Hot #SundaySample – Bailey’s MILF Night #erotica

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Bailey's MILF Night

Bailey’s MILF Night: Taboo Trio

In The Series
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It’s Mother’s Day and my older stepsister has just gotten through a divorce. She’s the kind of goody-two-shoes who would never dare go out and have fun on her own.

That’s why I’m taking her out to a biker bar tonight. She needs to get pounded hard by a stranger to see that being single can be great!

And who knows, I might join her for a three-way. After all, I always had a crush on my big sister…


“What are the two of you really doing here?”

“You want the truth, Bunker?”


“I brought my sister here so she would get properly plowed for Mother’s Day.”

At that, Eva spat her drink and choked. It took her a few seconds to regain her composure. “What?!”

“You really need it, sis.”

Bunker looked at my sister for long seconds, his eyes sweeping up from her feet to forehead, drinking it all in. I knew that he couldn’t disapprove because Eva was sexy as hell, her skirt even shorter now that she was sitting.

“I’m not against the idea,” he said.

“Bailey, geez!”

I ignored her. “She recently went through a divorce. All she does is work and take care of my baby nephew. She needs to be with a man, no strings attached.”

“Why don’t you two come up to my office so we can talk about this?”

“Your office?”

“I own this joint. Come on, I have better hooch upstairs and it’s free. Let’s go.”

He took my hand and yanked me to my feet, making me follow him. Before I was too far, I did the same to Eva, grabbing her hand and making sure she didn’t stay behind.


Hot #SundaySample – Girly Games #erotica

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Girly Games

Girly Games: Taboo Trio

Genres: , , , ,

It’s summer in the South. Ashley and Bobby Jon are about to get married but he’s worried about the future. How can they keep the excitement alive, especially since they’ve been together four years already? Ashley suggests living out their secret fantasies.

For Bobby Jon it’s easy, it involves performing anal. But for Ashley it’s much more taboo: she wants to do it with Janalyn, her STEPSISTER!

Can the three of them have a threesome, again playing those girly games like before, without destroying their relationship?

Find out in this funny and romantic story…


“Sis, please be honest with me. Tell me the truth. Was Bobby Jon making a move on you?”

Janalyn sighed and looked away. She was visibly torn between telling the truth and not wanting to hurt Ashley.

“It’s fine, just the moonshine messing with his mind.”

“Janalyn, please tell me the truth! Was he or was he not trying to seduce you?”

It was almost a minute before the older the replied. She said, “Yes.”

Ashley smiled. “Good! I was hoping you’d say that. So what do you think?”

“Excuse me? The hell are you talking about?” Janalyn stammered, standing up.

With a wicked grin, Ashley joined me on the couch. We were sitting side-by-side, our solidarity unmistakable.

“Bobby Jon and I came here with a purpose tonight. This was… This was set up to happen this way.”

“You lost me, sis. I don’t understand.”

“We,” my girlfriend began, looking at me lovingly. “We’d like to invite you to have a threesome with us.”

“What?! What’s the matter with both of y’all?!”

Ashley sobered up and I admired how calm she appeared while her sister began pacing in panic.

“Janalyn, Bobby Jon and I thought about this long and hard, okay? We feel it’s something we need to do.”

“Have a three-way with me?”

“We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s something missing in our lives. And…” Ashley looked at me, hesitating for the first time. I nodded and she continued. “More than anything, it’s something that I need. Hold on, this is gonna sound mighty strange…”

“Stranger than you and your boyfriend wanting to bump uglies with me?”

The younger sibling didn’t answer straightaway. Instead, she took a deep breath to steel her nerves. I took her hand in mine and felt some of her tension ease up.

“Janalyn, do you remember when we were younger? Do you remember when we used to practice making out with each other?”


Hot #SundaySample – House Arrest #erotica

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House Arrest: Taboo Choices

House Arrest: Taboo Choices

Genres: , ,

This holiday weekend sucks. All my friends are gone and my parents left me alone with my stepbrother Chase. He’s under house arrest for grand theft auto. So I’m stuck with him. For three days.

