She’s pregnant and excited by her uncle #erotica

She’s about to give birth but instead will find pleasure…

Glowing for Him

Glowing for Him: Pregnant Taboo

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Sarah is pregnant to the gills. Eight months going on fifty. She likes being in this condition, but being single makes it difficult to satisfy her sky-high libido.

So things take a turn when her uncle Burt shows up to see how she’s doing. She’s not about to admit that she would give anything to be ravaged by a big strong man right now, naturally. You don’t say these things to a family member.

But when uncle Burt reveals that he is extremely attracted to pregnant women, all bets are off! She’s about to get the relief she craves and he’s about to fulfill his deepest fantasy…


Hot #SundaySample – How Bad Do You Want It? #erotica

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How Bad Do You Want It

How Bad Do You Want It?

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Sophie is a good girl but it’s mostly because she’s terrified of her mother. It’s also why she’s still a virgin at 19. So when she crashes her car, she knows mom will have a fit.

That’s when her handsome stepbrother Ridge steps in, seeing an opportunity. He will give her the money she desperately needs if she strips for him. Only it doesn’t stop at stripping.

He wants to pop her cherry too!


“I’ll do all the chores. I’ll organize record collections – if you even have any. I’ll wash your car. Come on, Ridge, don’t be a jerk. Name it. I don’t want to face mom about this, I just don’t. You know how she is. I mean it, I’ll do anything you ask of me to make this go away.”

He cocked his head to the side. “Do you really mean that, Sophie?”

“What are you getting at?” I replied, swallowing with difficulty. “I need help, and it’s annoying me that you’re being an ass about it, Ridge.”

My brother laughed. “I didn’t mean it that way. Look Soph, I know mom is a psycho. I’m going to help you. I don’t want you to pay me back with money, but I want you to give me something that I don’t think I can put a cost on.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“I’m loaded, Soph. Don’t you think if doing stuff like skimming the pool or doing the dishes bothered me, I’d just hire a pool guy to do it for me? Or maybe just a maid to go around and clean everything up? I can just buy that. Stuff with a price doesn’t really mean much to me anymore.”

“What are you asking me for, Ridge?”

My mind was awash in possibilities. Did he want to humiliate me? Make me do something stupid? Or was it something far darker and inappropriate? Oh God…

“Work with me, Soph. Come on, follow me,” he gestured at me as he went up the stairs.

I obeyed, following him up. He led me to his bedroom, opened the door, and waved me in. He then sat on the side of the bed. I timidly stood in the center of the floor, looking about, trying to figure out what it was that he meant.

He stared at me with a devious smirk.

“What do you want me to do, Ridge?”


New release! – Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Labor Day: Stimulate Me, DaddyThey say sex can induce labor when you’re nine months pregnant and Stella is way overdue.

Desperate and willing to try anything, she lets her mom talk her into having sex with her stepdad to stimulate contractions.

And then her brother and sister-in-law come over. Will this turn into a genuine family orgy?

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New hot #sample – Pregnant by Daddy and Horny for Mommy

Here’s a look at my latest story, Pregnant by Daddy and Horny for Mommy.

Owena has always been aroused by her mom and dad, and for her 18th birthday she gets the threesome of a lifetime! Daddy impregnates her and she finds herself lusting for her mother and her brand-new strap-on. Will she be taken again by both of them at eight months pregnant?

“You like that? How does daddy’s cock feel inside of you?”

“So good, daddy! Better than my fantasies!”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him to me as he ravaged my cunt. This had definitely been worth the wait.

“Having fun, you two?”

I looked sideways and found my mother joining us on the bed. She slipped out of her clothes and kneeled next to us, fully naked. I watched her pinch her nipples and toy with her pussy as she enjoyed the show of her husband fucking his own daughter.

“He feels so good inside of me, mommy!”

Mom replied with a purr while I noticed she had two digits sliding in and out of her cunt. My eyes were riveted to it, she was so wet and excited by what we were doing.

“I want to eat you out, mom. Can I?”

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New release! – Pregnant by Daddy and Horny for Mommy

Probably my HOTTEST story ever!

For as long as she can remember, Owena has gotten wet watching her mom and dad having sex. When she mentions it to them, they promise that once she becomes barely legal they can swing together.

So on her 18th birthday, she gets the threesome of a lifetime, getting ravaged by her father while lezzing out with mommy!

Daddy impregnates her and as her belly increases, she finds herself lusting for her mother and her brand-new strap-on. Will she be taken again by both of them at eight months pregnant?

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