rough sex with daddy before the family orgy.

Now both stories can be found together in the same box set!


It’s not wrong, I swear!

Oh yeah, I’ve put together a brand-new taboo box set. You know what that means, VALUE! Even if you’re missing only one of these older stories you’re still coming out ahead.

So Wrong 9

So Wrong 9: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Back once more because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 5 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me, Cheri Verset.

You want an uncle gangbang with his niece? Brothers and sisters having threesomes? All-out group sex that includes daddy and his stepdaughter? An alpha son seducing his mature stepmom?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

The Secret in Our House
Brobeck Pool Party
Bring Her Back When You’re Done
I’m Your Man Now
Hollywood Secret Taboo


Feel like five stories in one convenient book?

As I’m recharging my batteries, here is a bundle of five stories, of which only one contains taboo, but all are scorching nevertheless.

Please make sure you don’t already have these books first.


Drilled and Thrilled Again

Drilled and Thrilled Again: 5 Steamy Stories of Debauchery

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This box set includes 5 STORIES featuring all the steamy action you can handle! Includes:

Randy Dixwell: The Most Perfect Man
-A billionaire biker/rockstar/war hero seduces a waitress and then a reporter sent to write a story on him.

Primae Noctis: The King’s Privilege (a.k.a. Bred by The Cuckolding King)
-A medieval king claims the right to take the virginity of a local maiden on her wedding night and makes her husband watch.

Safe Word Not Required
-A woman submits to a mysterious stranger who sends her naughty messages at work, ordering her to commit BDSM acts, leading to a menage arrangement.

The Time Traveler’s Escapades (a.k.a. The Doctor Who Became a Sex Looper)
-A wisecracking scientist travels through time and has sex with famous people from the past.

Want a Christmas Bonus? (a.k.a. Anything for a Christmas Bonus)
-A secretary is willing to do EVERYTHING to get her Christmas bonus this year.


10 stories of old-school #erotica

I know you’re exhausted from all the taboo goodness so this week I’m offering something a little different.

Drilled and Thrilled

Drilled and Thrilled: 10 Steamy Stories of Debauchery

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Interested in young sluts doing nasty things? This box set includes 10 STORIES featuring virgins, anal, breeding, rough sex, and all the barely legal vixens you can handle! Includes:

Back Door Back to School
Get ’em Young Breed ’em Right
Nudist Camp Virgin
Breeding Beach Beauties
Asian Schoolgirl Shower
Valentine’s Day Sex Shop Encounter
Cum in my Christmas Stockings
Naughty Bows of Holly
Asian Breeding Career
Pleasured in Public: Cruise Ship Domination


Three erotic novellas in one collection

This bundle is not about the usual short taboo stories; they’re longer pieces with much meatier plots. Available almost everywhere and discounted for a limited time on Amazon!

I know many of you have already read the biker book over the holidays but this bundle gives you two more novellas at a significantly lower cost 🙂


Socially Unacceptable is great!

Socially UnacceptableYou know that moment when you hear about an idea and then you hate yourself because you’re not the one to have thought of it first?

That’s exactly how I felt when my friend Kelsey Charisma told me she was releasing her collection Socially Unacceptable.

With that title I couldn’t keep myself from getting this! There are six books about those taboo encounters we all love. My favorite is definitely “Taboo Triangle: Torn Between Brother and Daddy” because it’s deliciously kinky 😉

Consider getting your very own copy

before she raises the price.

Click here now!

10 stories featuring group sex, interested?

New stories are coming in next week but in the meantime I thought you might be interested in this huge box set.

We All Do It: 10 Steamy Group Grope Stories

We All Do It: 10 Steamy Group Grope Stories

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Apple Kobo Smashwords

Group sex and orgies, anyone?

This box set includes the following 10 STORIES of multi-partner swinging:

Boom Boom in the Courtroom
Submarine Gangbang aka A Girl with 20 Sailors
Erotic Pen Pal Care Package
American Sex Doll aka Multiple Foreign Relations
Taken by The Three Musketeers
Sharing Secrets On Vice Islet
Prom Night DP aka Two Hunks Reward
Porn Star Experience
Magic Trio with Studs
The Sluts of Cocktoberfest


A HUGE box set of The Forbidden Taboo series

For the first time ever, get the ENTIRE COLLECTION of The Forbidden Taboo in one convenient book and on Amazon it’s only $2.99 for a limited time!

So even if there’s only ONE story you haven’t read in this series, this will be a terrific deal 🙂

And it’s also available in paperback.

The Forbidden Taboo - The Complete Series

The Forbidden Taboo: The Complete Series Box Set

In The Series
Genres: , , , , ,
Amazon Smashwords

Do you like SIZZLING family sex?

Meet the Throckmortons, a hot-blooded family who’s not afraid of discovering a world of great sex!

