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The Taboo Birds and the Bees

The Taboo Birds and the Bees

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The talk about the birds and the bees was a long time ago but now Jimmy Lee is about to get a very taboo take on it!

It’s the 1940s and Jimmy Lee is eager to leave the farm and join the Navy, much to his parents’ disappointment. His dad Buford has an idea though. He will teach his son to be a real man before leaving.

And doing so involves making mother and stepson sleep together!

Buford starts by showing the 18-year-old how to treat a woman before he can do it himself. What starts as a regular Mississippi evening soon becomes a family threesome…


“Maybe it’s my fault you turned out like that, not wanting to remain with your family. If you knew what you were missing, how good it is to have a woman of your own, then maybe you’d change your mind.”

Mama turned toward him with questions in her eyes. And yet, she seemed to know what he was hinting at. She whispered, “You sure, Buford?”

“Sure am. It’s time we truly showed him about the birds and the bees, sugar plum.”

“Pa, we already had this talk.”

“Exactly, it was just talk. Now we’re gonna show you how it’s done. It’s time that you become a real man.”

“I reckon I don’t understand,” I said, running a hand through my hair.

“You’re gonna sleep with your mama.”

“I beg your pardon?!” I practically screamed.

While I was agape, struggling to let this sink in, my mother wiped her hands on her apron and went over to pa. She stood by his side, putting a hand on his shoulder. It was a gesture of solidarity. They almost appeared as if they were getting their portrait taken.

“You can’t be acting like a child no more, Jimmy Lee. So what’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna drop them britches and go to bed with her tonight.”

“You’re serious?”

“Serious as a tax man, boy.”

Mama nodded. “Yes.”


Hot sample – Cougar of the House 2: Surprise Threesome

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Cougar of the House 2: Surprise Threesome

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A surprise visit turns into a surprise threesome after mature beauty Faith and her stepson catch her slutty sister Lesa with her face buried between a teen girl’s thighs.

Will the two sisters get turned on by each other while the 18-year-old Oliver makes them cum?


She turned toward her nephew.

“And did you like what you saw, Oliver?”

“Uh, yes. Very much.”

“Did it make you hard?” As she said that, she placed a hand on his bare knee, making him squirm.

“Lesa, stop it! This is inappropriate.”

“Why? Wasn’t it inappropriate for you to spy on me and Shelby having sex together? You were standing next to your own son, taking it all in. That wasn’t inappropriate?”

“It’s not the same.”

“Of course, it’s the same. You had to notice Oliver’s huge hard-on. Hell, I can see it from across the room. I’m actually really proud of you, sis. It speaks volume that it didn’t freak you out. It’s almost as if the two of you have gotten intimate all of a sudden.”

Oliver was agape. “You know?!”

“Quiet, Oliver!”

Lesa watched the exchange attentively. Gears spun in her head and the situation became clear.

“You two have a secret!”

“No we don’t!”

For his part, the young man looked down in shame. Still, Lesa didn’t let it go. She searched their faces.

“The two of you are having sex with one another! That’s it, isn’t it?”

“Absolutely not!”

But Lesa was unfazed. “Yes, you are. That’s why you were spying on me with your son next to you. That’s why you don’t freak out that he’s been hard since getting here. My God, sis. I want to know everything!”

“This is ridiculous,” Faith said, getting up.

Lesa grabbed her wrists and stopped her. “No really, I’m not judging. I think it’s great. I remember even suggesting it to you at the club a few months back. So don’t shut me out. I trust you with my secret, trust me with yours.”

“She’s right, mom. And it’s not like I’m ashamed of what we do.”

Faith sighed loudly and sat down again. She decided she owed her sister the truth.


New hot #sample – Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Labor Day: Stimulate Me, DaddyHere’s a look at my latest story, Labor Day: Stimulate Me, Daddy!