But when I catch him pleasuring himself in my room with MY OWN panties, I realize something shocking: he has a thing for me!

Should I be disgusted? Is it wrong that I’m feeling something moist between my thighs?


“And you want me, right, big brother?”

He glanced at me but didn’t deny it this time.

I was wondering what to say next when I caught some movement. Chase was immobile but his towel shifted just a smidge. Was he getting hard again?

It was spellbinding! I was warming up to this taboo idea. It probably had something to do with how aroused I was and the fact that there was no one in my life currently. It didn’t matter, I was a teenager and I had to follow my animal instincts. I could feel my undies getting soaked through right now.

“Is it cheerleaders that you fantasize about or me specifically?”

“Tanya, I’m sorry. Let’s pretend nothing happened, all right?”

His avoiding the question was very revealing. I kept staring at his member pushing against the terrycloth.

“What if you could have both, Chase? What if you could have a real cheerleader and your sister?”

He looked up at me. “What?”

It was now or never. I made my move. I came forward and put my hand directly between his legs. What I felt was so big that it could have been a horse’s dong.

“All you have to do is promise to keep this between us.”

“What’s going on, Tanya?” he whispered, not moving an inch. “What are you doing?”

“It’s gonna be our secret.”


10 bestselling taboo stories

It’s that time of year again 🙂 Even if you’ve missed just one of these stories it will be worth it to you.

So Wrong 7

So Wrong 7: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , , , , ,

Back again because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT!

In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by Saffron Daughter, Jade K. Scott, Natalie Deschain, Carl East, Honey Harper, and me Cheri Verset. The stories are scorching and feature a controversial kink! They are:

Her Crazy Craving
Her Favorite Lollipop
Open Door Policy Taboo
Our Special Relationship
Unwrap me for Christmas
Can’t Pull Out by Jade K. Scott
The Party by Carl East
Midnight Snack by Natalie Deschain
Being Brave by Saffron Daughter
Licking Lollipops by Honey Harper


Hot #Sample – Brobeck Pool Party

Here’s a look at the story!

Brobeck Pool Party

Brobeck Pool Party

Genres: , , , , ,

Home alone for the weekend, teen Suzette, her stepbrother Drake, and his girlfriend Kara decide to have a little get-together by the pool and soon the girls are fooling around, trying to take each other’s tops off.

But what if the teen girls started making out? What if Drake wanted to do the same with his sister?

And so begins a wild a threesome where Suzette will learn that her brother is also a fantastic lover!


My brother nodded and he swam nearby, never staying in place.

“So Suzette, have you ever been with a girl?”

“I…” Was I genuinely about to divulge his secret? The margaritas had to be getting to me. “Yes.”

“For real?! That’s so awesome!”

“I didn’t do much though, mostly just kissing.”

Kara leaned closer and smirked. “That’s almost the best part. Almost.”

I was keenly aware of her body heat again. I wondered how much of that was my own heat as I became inexplicably aroused despite the weird and inappropriate situation.

“Why don’t you guys make out for me?” Drake said.

Although he was chuckling, I knew he was serious. He sounded like the guy in those Girls Gone Wild videos.

“Eeeww! I’m your sister.”

“Two girls making out is hot, doesn’t matter who it is.”

“He’s right, you know. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

Kara pulled me to her and again her face was right in front of mine. I felt her breath on my mouth. As she looked into my eyes, she moved in and kissed me. I was shocked, mostly by the fact that I wasn’t pushing her away.

“Yeah, keep doing it…” Drake said, his tone more sober now.

I took that as a challenge and I kissed Kara back, my mouth moving against hers. She parted her lips and gave me tongue. It was getting serious now and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on, conscious that my brother was staring at us.

But it was so good! She tasted like sweet lime and her hands pressed on my waist, giving me a whole array of sensations. Passion took over and I kissed her back fiercely, touching her face and neck for maximum impact.

We were both breathless when we parted and silently we kicked toward the shallow area so we could rest. Kara was smiling broadly, obviously happy at the turn of events.

