Hot #SundaySample – Houseguests 1 #erotica

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Houseguests 1: Our Taboo Memories

In The Series
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I love my stepbrother Willis but I hadn’t realized how much I missed him. In town for our 25-year high school reunion, memories come flooding back. Taboo memories.

Willis was the one who took my virginity when I was 18 and now I can’t stop thinking about that amazing summer we had!

It gets me thinking: wouldn’t he be the perfect choice to pop my adopted daughter’s cherry? This is what is going through my mind as I rekindle my forbidden love with my brother in the gazebo.

And then I tell him about the special lesbian relationship I have with my daughter. Maybe we could make this a family affair…


On the living room couch was my daughter. The 18-year-old was sound asleep, sprawled on the sofa with her legs wide and her arms above her head. She was wearing butt-hugging shorts and a halter top which made it obvious she didn’t have a bra underneath.

And my brother was staring at her.

I couldn’t blame him, Blair was gorgeous. Not only was her figure absolutely flawless, with hips which were only beginning to flare out and breasts that were small and perky. It was a foregone conclusion that she had a lifetime of breaking hearts ahead of her.

Being gorgeous, nice, and sexy was a deadly combination and nobody would ever be able to deny her anything.

I craned my neck until my mouth was next to Willis’s ear. “Does it make you hard to look at your niece?”

His head whipped toward me with shock. When he saw the impish grin on my face, he shook his head and smiled.

“Dang, sis. You haven’t changed.”

“Have you?”

“I suppose not.”

“She’s hot, isn’t she?”

“She must be driving the boys wild.”

“Not just the boys,” I said.

“Oh yeah?”

I nodded. “So you haven’t answered my question, big brother. Are you getting hard looking at my little girl?”


“Let me see.”


Hot #SundaySample – Wholesome No More #erotica

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Wholesome No More

Wholesome No More

Genres: , , ,

Why did mom have to marry Brad? He’s really cramping my style. I’m 18 and I want to party now that I’m back from boarding school.

But after he pinned me against the wall to read me the riot act, feeling his hard bulge on me, I knew I was lost. However, I can’t let him know that I want him to be MY FIRST!

I want him to take me roughly like I know only he can…


I slid into the passenger’s seat of daddy’s BWM and hiked my skirt up so high that it showed him I wasn’t wearing any panties. His scowl grew deeper.

“You’ve been out all day like that?” he asked as he started the car.


“Where men could see you?” he asked.


He gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckled blanched, and I could see the muscle in his jaw clench and relax repeatedly. I’d peed him off.


He pulled the car onto the street, saying nothing. He kept his eyes fixed on the road.

I reached over and ran my hand over the front of his pants, noticing he already had an erection.

I grinned and said, “What has you so horny, daddy?”

“What’s between your legs is mine,” he said. “It’s all mine. You will not let anyone else see it. You will not let anyone else touch it. And you certainly will not let anyone else pound it. Is that understood?”

“Yes, daddy.”


Hot #SundaySample – Home MILF #erotica

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Home MILF: Taboo Attraction

Genres: ,

My stepmom wants me to clean my room but I’m not fast enough so she starts without me. That’s when she discovers my porn stash and her panties that I stole.

I want to die, I’m so embarrassed… And then she tells me to pleasure myself in front of her!

She’s excited that I have a crush on her and maybe she feels the same way about me. After all, I’m a young stud about to go to college. Should I go through with it?


“Caleb, is this…” She unfurled the cloth until she could tell what it was: a pair of bikini-cut underwear. “Are these my panties?”

She was staring right at me and I couldn’t breathe anymore.

“Answer me,” she ordered.

“I… uh…”

“I’ve been looking for these for two years. Did you steal them?”

There was more surprise than outrage in her voice. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to admit that I was a full on perv to my mother.

“It was just a stupid dare from my friends, no big deal.”

“No big deal? If it was just a dare, why are my panties in your private stash, Caleb?”

“It’s just… I couldn’t throw them away and I couldn’t give them back and…”

Something weird happened next. Her face softened. She took a step toward me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“It’s okay, baby. I’ve known about your crush.”


“You haven’t really been stealthy over the years, Caleb. I’ve known that you had a crush on me for a long time. I always thought it was cute.”

“That’s not true!”

