Hypnotizing sisters #erotica

Many years ago, I released a story called “Breeding Beach Beauties” that very few people ever read. I have reworked the story to involve stepsisters and it’s hotter than before.

If you haven’t read “Breeding Beach Beauties” yet, I think you might like this one!

Do As I Say

Do As I Say: Taboo Brats

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Milton is a smart guy. He’s working on getting his PhD in neuroscience. So when he spots mean stepsisters Bronwyn and Angelica during the summer on the Jersey shore, he starts to elaborate a plan.

He will hypnotize them, make them have a threesome with him, and breed them!

It’s for their own good, right? But it’s also for revenge…


10 stories of old-school #erotica

I know you’re exhausted from all the taboo goodness so this week I’m offering something a little different.

Drilled and Thrilled

Drilled and Thrilled: 10 Steamy Stories of Debauchery

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Interested in young sluts doing nasty things? This box set includes 10 STORIES featuring virgins, anal, breeding, rough sex, and all the barely legal vixens you can handle! Includes:

Back Door Back to School
Get ’em Young Breed ’em Right
Nudist Camp Virgin
Breeding Beach Beauties
Asian Schoolgirl Shower
Valentine’s Day Sex Shop Encounter
Cum in my Christmas Stockings
Naughty Bows of Holly
Asian Breeding Career
Pleasured in Public: Cruise Ship Domination


Another 10 stories for less than a book price? Yes!

Taken Hard - The Ultimate Rough Sex Box SetI don’t know what October has been doing to me but I’m in “let’s conquer the charts” mode. First there was Angelina’s BBW romance bundle which is one of the best-selling book in North America right now (honestly, thank you guys). And now I’m going full sexual with my new multi-author anthology.

Are you ready for some rough sex?

They say you’re not supposed to enjoy it when sex is rough and hard. They say it’s not what good girls do.


I love a good rough sex session and I’ve asked my friends to help me put together the ultimate box set to make your wildest fantasies come true!

In this collection you’ll find 10 BOOKS by chart-topping authors Angel Wild, Polly J Adams, Jenevieve DeBeers, Jade K. Scott, Saffron Sands, Carl East, Lexi Lane, and me. They include:

  • Dungeon Master
  • Anus Crime
  • Taken to the Edge
  • Making the MILF Grovel
  • My Babysitter the Whore
  • As She Sleeps
  • Blonde and Wet
  • Revenge of the Barbarians
  • Make-Up Sex
  • Arabian Sex Slave


This boxed set contains elements of BDSM, dubious consent, sleep sex, revenge sex, bondage, and rough sex. *I have permission from the guest authors to include their works here*
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New story sample! – Breeding Beach Beauties

Here’s a peek at my latest story, Breeding Beach Beauties. Meeting the beautiful Lisa and Paige by chance at the beach, Melvin remembers they were mean girls back in high school. Now a psychology genius, he hypnotizes them into a threesome where they beg to have his baby. Revenge by mind control is the sweetest!
They pulled down each other’s top at the same time, rewarding me with four magnificent breasts. Paige had perky B-cups while her friend had her beat by two sizes.

“You like?” Lisa asked as she touched her heavy tits.

“It’s a good start.”

The blond then turned to her friend, grabbed the waistline of her bikini and pushed down. Paige had no choice but to get on her back as Lisa completely removed the swimwear. I saw a tuft of dark hair fashioned into a landing strip just above her pussy.

“My turn!” Lisa announced.

The brunette returned the favor, sliding Lisa’s bikini bottoms down her butt and along her tanned legs. I had a good view of her snatch; it was completely bald. My cock hardened instantly.

“Why don’t you put on show for me. Play with yourselves, show me how much you want to be with me.”

The girls displayed incredulity but only for a second. They exchanged glances and chuckled privately again. They backed up so that they leaned against the headboard, side by side. They spread open their legs until their knees touched.

While they slowly caressed their young bodies, I got up from the bed and brought a chair forward. It would be more comfortable to enjoy the show. I yanked my polo shirt off, kicked off my shoes, and let my Bermuda shorts fall to the ground. I sat down on the chair and propped up one leg on the mattress.

By now, Lisa was rubbing her boobs languorously while petting her pussy. It was already glistening with arousal. My hypnosis was really making her horny for me! She ran a finger up and down her slit, going faster and deeper with each pass. Next to her, Paige was following her lead. Her movements were less assured but she was quickly growing comfortable.

“I make you hot, don’t I?”

“Yes, Melvin,” Lisa purred.

She wasn’t in a trance. I didn’t want either of them to be. They’d had enough suggestions to do whatever they were doing of their own volition. I didn’t need to implant any ideas anymore. They were genuinely excited.

Read it all now!

New story! – Breeding Beach Beauties

What if you could hypnotize gorgeous women into doing anything you want?

What if these gorgeous women actually deserved to be punished?

Meeting the beautiful Lisa and Paige by chance at the beach, Melvin remembers they were mean girls back in high school. Now a psychology genius, he hypnotizes them into a threesome where they beg to have his baby. Revenge by mind control is the sweetest!

Breeding Beach Beauties (5,200 words) is a tale of comeuppance where nerds finally get revenge. It includes hot penetration, oral sex, and two stunning girls tasting the joys of lesbian sex for the very first time!