“You’re a good kisser. You should show Drake.”

I snorted. “That’s disgusting.”

“No it’s not. He’s hot, you’re hot, you’re both good kissers.”

“But he’s my brother.”

“Are you, like, totally against family members having fun?”


Taboo skinny-dipping leads to threesome in Brobeck Pool Party

Stepbrother dares you to do it 🙂

Brobeck Pool Party

Brobeck Pool Party

Genres: , , , , ,

Home alone for the weekend, teen Suzette, her stepbrother Drake, and his girlfriend Kara decide to have a little get-together by the pool and soon the girls are fooling around, trying to take each other’s tops off.

But what if the teen girls started making out? What if Drake wanted to do the same with his sister?

And so begins a wild a threesome where Suzette will learn that her brother is also a fantastic lover!


Banging mom and sister while in disguise!

How does a fun and sexy Halloween story sound?

She Won't Know It's Me

She Won’t Know It’s Me

Genres: , , , , ,

It’s Halloween and Dougie finds himself at home unexpectedly. His barely legal stepsister is disguised as a sexy referee. His hot stepmom is dressed as a slutty cavewoman. And he’s getting seriously hard looking at them.

That’s when he realizes this is the perfect opportunity to take them anonymously! Dressing up as Bigfoot and later as a bear, they’ll never know who’s giving them so much pleasure…


Hot #Sample – Taboo Hall Pass

Here’s a look at the story!

Taboo Hall Pass

Taboo Hall Pass

Genres: , , ,

“I’m giving you permission to stray, but ONLY with my sister.”

As a wedding present, Shane is given a special hall pass by his wife Danielle: if he feels the need to sleep with another woman, he can have sex with her own little sister.

But what if Danielle wanted to join them too?!


I noticed the sisters glancing at each other and then Jasmine nodded. My wife said, “Speaking of weird… I have something to ask you.”


“I know we never spoke about the specifics, and you probably figured I would leave you alone with Jasmine to have sex, but…”

“But what, baby?”

“Would it be okay if I joined you two?”

“What? You mean…”

“She means she wants a threesome, Shane. I’m game. What about you?”

I exhaled and struggled to understand whether or not I was dreaming. “You want to have sex with me and your sister? Together?”

“Yes.” Then she looked at her younger sister who grinned. “And I guess this is a good time to tell you about our secret past.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I hope you won’t freak out – I’m sure you won’t because I know you and I married you because you were open-minded – but there’s something you need to know about us. When we lived at home sex was an important part of us growing up. We…”

“Tell him, sis.”

Danielle nodded and continued. “We used to have sex with our stepdad. Mom was okay with it and so were we. I mean, I know it’s not normal but with us it was natural. Things just evolved from masturbating openly in the living room to having daddy take care of us.”

“I still do it with him,” Jasmine pitched in proudly.


10 #erotica stories in one #taboo collection!

It’s that time of year again! With some friends of mine, I’ve put together a brand-new bundle of stories about family fun.

If you’re missing only one story, you’ll come out ahead by getting this book which has 10 STORIES.

So Wrong 6

So Wrong 6: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , , , , , ,
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I’m back because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT!

You can’t help who turns you on, who you lust after. Some people just don’t understand the incredible attraction of taboo relationships. But I do 😉

You know that I specialize in stories featuring the forbidden taboo of characters sharing their home and each other. I’ve asked my friends to help me put together one more ultimate box set to make your wildest taboo fantasies come true!

In this collection you’ll find 10 MORE BOOKS by Saffron Daughter, Jade K. Scott, Natalie Deschain, Raquel Rogue, and me Cheri Verset. The stories are scorching and feature a controversial kink! They are:

Pregnant by Brother and Nephew
Pinned by Daddy’s Bowling Team
Mother’s Fingers
Private Academy Taboo
Taking the Stripper Twins
Desert Island Taboo
Spreading the Virgin by Jade K. Scott
Watching Daddy by Saffron Daughter
Snowed In by Natalie Deschain
Daddy Virgin Birthday Present by Raquel Rogue


Hot #Sample – Secret Taboo in the Attic

Here’s a look at the story!