“What, are you saying it’s impossible for young man to have a thing for me? You don’t think I’m attractive enough?”

“No, I mean yes. You’re gorgeous, mom!”

She cocked her head to the side in a way that always made my heart beat faster. “So are you gonna admit it then?”

She came closer still and took my hand in hers.


Hot #SundaySample – Taboo Wrecking Crew #erotica

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Taboo Wrecking Crew

Taboo Wrecking Crew

Genres: , ,

In order to take a break after his divorce, Vic visits his brother on the West Coast for the week. But on the first night, Greg’s 18-year-old stepdaughter shows up to seduce her uncle.

Vic wants to resist but she’s just so beautiful and willing to do ANYTHING with him. His resolve soon crumbles…

And that’s when Greg catches them in the act! Is he going to be mad or is he going to join in?


“Are you hard, uncle Vic?”

It was a scorcher out here and I was sleeping in the nude. The thin bed sheet barely covered my crotch and I knew she could see the outline of my manhood.

“Brooke, that’s inappropriate to say.”

“Is it? I don’t think so, it’s just an observation. Like, if you said you thought my nipples were hard, that wouldn’t be inappropriate because it’s true. See?”

She put a fingertip against one of her nipples, tracing a circle around it, and I swallowed dryly. It was like she had pencil erasers poking out of her shirt. It made me conscious of her tiny frame, her hips gently flaring out and therefore highlighting her tiny little rear.

“Jeez, Brooke… Go back to bed.”

She brought a hand down, putting her index finger against my bare chest. She ran it down my hot skin, going over my pecs, heading toward my pelvis. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move!

Her eyes were riveted to my girth as it got harder and harder. The blanket was rising along with my shaft, making a tent, and I just didn’t know what to do. Logically, I needed to push her away and forget the whole thing. Yet I couldn’t, I was frozen.

I was aroused!

“You really are hard, aren’t you? Is it from looking at me, uncle Vic? Do you like looking at my young body?”


Hot #SundaySample – How Kimmy Changed Us 3 #erotica

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How Kimmy Changed Us3

How Kimmy Changed Us 3: Taboo Secrets Revealed

In The Series
Genres: , , ,

Gorgeous young Kimmy has just turned 18 and her probation terms call for her to stay with the Morgan family.

That’s when she proceeds to not only seduce every family member, but she talks them into having sex WITH EACH OTHER! Brother and stepsister, stepmother and father, and possibly even an all-out orgy!

But why is Kimmy doing this? Does she have an ulterior motive aside from pure hot taboo pleasure?

PART THREE: Daddy joins the taboo fun and secrets are finally revealed, leading to a full step-family orgy!


Roy felt exhilarated by the fresh air. It was cooler here than in the city – well, the suburbs – and he hadn’t known how much he’d missed this place. There was nothing like going hiking to give you zest for life again.

He had enjoyed walking through the woods with Kimmy and secretly he had hoped they would do something naughty together once they were alone. He felt guilty about it, doing it behind his wife’s back, but he figured with everything that had happened so far she wouldn’t disapprove.

In any case, the young girl made no move to seduce him and he was too scared to be the aggressor. He wasn’t that guy and, most of all, he never wanted to be perceived as THAT guy. But he was hard from watching her walk, her small behind perfectly framed in those tight shorts. So he did the only thing he could think of: he excused himself and headed back to the cottage so he could manually ease the pressure.

There was a spring in his step as he walked back, going faster and faster. But he stopped cold when he found Carmen on the porch. Although she was wearing a dark one-piece bathing suit she was also wearing shorts. The most shocking thing however was that she had a hand down these shorts, clearly playing with herself.

Roy was harder still and he had this vision of sneaking up on her and ravaging her against the wall, right there in public. He loved how their love-life was rekindling since Kimmy’s arrival!

He climbed the four steps, taking his time so he wouldn’t make any noise, and came closer. He allowed himself to rub the bulge between his legs and continued watching. It occurred to him that Carmen wasn’t just playing with herself but she was spying through the window.

That was odd…

He was about to touch her shoulder, hopefully initiating a hot impulsive tryst, when he decided to follow her gaze. Inside the house, on the living room couch, two people were making slow, passionate love. It was really enticing, he thought. As he squinted, he realized he knew who they were.

They were his stepson and daughter!