Overdue to give birth, Stella has sex with her daddy, brother, mom, and sister-in-law to induce labor. Watch as medical stimulation turns into FUN stimulation!

The pregnant girl straightened up. “Really? You’ve been thinking about me this way, daddy?”

Henry had lost the battle, there was no reason to deny it. His wife had pleaded her case better than he had.

“Does that shock you?” he softly inquired.

Stella started to say something before getting up. Then, “No. I’ve seen the way you look at me sometimes. I was… flattered.”

“See, everyone? It doesn’t sound so bad, does it?”

Henry’s dick hardened at the prospect of getting intimate with his daughter. “And you’re truly okay with this, Gretchen?”

“I’d do anything for our little girl.”

She stood up and hugged Stella.

“Come on, let’s induce labor the old-fashioned way.”

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New sample! – The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3

Here’s a look at my latest release, The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3. It’s a collection of the first three stories in The Forbidden Taboo series: His Body Heat, Strap-On Sisters, and Daddy Daughter Desires.

3 stories for the price of two!

His eyes went down to the phone. He scrolled back to the beginning of the naughty images and enjoyed the show again. His breath caught in his throat when she was finally completely naked. He zoomed on the area between her legs. Her pussy was completely bald and puffy from desire. It shimmered in the light which meant she really was into this.

Davis felt his cock pulsing and he stroked faster. He was glad for his older years since it meant he could play with himself for a long time before it was over. Judging by the photographs, it was the opposite for his daughter. She touched herself with growing hunger. Her face was twisted into pleasure as she rubbed her clit with one hand. The other was busy inserting a finger deep into the channel.

This is so great, Davis mused. He never would’ve thought this was something that would turn him on and yet it did. She was so young, so fresh, so perfect! He tugged faster on his rod. Even though he was unlikely to see these images ever again they’d be the source of his fantasies for years to come.


His heart nearly gave out. It couldn’t be! He turned his head sideways and sure enough Debbie had opened the door and was standing four feet away looking at him. The nightlight offered just enough illumination so there was no mistaking what he was doing.

“Uh… Go back to bed, I’ll be right out.”

What else could he say? He was a grown man and didn’t have to justify himself to anyone even though getting caught masturbating red-handed was disconcerting. He was actually proud of his unapologetic demeanor when everything came crashing down.

“I just came for some water. Is that my phone?!”

Oh fuck!

There was no excuse to explain the little pink phone in his hands. His jaw dropped, he didn’t know what to say. Her eyes darted between the phone and his midsection which he was doing his best to hide with his forearms.

“You were looking at pictures of me, daddy? You were jerking off!”

Davis had to remember to breathe for fear of passing out. There was no way in hell he could ever admit to what he was doing, not to his daughter anyway. Then he had a flash of genius.

“I was on the Internet,” he said, hoping she would understand that, as everyone knew, the Internet was made for porn.

“But you were jerking off!”

She said that with a grin that took him aback. He had expected her to be scandalized by her father masturbating. Instead, she seemed amused. Without warning, she rushed forward and snatched her phone away from his hand. She looked at the screen.

“You weren’t on the Internet. Oh my God, you were looking at pictures of me!”

He took advantage of the instant she was looking at her phone to pull up his boxer shorts and stood up. He kept his hands in front of his crotch to conceal the bulge.

“That’s enough, Debbie.”

He made for the exit but she blocked the way. Again, she was smiling wickedly. She remained tipsy but she was no longer dead drunk.

“You know, you can continue to whack off if you want. You could look at me in the flesh while you’re doing it, daddy. I don’t mind. I might even like it.”

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The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3

I have a new collection, woo-hoooo!

Meet the Throckmortons, a hot-blooded family who’s not afraid to discover a world where the best sex is found at home with the ones you love!

You’ll find a stepmom putting the moves on her rich stepson, two sisters sharing a man as well as each other, and a conflicted man being seduced by his stepdaughter.