Secret Taboo in the Attic

Secret Taboo in the Attic

Genres: , ,

What would you do if you found out your parents used to do porn?

That’s the dilemma of siblings Gareth and Peaches are faced with when they come across an old VHS tape of their mom doing a threesome. At first they’re shocked but soon they realize how incredibly turned on they are.

And could they also be turned on by EACH OTHER? Will this spark lust between brother and sister?


I shook my head, trying to wrap my mind around the fact that not only was my mom a former porn star but that she and my dad had most likely gotten off watching it together.

“This is so weird…”

Gareth chuckled. “But it’s kinda hot anyway. Don’t you think?”

“I guess,” I said with a noncommittal shrug.

“Don’t deny it, sis. You had a hand down your shorts before, I saw how you were acting.”

“You gotta swear you won’t tell mom and dad!”

“Relax, Peaches.”

“Swear it!”

“I swear, honest. This is our little secret, I promise.”

I saw the look in his eyes, he was being truthful. He gave me a lot of grief growing up, being big brother and all, but I knew he loved me and would never do anything to hurt me.

“It’s so embarrassing,” I mumbled. “I can’t believe you saw me doing that.”

“It’s okay.” He caressed my shoulders gently. “There’s no shame in that. I mean, everybody does it. I definitely do it all the time, like pretty much every day.”

“Really? You… you played with yourself today?”

“Well no, not yet. That’s why my hand was where it was when you caught me.”

“You were jacking off too, Gareth?”

It was his turn to shrug. “This video was really hot, even if it is mom. Plus you were there, obviously having fun of your own. That was really hot too.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, totally.”

“You don’t think it’s weird that I’m your sister?”


Taboo scandal at the White House!

You won’t believe what happens when politicians get aroused!

White House Taboo

White House Taboo

Genres: , , , ,

Pepper Kontis is a gorgeous Special Agent with the Secret Service and her dream has always been to work at the White House. But when this finally comes true, she’s not prepared for what she witnesses.

She’s not prepared to find the President having sex with his own stepdaughter!

Even more depraved, his son is also there to pleasure his teenage stepsister. Will Pepper be able to keep the secret or will the First Family invite her to an orgy in the White House to fully corrupt her?


Hot #Sample – Desert Island Taboo

Here’s a look at the story!

Desert Island Taboo

Desert Island Taboo

Genres: , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

A plane crash stranded Brady on a tropical desert island with his stepmom and teen stepsister. They’ve been living in close quarters for over two years.

And now they have pressing needs…

Isn’t it normal for him to get excited by his beautiful mother and virgin sister? What if mom took his virginity and in turn he took his barely legal sister’s cherry?

What if mommy wants him to breed them to start a new family of their own?


“I’m so embarrassed…”

Mom smiled in that special way of hers that told you everything was fine and she motioned for Sophia to sit with us. At the same time, I finally pulled out of mom and sat up Indian-style so that my member would be hidden but it would look like I was doing so casually. For her part, our mother was sitting straight, making no effort to cover herself.

“What you saw was just nature taking its course, Sophia.”

“I heard you both getting up so I followed you and I didn’t mean to eavesdrop or even stay to look at you guys but…”

“Take a deep breath, darling. You have nothing to apologize for, it’s perfectly okay. If anything, I should have talked to you sooner about our living arrangements. But I guess you weren’t too shocked, were you?”

“What do you mean, mommy?”

“You seemed to have a good time yourself just then.”

My sister looked away in mortification. “I’m so sorry. It’s just… It was really hot what you were doing. And lately I’ve had these feelings, these urges…”

“You’re sure you weren’t disgusted by witnessing your brother and me having sex?”

“No,” Sophia whispered, shaking her head.

I couldn’t keep my mouth shut at this bombshell. “Oh wow, that’s really awesome!”

“I find myself playing… playing with myself every day, several times a day. Sometimes I… Oh God, I can’t believe I’m saying that.”