Hot #SundaySample – How Kimmy Changed Us 2 #erotica

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How Kimmy Changed Us2

How Kimmy Changed Us 2: Crossing the Taboo Line

In The Series
Genres: , , ,

Gorgeous young Kimmy has just turned 18 and her probation terms call for her to stay with the Morgan family.

That’s when she proceeds to not only seduce every family member, but she talks them into having sex WITH EACH OTHER! Brother and stepsister, stepmother and father, and possibly even an all-out orgy!

But why is Kimmy doing this? Does she have an ulterior motive aside from pure hot taboo pleasure?

PART TWO: Kimmy finally makes Trixie cross the forbidden line with her stepbrother before she goes all in with a lesbian threesome with her stepmother.


“Relax, guys. I thought it was time the two of you did something about the situation.”

“What situation?” I asked, anger and anxiety seeping through my voice.

“Please, Trixie. It’s just the three of us, there’s no need to play games anymore. It’s time we all put this out in the open. You’re turned on by your brother.”

“I am not!”

“Trixie?” Dixon mumbled.

“And you Dixon, don’t play dumb either. You have a thing for your sister too.”

It was my turn to have my eyes bulge out. Kimmy noticed and chuckled.

“He does,” she continued. “He shootss so quick when I mention your name.”

“Kimmy, jeez…”

“It’s okay, Dixon. Your sister feels the same way, even if she won’t admit it. When she came the other night, it was after I told her to pretend you were doing her.”

I don’t know what shocked him more, learning that I was kind of fantasizing about him or finding out Kimmy and I had a fling together. She spent the next minute telling him about what had happened between us in my room last week.

“This is surreal,” I said, feeling unsteady on my feet. “We shouldn’t even be thinking about this.”

“Sure you can think about it. That’s a good start.”

“It’s not what I meant and you know it. This is my brother, Kimmy. We shouldn’t be joking about this.”

“Who said anything about joking?”


Hot #SundaySample – How Kimmy Changed Us #erotica

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How Kimmy Changed Us

How Kimmy Changed Us 1: Taboo Strangers

In The Series
Genres: , ,

Gorgeous young Kimmy has just turned 18 and her probation terms call for her to stay with the Morgan family.

That’s when she proceeds to not only seduce every family member, but she talks them into having sex WITH EACH OTHER! Brother and stepsister, stepmother and father, and possibly even an all-out orgy!

But why is Kimmy doing this? Does she have an ulterior motive aside from pure hot taboo pleasure?

PART ONE: Kimmy begins her seduction, first with Dixon and then with Trixie, making them start to appreciate the concept of stepbrother-stepsister attraction…


I was breathless as I realized what they were doing. I could only see the edge of my brother, and it was mostly in the shadows from where I sat, but there was no doubt they were doing it. I was completely shocked about the boldness of the situation!

Still, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. My body was on fire and it had nothing to do with the sunshine. My apex was drenched from what little I saw. My imagination filled in the blanks.

My mouth hanging open, I watched the outline of Dixon as he banged upright into Kimmy. His movements were fast and brutal. I could only dream about what it was like to be ravaged like this, almost in public!

Unable to resist, I let my hand fall to that special place between my legs and started touching myself. My fingers scraped my bikini-covered mound at first, but it felt so good that before long I was picking up the pace. No one in the house could see this part of the backyard so I was safe.

“Oh man…”

After a few moments I was positively digging into my folds through the fabric, in a hurry to have a quick and silent climax. I kept my eyes on my brother and rubbed hard for all I was worth.


Hot #SundaySample – Five Guys Between My Thighs #erotica

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Five Guys Between My Thighs

Five Guys Between My Thighs

Genres: , , , ,

I always wanted to be gangbanged and tonight I’m making it happen. Five guys, one motel room. My fantasies are coming true!

Except that one of the guys who shows up is MY STEPBROTHER!

Can I go through with it?


“You do this often, Carson?”

“I’ve been to a few. You get used to it. Do you think I’m a pervert?”

“No,” I promptly said. “Do you think I’m a pervert?”

“Of course not. We all have needs and we express them in different ways.”

Jeez, my brother sounded so mature for someone who was only 21. I’d always thought of him as an annoying big brother but now I was seeing another side of him. And there was also the fact that he looked so handsome…

What was wrong with me?! Why was I thinking like this about my brother? As soon as I told myself to think about something else, I remembered a discussion with his former girlfriend a few years back. We were just shooting the breeze and she’d told me how good a lover he was.