The collection, featuring sex between daddy and daughters, mother and son, as well as brother and sisters, includes ALL 9 volumes of The Forbidden Taboo series.

NINE. TABOO. STORIES! 58,000 words

The Forbidden Taboo 1: His Body Heat
The Forbidden Taboo 2: Strap-On Sisters
The Forbidden Taboo 3: Daddy Daughter Desires
The Forbidden Taboo 4: A Game of Kissing Farm Cousins
The Forbidden Taboo 5: Brother Sister, Sex Lovers
The Forbidden Taboo 6: Seduced by His Two Girls
The Forbidden Taboo 7: Like Father Like Son
The Forbidden Taboo 8: Mom Shared by Son and Daughter
The Forbidden Taboo 9: Throckmorton Family Christmas


Do you like it dark and mysterious?

Dark romance and erotica has been surging in popularity lately, and for good reason. What’s sexier than an antihero?Dark Passions: Dark Romance Boxed Set

So I have joined my friends to offer you a huge box set of 10 books ! GET IT RIGHT NOW 🙂

And don’t forget our monster giveaway, check below for details…

Dark Passions: Dark Romance Boxed Set

They make their own rules. They obey no one and they have no interest in allowing a woman to change them. They are the men you’ve always been warned about. They certainly have no interest in love or relationships, but they do want to control you – body and mind. They have complete disregard for your feelings and yet possess irresistible charm; they are the very definition of an alpha male.

And they will make you swoon.

The collection includes these books:

Terry Towers writing as Elixa Everett (NYT/USAT bestselling author) – I Conjure Thee (Paranormal Romance)
Skye Eagleday (NYT/USAT bestselling author) – Sex Research (Contemporary Romance)
Aya Fukunishi – Her Submission (Contemporary Romance)
Emilie Criss – A Stranger’s Hand (Contemporary Romance)
Abby Weeks – Tangled Rose (Contemporary Romance)
Cheri Verset – Savage Bikers Lust (Contemporary Erotic Romance)
Savannah Reardon – The Queen Slave (Futuristic Romance)
Adele Allaire – One Night, Three Hearts(Contemporary Romance)
J.E. & M. Keep – Outcast (Fantasy Romance)
Alara Branwen & Christie Sims – Ravaged by the Ogre’s Tribe (Fantasy Romance)

Snag it today!

All Romance Ebooks

19 taboo stories in one book!

The new box set “Taboo Greatest Hits vol 3” has been released!

Just over 18 stories from bestselling authors. One controversial taboo. Don’t let daddy tell you that you shouldn’t be reading this. Indulge your deepest fantasies and let your inner little brat come out!

You get all these:

  • MY BROTHER-IN-LAW AND MY FIRST by Scarlett Skyes
  • FILL ME by Kelsey Charisma
  • HEAT OF THE NIGHT by Angel Wild
  • LISA’S RED HOT DADDY by Christa Bush
  • MY LITTLE GIRL by Carl East
  • BANGING KEVIN’S MOM by Saffron Sands
  • RUB-A-DUB WITH DADDY by Violet Williams
  • MY BROTHER THE VIRGIN by Kirsten Rose
  • DADDY’S LITTLE CAMSLUT by Penelope Wilson
  • STACY AND THE BOYS by Virginia Wade

Get it now at Amazon!

Paperback now available! #Taboo #boxset

So Wrong 3: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set is now a paperback! It’s currently on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Boble; in the coming weeks it should become available at other retailers.

Here is the direct link to the Amazon copy and here it is on Barnes and Noble!

So Wrong 3 - Taboo Box Set

So Wrong 3: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Back with MORE sizzle!

You can’t help who turns you on, who you lust after. Some people just don’t understand the incredible attraction of taboo relationships. But sometimes…

…it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT!

You know that I specialize in stories featuring the forbidden taboo of characters sharing their home and each other. I hereby bring you another ultimate box set to make your wildest taboo fantasies come true!

In this collection you’ll find 10 MORE BOOKS – all bestsellers derived from my twisted imagination. The stories, truly hot and controversial, are:

My Step-Daughter, The Nympho
Up Aunt Bea’s Chimney
Mother Daughter Gold Digger
Brother Films Us Having Sex
Watch Me Play, Daddy
CumSwapping Sisters
Sister Sloppy Seconds: Creampie Slut
Uncle and Wet Young Niece
The Forbidden Taboo 4: A Game of Kissing Farm Cousins
Brother Does It Better 2


Don’t miss this taboo box set!

A while ago I mentioned this wonderful collection I was part in, Taboo Greatest Hits, vol 1. Well, now the second volume has been released!

Taboo Greatest Hits, vol 2 has just over 18 stories from best-selling authors. One controversial taboo. It should be barely legal to sell so many stories for such a low price, so be a little brat and treat yourself. I’m sure daddy won’t mind!

Get it at Amazon today!