“Sometimes I follow you, Brady. When I know you’re going somewhere to jerk off I follow you so I can watch.”

My jaw fell open and I felt my cock firm up once more.

Our mother said, “And you’re not turned off by us being related? You’re okay with this taboo?”

The teenage girl nodded shyly. “I followed you again earlier today, before dinner. I heard the conversation between you and Brady, about the rules and everything.”

“And do you agree? Do you agree that in our new society we should be free to have relations with anyone?”


“And have you ever had such relations before, darling?”

This time Sophia shook her head. “No, I’m still a virgin.”

“You would be fine with your brother taking your virginity?”


Breeding a virgin on a desert island… family style!

Here’s an erotic story about a hot mom, her virgin daughter, and the teen son who’s going to breed them on a desert island.

Desert Island Taboo

Desert Island Taboo

Genres: , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

A plane crash stranded Brady on a tropical desert island with his stepmom and teen stepsister. They’ve been living in close quarters for over two years.

And now they have pressing needs…

Isn’t it normal for him to get excited by his beautiful mother and virgin sister? What if mom took his virginity and in turn he took his barely legal sister’s cherry?

What if mommy wants him to breed them to start a new family of their own?


Hot #Sample – Halfway House Lolita

Here’s a look at the story Amazon doesn’t want me to publish because it’s TOO TABOO!


On the bed was my brother. He was lounging bare-chested and his jeans were undone. He bolted upright and instinctively covered himself with a bed sheet, doing a half-assed job of it.

“What is she doing here?”

Lolita closed the door behind me and locked it. There was a wicked smile on her lips, like she knew something we didn’t. Without a care in the world, she climbed on the mattress and sprawled next to Dixon, discreetly putting a hand on his leg.

“Relax, guys. I thought it was time the two of you did something about the situation.”

“What situation?” I asked, anger and anxiety seeping through my voice.

“Please, Trixie. It’s just the three of us, there’s no need to play games anymore. It’s time we all put this out in the open. You’re turned on by your brother.”

“I am not!”

“Trixie?” Dixon mumbled.

“And you Dixon, don’t play dumb either. You have a thing for your sister too.”

It was my turn to have my eyes bulge out. Lolita noticed and chuckled.

“He does,” she continued. “He cums so quick when I mention your name.”

“Lolita, Jeez…”

“It’s okay, Dixon. Your sister feels the same way, even if she won’t admit it. When she came the other night, it was after I told her to pretend you were doing her.”

I don’t know what shocked him more, learning that I was kind of fantasizing about him or finding out Lolita and I had sex together. She spent the next minute telling him about what had happened between us in my room last week.

“This is surreal,” I said, feeling unsteady on my feet. “We shouldn’t even be thinking about this.”

“Sure you can think about it. That’s a good start.”

“It’s not what I meant and you know it. This is my brother, Lolita. We shouldn’t be joking about this.”

“Who said anything about joking? Besides, he’s just your stepbrother. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re fair game as far as you’re both concerned. Don’t you feel it’s time? You’ve been getting wet over him for too long. And you Dixon, how long have you been jerking off thinking about your sister?”

As she spoke, she got off the bed and came toward me.

“Man, Lolita…”

“Stepbrother, stepsister, nobody’s doing anything wrong. That’s why humans have impulses, so we can know when it’s okay to feel pleasure. Don’t turn down something you’ve never tried before.”

By now Lolita was next to me. I was frozen and I felt her go behind me. Before I knew it she was sweeping my hair sideways and kissing my neck. Her hands went down my arms, caressing the goose bumps appearing on my skin. Then she grew bolder, feeling my breasts through my oversized T-shirt.

I should have stopped her, I should have run away! I couldn’t possibly let her touch me right in front of my big brother. Only it felt too wonderful. It was as if I was under her spell. That’s the only explanation I had for me not reacting when she pulled my shirt up and over my head.



Hot sample – Hillbilly Taboo Homecoming

Here’s a look at the story!

Hillbilly Taboo Homecoming

Hillbilly Taboo Homecoming

Genres: , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

In the heart of Appalachia, Billy Ray is home from the war and to thank him for his service, his dad offers him the opportunity to have sex with his stepmom!