The Forbidden Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-3 (19,000 words) brings together the first three installments of the erotic series. It includes:

The Forbidden Taboo 1: His Body Heat

Cooper Throckmorton is a wealthy and handsome young man who finds himself attracted to his stepmother. It leads to them acting publicly in the subway.

The Forbidden Taboo 2: Strap-On Sisters

Sisters Thalia and Debbie Throckmorton, gorgeous and barely legal, are out partying in California when their host talks them into having sex with each other using a sex toy!

The Forbidden Taboo 3: Daddy Daughter Desires

When Debbie is stranded away from home, she’s rescued by her stepdad Davis. They have no choice but to share a hotel room together, not knowing that the atmosphere is sizzling with arousal! Will the two of them have sex together even though it’s extremely wrong?

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New story sample! – The Forbidden Taboo: His Body Heat

Here’s a look at my latest story, The Forbidden Taboo: His Body Heat.

Kissing her rich and handsome stepson Cooper isn’t the craziest thing Scarlett did today. Sure, it was exciting and got her moist but it was oh so wrong! The crowd around them on the train forces her lithe body against his and that’s when she feels her desire mounting. She gets drunk on his body heat, on his sweet, young masculine scent, unable to forget the forbidden kiss they shared. She can’t believe that she’s actually dry-humping her own stepson!! Will Scarlett let him fulfill her lustful needs once in the privacy of her home?

He gazed down at her, peering into her eyes. He looked so unsure of himself and vulnerable that her heart nearly broke. He was still holding her and she was rocking against him with the motion of the train.

“But it did happen, mom. I got carried away, did something I know I shouldn’t have, but… I can’t bring myself to regret it. I… I liked it.”

The truth was she had enjoyed it as well. She couldn’t say it, it wasn’t motherly. It wasn’t right. But she had enjoyed it tremendously. She was looking forward to locking herself in her bedroom and doing something about the heat that was growing between her legs.

“Cooper, you shouldn’t say these things.”

“You’re so beautiful, mom.”

As he said that, he brushed a loose strand of her light brown hair from her face and hooked it behind her ear. He lingered by her face, running a finger tip down her cheek and along her jaw line. She saw his adoration for her and there was nothing innocent about it. This wasn’t a young boy clinging to his mommy. This was a man lusting after a woman.

“The kiss earlier, it was an accident. But… I can’t say I never thought about doing it before. I thought about it plenty. I thought about… other things.”

She was about to tell him to stop with this nonsense when the train took a sharp turn as it angled for the island of Manhattan. This made her press further against him. Her eyes popped halfway out of the sockets when she felt the sizable bulge in his pants as it dug into her abdomen. He still had an erection and she was touching it!

Every fiber of her body told her to withdraw, to run away and at the very least imagine it had never happened. She couldn’t. It was as if she had reached the point of no return. Making contact with his engorged manhood made her heat flare up. She found that she couldn’t leave it. She was lost to it.

In a gesture that displayed more boldness than she actually felt, she spread her legs and then moved forward. It had to be the alcohol, she would swear to it. She lifted her dress so it was out of the way and essentially straddled his leg. No one was watching but if they did they would only see two people standing close together. In reality, she now had her crotch pressing directly on her son’s thigh while her abdomen rubbed against his hardness.

Cooper’s mouth fell open in disbelief and a small measure of panic. “Mom!”

“Sshhh, sweetie. Let’s just enjoy the ride.”

Her brain was no longer making any decisions. No, her body had taken over control. To the degree that she knew this was wrong, so very wrong, she couldn’t deny how she was craving a human touch. His body heat, his manly fragrance, it was driving her insane. She had no more restraint than someone with an itch could resist scratching it.

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New story! – The Forbidden Taboo: His Body Heat

Kissing her rich and handsome stepson Cooper isn’t the craziest thing Scarlett did today. Sure, it was exciting and got her moist but it was oh so wrong!