My eyes drifted down and I saw a sizable bulge in his pants. Was this his natural state or was he getting hard from being here with me?

This thought flashing through my head made me realize that I was wet between the legs…

I was such a bad person! I was getting turned on looking at my stepbrother – fantasizing about him! A million thoughts jumbled through my head, possibilities and hypotheses. Instead of freaking me out, talking about this with him was getting me excited.

“So what’s the plan now?” I asked.


Hot #SundaySample – No Tell Motel #erotica

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No Tell Motel

No Tell Motel: Our Unexpected Taboo

Genres: , , ,

Halfway through a long drive, Rebecca and her handsome stepbrother Alex stop at a motel for the night. There’s only one problem, they have to share the bed.

It’s all right, Rebecca is 18 now and she can be mature about things. In fact, things are going well until they decide to watch an adult pay-per-view movie. You know, just for giggles.

Suddenly, neither of them can hold back the growing lust! Will they only touch themselves under the bed sheets or will the siblings go ALL THE WAY together?


Alex took a step toward me until he was only a foot away.

“The truth is that last night was one of the best moments of my life. I’ve always found you hot and what we did together, even though I couldn’t see much of you, it was amazing. Feeling you next to me, your head on my chest? Man…”

“Oh wow!” I exclaimed.

“Are you shocked? Were you expecting me to apologize?”

“No, I’m just shocked that you feel the same way I do.”


I nodded timidly and bit my bottom lip. “I never expected things to go this far last night but it’s was so great.”

He stared into my eyes and it was like I was the only woman on the planet. I could feel his body heat washing over me. I was drenched again in a flash.

“So you’re not ashamed? You’re not disgusted that we’re brother and sister?”

I shook my head. “All I’m thinking about is how to convince you to do it again with me. In fact, that movie we rented, it’s good for 24 hours, right? We could get into bed and do it again. We could watch it all the way through this time.”

“What if…” he said as he came closer still, my chest almost touching his. “What if we did the real thing instead, sis?”

“The real thing?”

“We don’t have to check out until noon. This is an anonymous motel room in Virginia or North Carolina or wherever it is we are. No one will ever know about it.”

I swallowed and realized he was holding my hands in his. My mound was on fire.


“Yes what?”

“Yes I want to do the real thing with you, Alex. I want to do everything with you.”

He placed one hand on my waist and I started creaming my panties right away!


Hot #SundaySample – House Arrest #erotica

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House Arrest: Taboo Choices

House Arrest: Taboo Choices

Genres: , ,

This holiday weekend sucks. All my friends are gone and my parents left me alone with my stepbrother Chase. He’s under house arrest for grand theft auto. So I’m stuck with him. For three days.

But when I catch him pleasuring himself in my room with MY OWN panties, I realize something shocking: he has a thing for me!

Should I be disgusted? Is it wrong that I’m feeling something moist between my thighs?


“And you want me, right, big brother?”

He glanced at me but didn’t deny it this time.

I was wondering what to say next when I caught some movement. Chase was immobile but his towel shifted just a smidge. Was he getting hard again?

It was spellbinding! I was warming up to this taboo idea. It probably had something to do with how aroused I was and the fact that there was no one in my life currently. It didn’t matter, I was a teenager and I had to follow my animal instincts. I could feel my undies getting soaked through right now.

“Is it cheerleaders that you fantasize about or me specifically?”

“Tanya, I’m sorry. Let’s pretend nothing happened, all right?”

His avoiding the question was very revealing. I kept staring at his member pushing against the terrycloth.

“What if you could have both, Chase? What if you could have a real cheerleader and your sister?”

He looked up at me. “What?”

It was now or never. I made my move. I came forward and put my hand directly between his legs. What I felt was so big that it could have been a horse’s dong.

“All you have to do is promise to keep this between us.”

“What’s going on, Tanya?” he whispered, not moving an inch. “What are you doing?”

“It’s gonna be our secret.”


Hot #SundaySample – Wife’s Special Taboo Day #erotica

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Wife's Special Taboo Day

Wife’s Special Taboo Day

Genres: , ,

It’s Mother’s Day and Kimberly is surprised with breakfast in bed. She’s looking forward to a lazy day, getting serviced by her husband, but she never expected that her stepson was also in on the surprise.

