Family Garden Party

Family Garden PartyHere’s an exclusive little story for you guys! It’s written like a confession, like a fantasy. I know it’s super short, that’s why it’s super hot 😉

Family Garden Party

Copyright © 2016 Cheri Verset


I’m at a family party, it’s the Fourth of July weekend and relatives have made an effort to be there. Some should have stayed honestly home because BLEH. Seriously, aunt Judy is so annoying and so are half my cousins. But I’m forced to go, my mom won’t have it any other way. The one silver lining is that the house we’re going to – my grandparents’ – is right by the lake and they have a sweet set up to entertain.

For the first hour, I try to be cheerful, I even have some fun swimming for a bit. But soon I’m feeling self-conscious. There’s like a thousand eyeballs on my body and I suddenly wonder if my bikini is too small, if I’m showing too much skin.

Aren’t my uncles feeling creepy doing this? I’m their niece, still technically a teenager! But I see the look in their eyes, they’re agape, practically drooling. It’s like the boys at school, like the teacher. So disgusting.

I can’t take it anymore and I walk away from the party. I go around the house and find what used to be the tool shed. When I was younger, my grandfather converted it into a playhouse for us kids. Today is so beautiful that no one is playing here, everybody is in the water or at the beach.

I’m sulking by myself, wishing I had my phone so I could call my friends – but of course my mom made me leave it at home. That’s when my cousin Michael shows up. He has a six-pack of wine coolers, peach flavor. I always thought he was dorky but I can’t resist the appeal of the wine coolers.

After we each have one, I’m starting to relax. Michael isn’t so bad after all. We talk about school, what kind of college experience we want to have. He asks me if I’m gonna dump my boyfriend so I can date more people. He doesn’t believe me when I say I don’t have a boyfriend.

“That’s impossible,” he says. “You’re hot. Hot girls always have a boyfriend.”

But I’m not hot, I’m too tall, I’m clumsy, I look like a freak. He shakes his head, asks me where I got that idea.

“I never even kissed a boy,” I confess before I can stop myself.

The next thing I know, he’s holding my hand and I’m letting him! Michael says he’s only kissed one girl before. He says we should practice with each other, since we’re alone no one would know. It’s probably the booze but he’s making a whole lot of sense all of a sudden.

It feels so good, I had no idea it would be this way. Who cares if he’s my cousin? A half hour goes by, then another. We alternate between kissing, drinking, and sending runners on all four bases. He’s playing with my boobs and it’s making my pussy wet.

That’s why I don’t resist when he leads my hands to his shorts. I realize he’s hard instantly and every sex ed class I’ve ever had comes back with a vengeance. I’m not a total dunce, I’ve seen some porn before. Technically, I know what to do even though I’ve never done it.

And the worst part is that I WANT to do it.

“This is so hot,” Michael says as I’m rubbing his crotch.

At the same time, he takes off my bikini top and soon he has a hand inside my daisy dukes. I’m so wet, I’m about to cum all over his fingers. He wiggles his digits just right, making me melt against him while we make out.

He pulls his’s cock out and I’m going to town stroking it. I’ve heard of cousins doing this before but I always thought it was for perverts only. I guess I am a pervert too.

“Well well well!”

Terrified, we both turn and find uncle Robert standing at the entrance of the shed. He’s only wearing his swim trunks and he’s holding an almost empty bottle of beer. He’s also leering like he’s about to do something awful.

I tell him that it’s not what it looks like but immediately I know I’m full of shit. It’s hard to explain away having your cousin’s dick in your hand.

“I should tell what you’re doing to your parents. There’s drinking, there’s the two of you having sex together.”

“We’re not having sex!”

“Not yet,” he says with a drunken chuckle. “If you want me to keep my mouth shut, you’ll need to invite me in.”

It’s a no-brainer, Michael and I allow him to get inside which he does and closes the door after so we’re private again. As he continues drinking his beer, he directs our actions. He has my cousin suck my nipples, he makes me jack him off hard. Finally, he tells me to give him a blow job.

It’s been so wild thus far that I don’t even protest. I’m kind of intrigued by the idea of trying new things. Has to be the wine coolers, right? But what if it’s because I’m excited too?

I start sucking on my cousin’s shaft and it’s so delicious and I get so lost into it that I barely notice uncle Robert pulling down my shorts. He’s caressing my body, playing with my tits from behind. His rough fingers are amazing, not like I thought they’d be.

“Oh God!” Michael groans when he can’t hold back.

He shoots his spunk into my mouth and instinctively I swallow everything. It doesn’t taste gross like I thought, it’s salty and warm. I’m craving more!

At the same time, uncle Robert is fingering me. It’s so wild, fucking amazing! I continue to blow my cousin but he pulls back when he’s too sensitive.

Then I’m on my back as my uncle starts eating me out. I have the first of my seven orgasms that day! It’s heaven!

Uncle Robert makes me suck him off – he’s so much bigger than Michael. It’s more fun too, I have more to play with. He makes me blow my cousin again until he’s hard. I feel like such a slut, being told what to do.

I always thought I was a feminist, that no man would ever tell me what to do, but this, in that moment, there’s nothing better. It makes me feel like a woman. I don’t find it degrading because this is sex, not life.

It’s my uncle who takes my virginity.

I’d always figured it would hurt but it doesn’t, I’m way too excited. I have an orgasm as he shoots his load inside my cunt. Before I can catch my breath, he orders Michael to get on top of me. In half a dozen strokes he adds another quart of cum inside of me and I just want more.

We stop once in a while to catch our breath but I don’t want it to be over. At one point uncle Robert suggests I fuck myself with one of the empty bottles while they jerk off, watching me. It’s fantastic, especially when they cum all over my face!

And then we all have sex again until it gets dark. The kids will soon leave the water and head to the playhouse so we have to get out of here. Uncle Robert walks away as if nothing happened and Michael has lost his dorkiness, as if he’s just been inducted into a secret club.

As for me? Well, I don’t feel so awkward anymore. Most of all, I learned to never turn down a family garden party ever again!


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