Hot #SundaySample – Taboo Cult 2 #erotica

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Taboo Cult 2

Taboo Cult: The Stud’s Initiation

In The Series
Genres: , , , , ,

Max is young and rich but hasn’t found happiness until he meets Valerie. She’s everything he’s always dreamed of even if she’s part of the Davidson Institute of Communal Karma and Spirituality.

If he wants to be with her, he needs to accept that they’re a cult which promotes family members swinging together!

In order to get him used to the idea, Valerie sets up a threesome with her sister Anya. Will it be enough to convince Max?


“At the Institute, we believe in openness and sharing partners, you know that. What I haven’t told you though is that this includes everyone. Even… even family members.”

Sweet Jesus, I thought. I had met her family. Her father was the most normal dude around. I never would’ve imagined that he was some sort of deviant.

“Max, please don’t freak out.”

“I don’t know what to think, Valerie.”

“I know this is difficult to accept. Frankly, it was the same way for me when I found out. But I’ve discovered that it’s healthy to be so open. I’ve never been this happy in my life, Max. A part of it is being with you, obviously, but it’s also being with my family. I feel that I’m a stronger person because of that.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “Yeah but… I mean, your dad?”

“Well, there’s my father, of course, but also my mother and Anya.”

“Your mom and your sister?!”

“Of course, silly! Being with my dad is only a small part of it.”


Brothers menage #erotica

Things heat up on Taboo Street this week after Melanie copes with what she saw in the last episode. And by coping I mean getting taken by two brothers…

All the episodes so far are here:

Taken on Taboo Street

Taken on Taboo Street

In The Series
Genres: , , ,

Melanie is shocked after witnessing a father and his barely legal daughter being so shamelessly intimate. The only thing that can calm her down now is to sleep with someone. But who?

She goes to her friend Marvin’s and tells him everything. It turns out he’s into taboo himself, often sharing women with his brother Luke. Would that be something she could be interested in?

Torn between curiosity and excitement, Melanie finds herself considering having a menage with the two handsome siblings…


Hot #SundaySample – Bailey’s Taboo Night #erotica

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Bailey's Taboo Night

Bailey’s Taboo Night: Mature Trio

In The Series
Genres: , , , ,

Even though Bailey is falling in love with Seattle, she’s not sure she wants to go to college so far away from home. She’s simply going to miss sleeping with her stepdad and stepsister.

But 18-year-old Bailey discovers there may be other opportunities for taboo when she seduces her aunt Marlene. That’s exactly what the mature woman needs as her marriage is falling apart. She lets Bailey caress her, touch her…

When uncle Reggie shows up, secrets are revealed and Bailey knows that a torrid threesome is exactly what they all need to save their relationship.


My aunt was embarrassed but I noticed that he wasn’t angry, just curious. I was wet again just thinking about what I’d been doing earlier, my own pleasure interrupted. I decided to put it all out.

“Aunt Marlene is in need of intimacy, uncle Reggie. The two of you falling out like you did, it made her crave human touch. I was there for her tonight, a little bit.”

“I see…”

“Does it disgust you that she was about to go down on me?” I asked.

Aunt Marlene was looking at him intently, also dying for an answer.

He shook his head. “I was shocked, of course, but…”

“But what?” my aunt asked eagerly.

“It’s kind of naughty. It was hot.”

Aunt Marlene was evidently relieved and it made me grin.

“Very hot,” I said, drawing out the words. “And for the record, it was my idea. I was the one who seduced her. And she still needs it, you know.”

“Need what?”

“Intimacy. We were just getting started. She needs you, uncle Reggie.”

He looked down at her. “Is that true?”

She said, “Yes.”

I saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I could help my relatives save their marriage and do something about my own dripping folds.

“I think I have just the thing to help you guys get back in the saddle. Uncle Reggie, kiss her again. Go on.”

When he leaned down and did as instructed without objections, I knew that I had won.


Mom and daughter for the Colonel #erotica

Mom and her stepdaughter are very liberated for this Army officer…

Red White and Blew

Red White and Blew

Genres: , , ,

It’s the Fourth of July and 18-year-old Meadow is in the mood. Everything around her is turning her on. So it’s second nature for her to pick up the handsome Army officer at the supermarket and blow him in the parking lot.