She never expected for her son to have taboo feelings for her!

What follows is a scorching menage as a gorgeous mature woman is taken by both her husband and SON! Can she put her inhibitions aside and enjoy herself?


“It’s like a spa day at home, you’re gonna love this. Lean back and enjoy.”

As if in a trance, I did as I was told, reclining against the sofa and drinking my mimosa. On cue, Patrick and our son put down their own drinks and climbed on the bed, on each side of my body. They knew they had me at “spa day” since this was my definition of paradise. I loved spending the day getting pampered.

“Just relax, mom…”

It was hard to relax when Wesley put his hands on me. He massaged my right arm while my husband did the same to my left arm. It was very languorous, very professional although somewhat sensual. In any case, after a few minutes and the rest of my champagne-orange juice cocktail, I became mellower.

“A girl could get used to this,” I said, making both of them chuckle.

I closed my eyes and focused on their touch on my warm skin. Wesley worked on both arms while Patrick was doing my legs. The longer this went on and the less I cared that my son was caressing me. After all, we weren’t doing anything wrong.

“Babe, turn around.”

“What do you mean?”

“Flat on your stomach, full massage time.”

Not finding words that made sense, I complied. Wesley took my empty glass away while my husband helped me roll over. I put my head on the pillow that had tactfully been brought and within seconds they resumed kneading my flesh.

“That’s it, mom. Just relax, this is your day.”

“Hmmm, I like the sound of that…”

All of a sudden, something alarming happened. I felt hands reaching under me. I turned my head and with relief I realized it was my husband. Still, what was he doing?

“Uh, Patrick?”

He was undoing my robe!

“Full massage, like at the spa.”

“But… I’m… I don’t have anything underneath.”


Hot #SundaySample – Well-Equipped Man of the House #erotica

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Well-Equipped Man of the House

Well-Equipped Man of the House

Genres: ,

I didn’t think it would be hot to watch daddy making out with a woman, but it is. It makes me so wet just thinking about it!

So when at night he comes to our hotel room drunk and I find him sleeping naked, I can’t help myself. I need to touch his thing. It’s so BIG…

I just hope he won’t be angry at me when he wakes up.


I became conscious of heat between my legs. I wanted to strip, if only to feel closer to daddy, but I couldn’t go all out for the time being. No, I would keep wearing my tank top and pajama shorts even if they were getting soaked through with my juices.

My stepfather had his forearm over his eyes so there was no chance that he could see what I was doing. It was perfect, like an invitation. It was like he was giving me permission to fulfill my deepest desires.

I slowly brought my hand forward and finally touched his thing!

I waited, actually immobile, just to make sure he wouldn’t catch me in the act. He didn’t. He was still snoring.

I ran a finger up and down his length. His skin was soft and so hot. My mouth was going dry from how nervous I was and my eyes were glued to his shaft. I became bolder and curled my fingers around his length. Still, he was asleep.

I fondled him with two hands. He became bigger! He was swelling under my fingertips, his tool becoming huge.

“Oh daddy…” I moaned before I realized I was doing it.

He didn’t hear me, thank heavens! I stroked him languorously, fascinated by the sight before me. He had by far the biggest member I’d ever seen.

What’s more, it was exactly what I craved in a man. I had learned a long time ago that a regular-sized man wasn’t enough for me. Some girls I knew were satisfied by playing with themselves using a pen or magic marker. Not me.


Hot #SundaySample – My Taboo Confession #erotica

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My Taboo Confession

My Taboo Confession

Genres: , ,

I spent years keeping these feelings bottled up. But I can’t anymore. I need to tell daddy how much I need him, how much I want him to ravage me hard!

So I’m writing him a letter to confess all my taboo fantasies, what I’ve done, what I imagine him doing to me.

I hope it will make him understand that there’s nothing wrong with seducing his little girl.


Dear daddy,

This is my taboo confession. I’m writing you this letter because my therapist suggested it. I don’t know if I will ever send it to you though. Most likely, I’ll read it over and over again late at night, touching myself at the same time, in the process reliving all these fantasies I’ve had about you.

Yes, this is that kind of confession.