On the train ride home is where things really heat up. The crowd around them forces her to press her lithe body against his and that’s when she feels her desire mounting. She gets drunk on his body heat, on his sweet, young masculine scent, unable to forget the forbidden kiss they shared.

She can’t believe that she’s actually dry-humping her own stepson!!

Will things get even wilder once in the privacy of her home where anything can happen? Will Scarlett let him fulfill her lustful needs?

His Body Heat (7,000 words) is the first installment of The Forbidden Taboo series, a world where the best sex is found at home with the ones you love…

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New story sample! – Licking Candy

Happy Canada Day!!!

Here’s a look at my latest story, Licking Candy. At 18, Candy has never had a guy go down on her. Mom notices her frustration and instructs her son to show her, in the flesh! The three of them retire to the bedroom for a family lesson in licking Candy. 5,600 words

I peeked up and what I saw floored me. My mother was not only caressing Candy’s chest but she was stroking her breasts. Her fingers circled the areolas before pinching the nipples.
“What are you doing? That’s your stepdaughter!”
My mother looked down at the brunette. “You don’t mind, do you?”
Candy drunkenly shook her head, clearly enjoying what our mom was doing.
“I bet you didn’t know I was bisexual, uh? And now we know your sister is too.”
I knew my outrage was motivated by what I thought I should do because deep down I was extremely turned on. Two beautiful women getting intimate in front of you? Crazy hot!
I licked faster, greedily eating her, not caring that I was doing this for Candy and not for me.
“Oh God…”
Her hips gyrated in my face, pleasure mounting within her, juices flowing. When I glanced up again, I saw my mom shrug out of her blouse. Her massive tits were almost popping out of her taupe bra. I was about the question her about undressing but this was thrilling me too much. I didn’t want to risk changing the mood.
“Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop!” my sister demanded breathlessly.

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New story! – Licking Candy

It should have been such a nice date. After all, 18-year-old Candy had just given a good hummer to her boyfriend. But the bastard made some dumb excuse and bailed on her!

Sexually frustrated, she admits to her stepmother she’s never received oral sex before. Positively shocked, mommy decides the situation need to be rectified.

She asks her own son Jacob to teach his stepsister how a real man eats pussy. And what if they did more than that?

Licking Candy (5,600 words) features an unbelievably hot threesome between mother, son, and stepsister that ends with felching and a scorching cum-swapping kiss between the women. Intended for mature audiences who enjoy sexually graphic scenes between horny consenting adults.

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New story sample! – Scavenger’s Lust 2: Mama’s Watching

The new Scavenger’s Lust sexfest has been released. Still on her quest to win $1 million, Olivia must seduce a young man and have sex with him in front of his own mama!

Here’s a glimpse of my latest story Scavenger’s Lust 2: Mama’s Watching:

“That’s it, show your mom what a big boy you are! Show her how good you can make women feel.”

That made Marisela pick up speed. Both her hands were between her spread legs now and she was fingering herself, her mouth twisted into a libidinous snarl.

“Do it, baby. Let mommy see you pleasuring her.”

Ray lined up his cock and wiggled it between my folds. To his credit, he was careful and pushed slowly forward. His penetrating me was like leaving a cold air-conditioned house for the hot summer sun. I was glowing from sheer anticipation.

“Give me more.”

And so he did. He thrust forward, spreading me wide but not hurting me. It reminded me of playing with all those differently-shaped dildos back in college. When he bottomed out, I was completely full. A part of me thought I was going to burst while another actually wanted more. It was as if my body was meant to be stuffed like that. I was feeling whole, satisfied.

Well, not quite satisfied. The pleasure was immense but not yet overwhelming. The fire in my belly was consuming me and it needed to burn itself out.

“Fuck me, Ray!”

He obliged me. I felt his hands grip my hips and he drove into me with long deliberate strokes. He was good!

“Look at your mom. Look how gorgeous she is fingering her bald little pussy.”

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