It’s not until she goes to her mother’s house that night that she realizes he’s her new boyfriend!

But is her mom mad about this? Of course not. Meadow and Judy have always been close, sharing men, sharing their bed. Tonight, the new boyfriend will find out the true meaning of fireworks with these two aroused women…


She loves that daddy watches #erotica

It’s been a while since I wrote about a real father and daughter. Of course, they can’t do anything to each other, but what if…

Watch Us Play

Watch Us Play: Taboo for Three

Genres: , , ,

Josie and her father have a special relationship. They love each other like man and wife but her dad won’t allow themselves to cross the line into forbidden territory.

So they have an arrangement: they can watch each other be with other people, but they can’t touch!

Brent is about to find this firsthand when he’s picked up at a club by the 18-year-old nymph and brought home so she can put on a show for daddy. But Brent is all too willing to see if the two of them can push the envelope to the limit in this peculiar threesome.


Hot #SundaySample – Bailey’s MILF Night #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

Bailey's MILF Night

Bailey’s MILF Night: Taboo Trio

In The Series
Genres: , , , ,

It’s Mother’s Day and my older stepsister has just gotten through a divorce. She’s the kind of goody-two-shoes who would never dare go out and have fun on her own.

That’s why I’m taking her out to a biker bar tonight. She needs to get pounded hard by a stranger to see that being single can be great!

And who knows, I might join her for a three-way. After all, I always had a crush on my big sister…


“What are the two of you really doing here?”

“You want the truth, Bunker?”


“I brought my sister here so she would get properly plowed for Mother’s Day.”

At that, Eva spat her drink and choked. It took her a few seconds to regain her composure. “What?!”

“You really need it, sis.”

Bunker looked at my sister for long seconds, his eyes sweeping up from her feet to forehead, drinking it all in. I knew that he couldn’t disapprove because Eva was sexy as hell, her skirt even shorter now that she was sitting.

“I’m not against the idea,” he said.

“Bailey, geez!”

I ignored her. “She recently went through a divorce. All she does is work and take care of my baby nephew. She needs to be with a man, no strings attached.”

“Why don’t you two come up to my office so we can talk about this?”

“Your office?”

“I own this joint. Come on, I have better hooch upstairs and it’s free. Let’s go.”

He took my hand and yanked me to my feet, making me follow him. Before I was too far, I did the same to Eva, grabbing her hand and making sure she didn’t stay behind.


Offering daughter to your boss! #erotica

Here is a scenario I haven’t done before: a man giving his stepdaughter to his boss for a promotion! Naturally, he needs to join them.

Less than a buck until Friday morning 🙂

Less than a buck

Try My Girl Out Boss

Try My Girl Out, Boss

Genres: , ,

I really want to get a promotion but I know my boss is holding back. It’s okay, I have a solution.

One evening after a business dinner, I bring Mr. Reiner home with me and that’s when my 18-year-old stepdaughter shows up looking all cute in nightgown and pigtails.

He won’t be able to resist her just like I won’t be able to resist joining them for a threesome!


Hot #SundaySample – Girly Games #erotica

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Girly Games

Girly Games: Taboo Trio

Genres: , , , ,

It’s summer in the South. Ashley and Bobby Jon are about to get married but he’s worried about the future. How can they keep the excitement alive, especially since they’ve been together four years already? Ashley suggests living out their secret fantasies.

For Bobby Jon it’s easy, it involves performing anal. But for Ashley it’s much more taboo: she wants to do it with Janalyn, her STEPSISTER!

Can the three of them have a threesome, again playing those girly games like before, without destroying their relationship?

Find out in this funny and romantic story…


“Sis, please be honest with me. Tell me the truth. Was Bobby Jon making a move on you?”

Janalyn sighed and looked away. She was visibly torn between telling the truth and not wanting to hurt Ashley.

“It’s fine, just the moonshine messing with his mind.”

“Janalyn, please tell me the truth! Was he or was he not trying to seduce you?”

It was almost a minute before the older the replied. She said, “Yes.”