But what will happen when his barely legal stepsister catches them in the act?

WARNING: 18+. Contains wild taboo sex involving an orgy between father and daughter, mother and son, and brother and sister.


“I’m sorry, dad. I shouldn’t have said anything, it just slipped out.”

“You ain’t ashamed of yourself, are you?”

“Of course I am. You’re not supposed to say that about your mother.”

“That’s what city folk say. Around here we’re a more… enlightened people. Makes no difference who you love as long as it’s genuine, heartfelt.”

“But we’re talking about my mom, your wife! Aren’t you mad?”

Wilbur grinned and shook his head. “You ain’t the only one who ever had thoughts that are taboo. There was a time, I was young, brothers and sisters are known to experiment with one another.”

To cover his expression, Billy Ray grabbed the moonshine from his father and drank deeply. Aside from the shock of the relationship between his dad and his aunts, he was getting dangerously hard.

The truth was, Billy Ray wasn’t a complete virgin as far as incestuous lifestyles were concerned. For years he had been fooling round with his stepsister. In fact, he was supposed to go to her place later tonight for some no-strings-attached fun after years away.

“Geez, dad… I had no idea.”

“Ain’t no shame bein’ attracted to a beautiful woman, and your mama, she’s a mighty beautiful woman, boy.”

“Still,” Billy Ray began with a shrug. “It was out of line for me to say that. She’s your wife.”

At that, Wilbur leaned closer to his son. “What if I told you that this makes no difference?”

“What do you mean, pa?”

“Your mama and I, we been known to mix things up a smidge. Sometimes we ride the truck to the city and meet other folks.”

“What… What do you mean? Like a swingers club?”

“You ain’t gonna be all embarrassed again, are you?”

Billy Ray exhaled loudly. “Damn, I had no idea.”

His dad went on to explain that they had been swingers since early in their marriage. After all, they had married young and with each of them having a child they hadn’t been able to fully live their youth. Swinging had been a way to go wild without consequences.

“You know what, Billy Ray? I think you deserve this. You served this country good, you made this family proud. You deserve a reward better than all them medals you have. I think you oughta get blown by your mother.”

“What?! Are you serious, dad?”



New hot sample! – Sharing Secrets On Vice Islet: Taboo Club Universe

Here’s a look at my latest release Sharing Secrets On Vice Islet.

The Taboo Club brings together fans of incest and this weekend they’re meeting for the first time at a private island. Uniting a plethora of characters from Cheri Verset’s kinky universe, secrets will be shared and new sexual horizons will be discovered!

Dinner was served in the majestic dining room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Shelley was satisfied by how the food turned out. She wished she hadn’t told everyone this was reheated because it could pass for a five-star restaurant meal.

“Has anyone had that awkward dinner situation at home after getting involved with incest?” Josh asked.

Most agreed in between mouthfuls and wine drinking. For her part, Isabella shrunk into her chair.

“It was totally weird at our first dinner at home after that Spring Break,” Josh continued. “My sister and me, we kept staring at each other. It was, like, I was sure everybody would know about us getting it on just by looking at our faces.”

There was another roar of agreement around the table.

Calvin said, “That’s nothing. Try appearing innocent when your sister is attempting to get you hard, playing footsy under the table. This one night, her foot was between my legs, basically giving me a foot job in front of our parents.”

“Doesn’t everybody do that?” Jasmine asked innocently, looking left and right. When the laughter died down she added, “I do that to daddy all the time. One time, my sister and my mom, we were all rubbing daddy’s cock at the same time on meatloaf night. He came all over our toes!”

Gina’s eyebrows rose. “Did you lick it off one another?”

“No but I played with my pussy at the same time. It was really hot.”

“I bet.”

“That must be a youth thing,” George said. “My daughter does that sometimes, playing footsy. I think it has something to do with the appeal of what is forbidden. What do you think, Isabella?”