As you can understand, I feel ashamed about it. That’s why I’m going to a therapist in the first place. No ordinary person can go through life with these thoughts going through their head without feeling conflicted somehow. So I searched online – for months – and finally decided I had to do something about it.

Thankfully, my therapist isn’t judgmental. She told me from our first meeting that I could tell her anything and I believe her. From the way she looked at me at first, I swear I could tell that she’s had those thoughts about her own father as well. That was really encouraging.

She said that I’m lucky, you’re only my stepdad. This puts a lot less awkwardness on my feelings. Never mind that you’ve been in my life as long as I can remember, we’re not related by blood so society puts less emphasis on this taboo.

Yet, that doesn’t do much to ease my mind.

Let me cut right to the chase, daddy: I have a thing for you. No, I can’t tiptoe around and mince my words. You turn me on. When I close my eyes and think about the perfect man, I think of my dad.

I think of you!

How did it start? Oh man, my therapist has asked me this every time I see her and I never know how to reply to this question. After all my sessions, I can safely say that it wasn’t one big moment that made me fall in love with you. Instead it was a series of small events which snowballed into this pure lust that I have inside of me.


Hot #SundaySample – We Must Repopulate #erotica

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We Must Repopulate

We Must Repopulate

Genres: , , ,

After the world has ended, there’s only one family left standing. For the last two years, they’ve made a nice life for themselves on this private tropical island. But one thing is clear: if humanity is to go on, they need to repopulate.

This means Grover needs to impregnate – to BREED – his two stepdaughters, with the help of his son Toby.

It’s wrong, it’s taboo, but it must be done. It’s for the greater good and even mom is on board, willing to teach Toby how to please a woman.


“Melinda, we need to repopulate the planet.”

She took my hand and slid closer to me. I put an arm around her shoulders. I loved how warm she felt next to me.

I continued. “It could give us a tangible goal, making sure that humans thrive again someday. It could make us focus, give us a reason to keep going, to keep living.”

“It’s a nonissue anyway, I can’t have kids anymore.”

“We have daughters.”

“Grover!” she exclaimed, pulling away from me.

“Believe me, I’ve looked at every possibility. I’m not giddy at the prospect of involving our girls but you have to face the reality. They’re the only hope humanity has.”

“That has some profound implications. We’re talking about… inbreeding.”

“Well, technically no, we’re fine. Toby is my son, Ariel and Wren are yours, there shouldn’t be any genetic problems, not for a few generations anyway. After that, we’ll need to trust nature.”

My wife was rocking back and forth, letting all of this sink in. I put my hand on her bare knee to try and comfort her.

“You’re sure there’s no other way?”

I shook my head. “I did nothing but mull this over for months. Toby is now 18, just like Ariel. I think he should father the kids, he’s healthier than me.”

“Yes, you’re right, of course. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around this, you know? It’s a big responsibility for him to take, becoming a father.”

“That’s for sure. He has to do it with both his stepsisters to save human civilization.”

At that, Melinda and I both realized how silly it sounded and we burst out laughing. A few years ago, this could’ve been fodder for a raunchy teen comedy. Now it was the reality we were living in.


Hot #SundaySample – Spring Break Me In #erotica

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Spring Break Me In

Spring Break Me In: My First Taboo

Genres: , , ,

I thought my first college spring break would be amazing but it turns out no one wants a virgin 18-year-old like me.

So after I go back to my uncle’s house, where I’m staying in Florida, I have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. That’s when he drops a bomb on me: he thinks I’m HOT!

Is it weird that I feel the same way about him? After all, he’s my uncle. But I have this urge, I want him to be my first SO BAD…


“I’m not kidding,” uncle Keith said, finishing his margarita. “I always had a thing for you. I’ve even been known to date girls who looked like you. The closest I’d ever get to the real thing, you know?”


He pulled his hand away from my leg and I could tell he realized what he had just said.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. It’s most likely the booze talking.”

“Sure,” I replied with a nervous laugh, hoping to defuse the situation.

The most troubling thing about how this conversation was going was that I wasn’t appalled. To the contrary, I was getting excited!

I kept my eyes on uncle Keith and in the moonlight I found him the most handsome man I’d ever met. He was 100 times more attractive than Adam. He was mature, composed. He was downright cool.

On top of that, I had memories rushing back that should have made me blush. In the years following him telling me about about boys, uncle Keith had become my go-to fantasy when I played with myself.