Ashley smiled. “Good! I was hoping you’d say that. So what do you think?”

“Excuse me? The hell are you talking about?” Janalyn stammered, standing up.

With a wicked grin, Ashley joined me on the couch. We were sitting side-by-side, our solidarity unmistakable.

“Bobby Jon and I came here with a purpose tonight. This was… This was set up to happen this way.”

“You lost me, sis. I don’t understand.”

“We,” my girlfriend began, looking at me lovingly. “We’d like to invite you to have a threesome with us.”

“What?! What’s the matter with both of y’all?!”

Ashley sobered up and I admired how calm she appeared while her sister began pacing in panic.

“Janalyn, Bobby Jon and I thought about this long and hard, okay? We feel it’s something we need to do.”

“Have a three-way with me?”

“We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s something missing in our lives. And…” Ashley looked at me, hesitating for the first time. I nodded and she continued. “More than anything, it’s something that I need. Hold on, this is gonna sound mighty strange…”

“Stranger than you and your boyfriend wanting to bump uglies with me?”

The younger sibling didn’t answer straightaway. Instead, she took a deep breath to steel her nerves. I took her hand in mine and felt some of her tension ease up.

“Janalyn, do you remember when we were younger? Do you remember when we used to practice making out with each other?”


Dirty things to do with stepbrother’s candy cane #erotica

Did you enjoy last week’s super mega bundle of Christmas stories? It was meant to be the ultimate holiday bundle but I couldn’t help myself and wrote a new one. So maybe in a few years I’ll have enough for YET ANOTHER super mega Christmas bundle 😉

This story is actually a sequel to Licking Candy which I published 11 billion years ago. Let’s see what the siblings are up to now…

Oh and Christmas is right around the corner and longtime fans know what that means. Keep your eye on your inbox on Christmas morning for a special treat. If you’re not already a subscriber, now is the time to do so. And tell your friends!

It also means that aside from your special Christmas morning email, I will see you again after the holidays *wet kisses*

Taboo Candy Cane

Taboo Candy Cane

Genres: , , , ,

It’s been years since Candy has been close to her stepbrother Jacob. They had a taboo affair together in high school and he moved away to London when she made things stop between them.

But now they’re reunited on Christmas, along with her fiance Russ. So it’s not awkward, promising not to have any secrets from him, Candy reveals her experience with her brother, also mentioning that she still yearns for him.

Instead of being angry, Russ is intrigued. And turned on! So he gives her permission to sleep with her brother again… as long as he can join in as well!


All my Christmas stories in one book #erotica

As the description says, here’s a smorgasbord of every Christmas erotic story I’ve written these past five years. This should keep you busy for a week… or six!

Make sure you don’t already have these books, but if you’re just missing one it still is a bargain.

Keep Me Warm: Hot Christmas Collection

Keep Me Warm: Hot Christmas Collection

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This bundle contains every single Christmas-themed story – 14 books – I’ve written up until December 2016.

Most are of course very taboo, involving stepdaughters, stepdads, stepbrothers, moms and daughters, and everything in between. But there are also more vanilla stories, and even one where the REAL Santa Claus is on hand to provide pleasure!

The stories are:

Pink Christmas Taboo
Santa Gives Her a Ride
Up Aunt Bea’s Chimney
Not-So-Little Drummer Boy
A Christmas Carol Gangbang
Little Sister’s Gift
Want a Christmas Bonus?
He Raised Me I Pleased Him
Christmas Stockings Taboo
Taboo Christmas Morning
Naughty Bows of Holly
Unwrap Me for Christmas
Santa’s Eggnog: Thirsty Taboo Brat
The Forbidden Taboo 9: Throckmorton Family Christmas


Hot #SundaySample – Big Tip: A Taboo Reward #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

Big Tip, Taboo Reward

Big Tip: A Taboo Reward

Genres: , , , ,

Timothy is having the worst night ever. His student loans won’t come through, he’s been dumped, and he’s forced to take another shift at the casino restaurant. Even worse, this hot MILF stiffs him on a tip.