The PhD candidate was taken aback by the question. In fact, she was only half listening. She knew from monitoring the online discussion forum that their conversations often got racy but to actually listen to them talk about their experiences with incest was mind-blowing. She wasn’t sure she was ready for this.

She wasn’t certain she was even made for this subject matter anymore.

“Uh, sure. What is taboo oftentimes is what attracts people.”

Everyone stared at her, waiting for her to explain further but she was done. Calvin refilled wineglasses to ease the tension.

“Has anyone ever been caught?”

“My mom…” Ray began shakily. “She caught me staring at her once, out in the yard. I had a… I was hard. I went in the house and that was it.”

“I was doing my sister doggy style in the car a few months back,” Josh said. “We were at the mall, in the parking lot. A security guy spotted us but he didn’t know we were brother and sister. We just had time to drive away before he got to us. She had to blow me while I was driving, while she fingered herself.”

The conversation continued to focus on sex and Isabella was content staying quiet. She drank more than she ought to and played with her food. It was good but her appetite wasn’t there. She was definitely in over her head. How could they be so relaxed talking about this? Then again, that was why she had decided to study the issue of consensual, loving incest. She just wasn’t prepared for the intensity of these conversations.

Read it all now!

New release! – Sharing Secrets On Vice Islet: Taboo Club Universe

The Taboo Club brings together fans of incest and this weekend the members are meeting for the first time at a private island in Maine. The billionaire siblings Calvin and Shelley are hoping to get in touch with others who are attracted by family members.

A plethora of characters from my kinky universe meet for the first time. It’s like the Avengers of sex! There are:

  • Calvin and Shelley from Little Sister’s Gift;
  • Gina from Brother Films Us Having Sex;
  • George from Daddy’s Little Soldier Girl;
  • Jasmine from CumSwapping Sisters;
  • Ray from Scavenger’s Lust 2;
  • Josh from What Have We Done?!

Sharing Secrets On Vice Islet is about brothers in love with their sisters, nieces lusting after uncles, and sons longing for their mothers. Pleasure has no bounds…

Read it now!

New sample! – The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3

Here’s a look at my latest release, The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3. It’s a collection of the first three stories in The Forbidden Taboo series: His Body Heat, Strap-On Sisters, and Daddy Daughter Desires.

3 stories for the price of two!

His eyes went down to the phone. He scrolled back to the beginning of the naughty images and enjoyed the show again. His breath caught in his throat when she was finally completely naked. He zoomed on the area between her legs. Her pussy was completely bald and puffy from desire. It shimmered in the light which meant she really was into this.

Davis felt his cock pulsing and he stroked faster. He was glad for his older years since it meant he could play with himself for a long time before it was over. Judging by the photographs, it was the opposite for his daughter. She touched herself with growing hunger. Her face was twisted into pleasure as she rubbed her clit with one hand. The other was busy inserting a finger deep into the channel.

This is so great, Davis mused. He never would’ve thought this was something that would turn him on and yet it did. She was so young, so fresh, so perfect! He tugged faster on his rod. Even though he was unlikely to see these images ever again they’d be the source of his fantasies for years to come.


His heart nearly gave out. It couldn’t be! He turned his head sideways and sure enough Debbie had opened the door and was standing four feet away looking at him. The nightlight offered just enough illumination so there was no mistaking what he was doing.

“Uh… Go back to bed, I’ll be right out.”

What else could he say? He was a grown man and didn’t have to justify himself to anyone even though getting caught masturbating red-handed was disconcerting. He was actually proud of his unapologetic demeanor when everything came crashing down.

“I just came for some water. Is that my phone?!”

Oh fuck!

There was no excuse to explain the little pink phone in his hands. His jaw dropped, he didn’t know what to say. Her eyes darted between the phone and his midsection which he was doing his best to hide with his forearms.

“You were looking at pictures of me, daddy? You were jerking off!”

Davis had to remember to breathe for fear of passing out. There was no way in hell he could ever admit to what he was doing, not to his daughter anyway. Then he had a flash of genius.

“I was on the Internet,” he said, hoping she would understand that, as everyone knew, the Internet was made for porn.