I understood that it was probably because he fulfilled my image of the ideal man – an artist, a perfect single man who defied society’s expectations. But the results couldn’t be denied.

Thinking about him had excited me over the years and for the longest time it was him I’d imagined losing my virginity to. I would picture him on top of me, touching my body, making me stroke his member…

These thoughts were coming back with a vengeance! I felt tingling between my thighs. There was no doubt, I was getting wet!

For long seconds we did nothing but stare at each other. Could he tell what I was thinking about?


Hot #SundaySample – Tag Team Taboo #erotica

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Tag Team Taboo

Tag Team Taboo

Genres: , , ,

In LA for business, Ted finds himself talking to young phenom Sapphira Oreck, the new Hollywood IT girl. He hits it off with the 19-year-old and he invites her to the luxury yacht he chartered for the weekend. She accepts.

But she brings her stepmom along!

Ted is crestfallen but then he discovers the two women sunbathing topless together. Suddenly they seem a lot closer than he would’ve thought.

They might actually be close enough to have a THREESOME together…


I didn’t care about her past or what she had done. The only thing that was important was that she was making me feel good.

Really good.

This wasn’t some romantic lovemaking that we were doing. She was chasing an orgasm and with the pent-up needs I had it wouldn’t be long for me either. We were using each other to reach our goals and I had no problems with that.

Out of the blue, the door opened and Catherine walked in, closing the door afterwards. She was also still topless.

“Well well well, you guys are having fun!”

I stopped moving immediately, looking from Sapphira to her mother and back again. I was filled with panic. Stranger still was the teenager who didn’t even slow down.

“Hey, mom.”

What in the living hell was going on?! Shouldn’t Sapphira stop? Shouldn’t I? Why wasn’t Catherine scandalized? And why was the young girl not flabbergasted at her mom walking in on her?

“Is he doing a good job, sweetheart?”

“He’s hard as steel, mom.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Totally and I’m super close to exploding!”

Catherine came closer, to the side of the bed. “I can see that. Mind if I stay and watch?”

“You know how I love it when you watch me get plowed, mommy.”


Hot #SundaySample – Because He Needs a MILF #erotica

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Because He Needs a MILF

Because He Needs a MILF


“Should I masturbate my son?”

This is driving me insane! My poor adopted boy is disabled and he can’t take care of his own needs. So because I’m an experienced woman with needs, should I take care of him?

The 19-year-old is so handsome too! Would it be okay for me to stroke him in his bath? And what if we did more together? Maybe he would like his mom to ride him so we could both pleasure ourselves even though it’s wrong and completely taboo…


“I’m so glad we had this talk, Jesse. It’s really opening my eyes. And it ties into what I wanted to talk about. Do you want me to help you until Kayden gets back?”

“You want to… to jack me off, mom?”

“If it makes you feel better then I’m all for it. I see you without a stitch every day anyway, right? I clean you up every day. Shouldn’t be too much different.”

I glanced down and sure enough he was fully hard now. His shaft was even bigger than I remembered, the tip breaking the water’s surface.

“Okay,” he said softly. “If you don’t think it’s too weird for you then okay.”

“Okay,” I repeated.

I couldn’t believe we were really going to do this! My heart was beating faster and oddly I was looking forward to it.

I wasn’t sure how to proceed so I decided to start things slow. I grabbed the washcloth from the edge of the bathtub and squirted some shower gel into it, working up a lather.

Next I brushed it against his broad chest, his shoulders. It was something I did every day but tonight it had another meaning. His eyes were riveted to mine and he was breathing faster.

I went lower. I stroked his stomach and at long last I made contact with his manhood. I only bumped into it at first, gathering the nerves to do more. I knew that there was no going back if I went through with it.

But I didn’t want to go back to how things were 20 minutes ago! I liked this new honesty between us. We no longer had secrets, just caring, love.

I curled the soapy washcloth around his length and my son gasped.

“Am I doing okay?”


Hot #SundaySample – Taboo in the Bleachers #erotica

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Taboo in the Bleachers

Taboo in the Bleachers

Genres: ,

In the middle of a football game, 18-year-old cheerleader Jodie runs up the bleachers before sitting on her daddy’s lap. And she doesn’t stop there.