But then she takes pity on him and invite him to her room, promising to make it up to him…

In typical Vegas fashion, his luck turns around! The lady wants him to have a threesome with her and her barely legal DAUGHTER. You can’t say no to possibly the best night of your life, can you?


“Look, let’s go in the bathroom,” I said.


“What if she wakes up?”

“Stop worrying, 18-year-olds sleep like a log. Besides, Goldie has seen me pleasuring men before.”

“She has?” I asked, my voice louder than I would’ve wished.

“We have a strong mother-daughter bond.”

June dipped her head and flicked her tongue against my skin while she fondled me. Meanwhile, I kept staring at her daughter. The bed sheet was halfway down her back and I could swear she wasn’t wearing anything. It was difficult to say for sure because I was six feet away from the bed.

It made me harder still!

This was so taboo, a mother shouldn’t be doing this with her offspring in the room. But then why was this exciting me so much? I wouldn’t be able to last long if things continued at this pace.

June followed my gaze and smiled. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Well, uh…”

“It’s okay, you can say it. I think she’s really hot myself. Don’t you think so?”

“She’s hot like her mom,” I replied.

“Thank you, Timothy. You’re such a gentleman.”

She went on fellating me as she moaned, even taking me all the way to the back of her throat. I brushed back her dark hair and yet I kept looking at the teenager. She had such a small body.

“You want to get a closer look at Goldie?”


June giggled, like she was amused by my answer. “Come on.”


Hot #SundaySample – Houseguests 2 #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

houseguests 2

Houseguests 2: Taboo First Times (virgin niece and nephew)

In The Series
Genres: , , , ,

It’s been such an adventure having my stepbrother Willis visiting this week. First we slept together for the first time in 25 years and now he’s about to take my adopted daughter’s virginity!

It’s an honor to be there for my 18-year-old baby girl Blair, being asked to help as uncle pops her cherry. It gets me all worked up but I shouldn’t get involved, should I?

Besides, there’s also my nephew Rudy to think about. What will I do with him, especially after I catch him pleasuring himself in the garage?!

If my brother takes care of my daughter, perhaps I could take care of my nephew…


“You’re sure about this?”

“Totally, mommy.”

“And you?” I asked my brother.

“Whatever makes her comfortable. It’s rather exciting, actually.”

“All right, then yes. Of course! Have you decided when you want to do this?”

My daughter rolled her eyes. “Well now, duh!”

She walked past me into my room and headed to the bed. I had to chuckle at her enthusiasm. I saw that Willis reacted the same way, fascinated and yet not shocked by the teenager’s eagerness.

“Yeah?” I whispered to him to make sure he was really on board.

“Absolutely, little sister. Let’s make this a great day for her. Come on.”

It was his turn to enter the room and I knew this was real when I saw my brother was unbuttoning his shirt. The heat returned between my thighs!

“Come here,” Willis whispered to my daughter.

He pulled her to him and leaned down to kiss her. She hesitated at first, undoubtedly remembering that this was her uncle, but as he cupped her face, Blair closed her eyes and surrendered to his touch.

She moaned softly and let herself be caressed. Soon she was pressing her body against my brother, hugging him back in return as she made out with him.

I could have looked at this scene forever but I had work to do. I stripped down the bed and I also closed the blinds just to make sure there wouldn’t be any prying eyes.


Want another 10 #taboo #erotica stories?

It’s time for a new bundle of family fun.

As always, make sure you don’t already have all the stories. But if you don’t, if you’re only missing one, it will be worth it to you at that price 🙂

So Wrong 12

So Wrong 12: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Back again because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me.

You’re interested in fathers and stepdaughters swinging together? Sisters and mom too? How about a hunky stepbrother, an uncle, or a family orgy?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

Taboo in the Bleachers
Billionaire Taboo Weekend
Because He Needs a MILF
Tag Team Taboo
Valentine’s Day Surprise: Taboo Trio
Spring Break Me In: My First Taboo
We Must Repopulate
House Arrest: Taboo Choices
How Kimmy Changed Us 1
Well-Equipped Man of the House


Because daddy isn’t enough #erotica

You know what’s better than a girl in pigtails getting ravaged by her uncle? It’s when her daddy joins in. Yes, I went there and it’s spectacular 🙂

Taboo Wrecking Crew

Taboo Wrecking Crew

Genres: , ,

In order to take a break after his divorce, Vic visits his brother on the West Coast for the week. But on the first night, Greg’s 18-year-old stepdaughter shows up to seduce her uncle.