“But you were jerking off!”

She said that with a grin that took him aback. He had expected her to be scandalized by her father masturbating. Instead, she seemed amused. Without warning, she rushed forward and snatched her phone away from his hand. She looked at the screen.

“You weren’t on the Internet. Oh my God, you were looking at pictures of me!”

He took advantage of the instant she was looking at her phone to pull up his boxer shorts and stood up. He kept his hands in front of his crotch to conceal the bulge.

“That’s enough, Debbie.”

He made for the exit but she blocked the way. Again, she was smiling wickedly. She remained tipsy but she was no longer dead drunk.

“You know, you can continue to whack off if you want. You could look at me in the flesh while you’re doing it, daddy. I don’t mind. I might even like it.”

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The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3

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Meet the Throckmortons, a hot-blooded family who’s not afraid to discover a world where the best sex is found at home with the ones you love!

You’ll find a stepmom putting the moves on her rich stepson, two sisters sharing a man as well as each other, and a conflicted man being seduced by his stepdaughter.

The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3 (19,000 words) brings together the first three installments of the erotic series. It includes:

The Forbidden Taboo 1: His Body Heat

Cooper Throckmorton is a wealthy and handsome young man who finds himself attracted to his stepmother. It leads to them acting publicly in the subway.

The Forbidden Taboo 2: Strap-On Sisters

Sisters Thalia and Debbie Throckmorton, gorgeous and barely legal, are out partying in California when their host talks them into having sex with each other using a sex toy!

The Forbidden Taboo 3: Daddy Daughter Desires

When Debbie is stranded away from home, she’s rescued by her stepdad Davis. They have no choice but to share a hotel room together, not knowing that the atmosphere is sizzling with arousal! Will the two of them have sex together even though it’s extremely wrong?

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New story sample! – The Forbidden Taboo 2: Strap-On Sisters

Here’s a look at my latest story, Strap-On Sisters. What if you could have sex with your sister without the ickiness of having to actually touch her? In the second installment of The Forbidden Taboo series, a man encourages the two gorgeous, barely legal Throckmorton sisters to do one another with a strap-on dildo!

She started for the exit but Larry gently blocked her.

“Hey, you don’t have to go. In fact, you girls seem to be pretty comfy together. I didn’t think sisters that were so close actually existed. I mean, you were watching her getting off, weren’t you?”

“I guess.”

“It doesn’t freak you out?”

“We… we’ve always been close, Debbie and I. We’ve shared a room from the time we were babies all the way to college. We went through puberty together.”

At that, Larry smiled although it was more out of interest than pure carnality.

“You mean you two played with one another growing up?”

“No!” Thalia denied. She glanced at her grinning sister and then shrugged. “Well, our beds were side-by-side. Sometimes we, you know, got the urge. We would, on occasion, we… touched ourselves. It was hard not to miss her doing the same under her covers, you know.”

“What my sister means,” Debbie interjected, “is that some nights we would watch each other. I was naked, she was naked, we would get off looking at the other fingering her pussy.”

“That’s enough details, Debbie.”

“Remember when Cooper almost caught us?”

“Who’s Cooper?” Larry asked.

“Our brother.”

“Our stepbrother,” Thalia corrected.

“And is he that comfortable with you girls also?”

“No!” they shouted in chorus.

The memory of him walking in on them made Thalia smile. They had been home alone—or at least they thought they were—and had decided to pleasure themselves using some produce. They were doing it in the kitchen, shoving cucumbers and carrots up their twats, when they heard footsteps in the living room. They just had time to pull the vegetables out and slip into their oversized T-shirts before Cooper came into the kitchen.

They did their best to act innocently but in retrospect he had to have smelled their musky scent as it hung around them. God, she hadn’t thought about this in years! At first, she had been disgusted by the whole thing but then began to fantasize about what could have happened had he really caught the two sisters masturbating together. Would he have wanted to join? Would she have stopped him?

“Anyway,” Larry said. “I think it’s pretty neat that you girls are so open with each other. You know what else would be pretty neat?”