She dry-humps him until he shoots in his pants… in public!

That means she’s into him, right? That’s what her father thinks and so he comes back later when she’s alone to seduce her properly…


“Jodie, you should sit next to me now.”

“No, I’m fine right here, daddy. I love sitting on your lap.”


“I’m staying put,” she said. “We don’t do enough father-daughter stuff together anymore.”

Right then, she rolled her hips and I just about lost my mind. There was nothing innocent about what she had just done. She had rubbed my crotch!

“Jodie, really. Please stop.”

Instead, she did it again. Ever so gently, she put her hands on my knees to get leverage and she began to rock her hips.

“Isn’t it great, daddy?”

“I know what you’re doing, pumpkin,” I whispered, terrified that people around us would notice, though no one did. “I don’t understand what’s going through your head right now but this is wrong, okay?”

“Don’t you like it?” she asked, bringing her lips so close to my ear that her warm breath made my nostrils flare.

“That’s not the point. You can’t do that to your dad.”

“I love you and I know it feels good. It feels good for the both of us, trust me.”

And with that, she accelerated. I couldn’t believe it, my daughter was dry-humping me!


Hot #SundaySample – Valentine’s Day Surprise #erotica #ValentinesDay

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Valentine's Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day Surprise: Taboo Trio

Genres: , , , ,

Dane and Shannon are looking forward to a quiet Valentine’s Day at home. Champagne, soft lights, making love all night.

But then their 18-year-old daughter Audrey shows up unannounced with her date and it turns into a disaster when he refuses to make her climax.

Shannon knows what to do: she offers the teenager to have her STEPDAD take care of her needs. Before long, this turns into a family threesome!


“What if daddy took care of your needs?”

I almost fell off my seat. “Shannon, holy cow!”

“Yeah, mom. Are you sure about that?”

“I’m absolutely sure. Look, we know three things. One, you need some relief. Two, you need a man to take care of your needs because toys aren’t enough sometimes. And three, we have a man right here at our disposal.”

“Shannon, geez. I’m her dad, this isn’t right.”

“You’re her stepdad and she’s 18. As long as Audrey is okay with this there’s no issue.”

“But still…” I said, unconvinced.

“I know you’re trying to do the right thing, Dane, but don’t pretend Audrey doesn’t excite you. I know you’re aroused too, and so am I. It’s for her well-being. Don’t you want to be there for her when she needs you?”

I was about to point out how ridiculous that statement was when I saw the look in my daughter’s eyes. She was like how she’d been before with the douchebag, her eyes sparkling with desire. She was on board with this!


“It’s okay, daddy. It could be fun.”

I couldn’t refuse. My body wouldn’t let me.

I went to the couch, sitting on the other side of my daughter. I devoured her body with my eyes and I had goose bumps when I realized she was doing the same.

My wife said, “Let’s get comfortable, shall we?”


Hot #SundaySample – Billionaire Taboo Weekend

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Billionaire Taboo Weekend

Billionaire Taboo Weekend

Genres: , ,

Gary is secretly in love with his stepsister Veronica. They’re roommates, best friends, but he wants more from her although he doesn’t have the courage to tell her.

But their relationship takes a turn when an exclusive promo code sends them to Las Vegas, invited by a glamorous billionaire where all their naughty fantasies can come true.

Will Veronica come to see her brother in a new light?


It felt so good to have relief at last.

Finally, I had nothing left to give and I was starting to go limp. The video was fading out but that’s not what surprised me. No, the shock of my life came when I noticed my sweet little sister looking at me. She was licking her lips and staring at my cream-covered hand. She quickly looked away when she realized she’d been caught.

“Sorry. I’d better go wash up.”

She took her hand out of her sweatpants and stood up. Without giving me a second look, she disappeared behind the bathroom door. I had trouble believing that had just happened.

It was so much better than the last time. We’d both been sober and she had actually looked at me. Maybe there was a chance we could move our relationship to the next level.

I went to the kitchen where I washed my hands and took off my wet shirt. Just as I finished drying up, my phone rang.


“Mr. Gary Bayles?”


“I’m the limo driver. Just want to let you know I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.”

“Limo driver? What are you talking about? I think you have the wrong number.”

“Martindale Oasis, sir.”

The promo code! What had I gotten myself into? I was about to find out just how far I was willing to go with my sister…