Vic wants to resist but she’s just so beautiful and willing to do ANYTHING with him. His resolve soon crumbles…

And that’s when Greg catches them in the act! Is he going to be mad or is he going to join in?


Hot #SundaySample – How Kimmy Changed Us 2 #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

How Kimmy Changed Us2

How Kimmy Changed Us 2: Crossing the Taboo Line

In The Series
Genres: , , ,

Gorgeous young Kimmy has just turned 18 and her probation terms call for her to stay with the Morgan family.

That’s when she proceeds to not only seduce every family member, but she talks them into having sex WITH EACH OTHER! Brother and stepsister, stepmother and father, and possibly even an all-out orgy!

But why is Kimmy doing this? Does she have an ulterior motive aside from pure hot taboo pleasure?

PART TWO: Kimmy finally makes Trixie cross the forbidden line with her stepbrother before she goes all in with a lesbian threesome with her stepmother.


“Relax, guys. I thought it was time the two of you did something about the situation.”

“What situation?” I asked, anger and anxiety seeping through my voice.

“Please, Trixie. It’s just the three of us, there’s no need to play games anymore. It’s time we all put this out in the open. You’re turned on by your brother.”

“I am not!”

“Trixie?” Dixon mumbled.

“And you Dixon, don’t play dumb either. You have a thing for your sister too.”

It was my turn to have my eyes bulge out. Kimmy noticed and chuckled.

“He does,” she continued. “He shootss so quick when I mention your name.”

“Kimmy, jeez…”

“It’s okay, Dixon. Your sister feels the same way, even if she won’t admit it. When she came the other night, it was after I told her to pretend you were doing her.”

I don’t know what shocked him more, learning that I was kind of fantasizing about him or finding out Kimmy and I had a fling together. She spent the next minute telling him about what had happened between us in my room last week.

“This is surreal,” I said, feeling unsteady on my feet. “We shouldn’t even be thinking about this.”

“Sure you can think about it. That’s a good start.”

“It’s not what I meant and you know it. This is my brother, Kimmy. We shouldn’t be joking about this.”

“Who said anything about joking?”


Mom’s Double Taboo Treat #erotica

The last thing Kimberly expected was to be double-teamed by her husband and stepson on Mother’s Day! Yes, I completely spazzed and published this book a week too late 🙄

Wife's Special Taboo Day

Wife’s Special Taboo Day

Genres: , ,

It’s Mother’s Day and Kimberly is surprised with breakfast in bed. She’s looking forward to a lazy day, getting serviced by her husband, but she never expected that her stepson was also in on the surprise.

She never expected for her son to have taboo feelings for her!

What follows is a scorching menage as a gorgeous mature woman is taken by both her husband and SON! Can she put her inhibitions aside and enjoy herself?


Hot #SundaySample – Tag Team Taboo #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

Tag Team Taboo

Tag Team Taboo

Genres: , , ,

In LA for business, Ted finds himself talking to young phenom Sapphira Oreck, the new Hollywood IT girl. He hits it off with the 19-year-old and he invites her to the luxury yacht he chartered for the weekend. She accepts.

But she brings her stepmom along!

Ted is crestfallen but then he discovers the two women sunbathing topless together. Suddenly they seem a lot closer than he would’ve thought.

They might actually be close enough to have a THREESOME together…


I didn’t care about her past or what she had done. The only thing that was important was that she was making me feel good.

Really good.

This wasn’t some romantic lovemaking that we were doing. She was chasing an orgasm and with the pent-up needs I had it wouldn’t be long for me either. We were using each other to reach our goals and I had no problems with that.

Out of the blue, the door opened and Catherine walked in, closing the door afterwards. She was also still topless.

“Well well well, you guys are having fun!”

I stopped moving immediately, looking from Sapphira to her mother and back again. I was filled with panic. Stranger still was the teenager who didn’t even slow down.

“Hey, mom.”

What in the living hell was going on?! Shouldn’t Sapphira stop? Shouldn’t I? Why wasn’t Catherine scandalized? And why was the young girl not flabbergasted at her mom walking in on her?

“Is he doing a good job, sweetheart?”

“He’s hard as steel, mom.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Totally and I’m super close to exploding!”

Catherine came closer, to the side of the bed. “I can see that. Mind if I stay and watch?”

“You know how I love it when you watch me get plowed, mommy.”


Naughty cruise with mom and daughter #erotica

You’re cordially invited to a private cruise with a movie star and her stepmom. Entertainment includes sunbathing and threesomes!

Tag Team Taboo

Tag Team Taboo

Genres: , , ,

In LA for business, Ted finds himself talking to young phenom Sapphira Oreck, the new Hollywood IT girl. He hits it off with the 19-year-old and he invites her to the luxury yacht he chartered for the weekend. She accepts.

But she brings her stepmom along!

Ted is crestfallen but then he discovers the two women sunbathing topless together. Suddenly they seem a lot closer than he would’ve thought.

They might actually be close enough to have a THREESOME together…


Hot #SundaySample – Billionaire Taboo Weekend

Here’s a look at the story!

Billionaire Taboo Weekend

Billionaire Taboo Weekend

Genres: , ,

Gary is secretly in love with his stepsister Veronica. They’re roommates, best friends, but he wants more from her although he doesn’t have the courage to tell her.

But their relationship takes a turn when an exclusive promo code sends them to Las Vegas, invited by a glamorous billionaire where all their naughty fantasies can come true.

Will Veronica come to see her brother in a new light?


It felt so good to have relief at last.

Finally, I had nothing left to give and I was starting to go limp. The video was fading out but that’s not what surprised me. No, the shock of my life came when I noticed my sweet little sister looking at me. She was licking her lips and staring at my cream-covered hand. She quickly looked away when she realized she’d been caught.

“Sorry. I’d better go wash up.”

She took her hand out of her sweatpants and stood up. Without giving me a second look, she disappeared behind the bathroom door. I had trouble believing that had just happened.

It was so much better than the last time. We’d both been sober and she had actually looked at me. Maybe there was a chance we could move our relationship to the next level.

I went to the kitchen where I washed my hands and took off my wet shirt. Just as I finished drying up, my phone rang.


“Mr. Gary Bayles?”


“I’m the limo driver. Just want to let you know I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.”

“Limo driver? What are you talking about? I think you have the wrong number.”

“Martindale Oasis, sir.”

The promo code! What had I gotten myself into? I was about to find out just how far I was willing to go with my sister…


Hot #SundaySample – Hot Sticky Nights #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

Hot Sticky Nights

Hot Sticky Nights

Genres: , , , , ,

Ashlynn wakes up with cum on her body. Did somebody jerk off over her while she was sleeping?

That’s impossible, in the house there are only her daddy and brother who could do this!

Even though at first she’s confused, it soon turns her on to think about the men in her family doing this to her. What if tonight she stayed awake to see what really happens when she sleeps?

And what if she turned the tables and made them have their way with her?!


I was certain dad was about to wake me up in order to tell me something. But that’s when I noticed he had a hand on his crotch.

He was stroking himself! What was going on?!

He bent down and rummaged through my discarded clothes. He picked up my worn panties and pulled them to his face.

“Hmmm…” he moaned as he inhaled deeply.

I was mortified. Daddy was smelling my panties? He was rubbing himself at the same time?

A million thoughts tumbled through my head. I wanted to bolt upright, to tell my stepfather to get out of here. I needed to tell him how what he was doing was wrong and perverted. I could call the cops on him!

But before I could act, I tried to think more sensibly. He was actually a great man, friendly, kind, generous. He provided for me – for the whole family. As shallow as it sounds, I didn’t want to lose the lifestyle to which I had become accustomed.

So what if he got his rocks off doing something kinky like this? Who was I to judge what dad was doing?

His eyes were devouring me. He swiped his gaze from my head down to my toes. It was kind of hot to be desired like this, to be honest.