Hot #SundaySample – Bad Brat Caught #erotica

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Bad Brat Caught

Bad Brat Caught: First Time Taboo

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Daddy caught me. I don’t understand, I was being careful with the boy in the car, but he saw everything. He stopped me just before I lost my virginity.

And now dad says that if I don’t do a striptease for him, he’ll tell what I did to my mother. That means I will lose my new car, my college education. Everything.

But why is daddy so rough with me? Why do I let him do this to me? So much humiliation, spanking… So much pleasure! My first time will be TABOO in every way!


“We’re not talking about me, little girl. We’re talking about you. I didn’t do anything wrong, you did and you know it. Your mother laid out the ground rules for you when we split up. She said that if you wanted to keep living with me – which you did because you knew I wasn’t as uptight as she was – you had to live by her rules. That meant home early, studying hard, and no unauthorized dating. It don’t take no NASA scientist to realize you’ve been breaking all these rules.”


“I have to tell her, I have no choice.”

“Please don’t.”

“If I don’t tell her, she’s gonna have her lawyers go hogwild on me. She’ll prove I was dishonest with her and take away the spousal support I was promised. I can’t take that chance.”

In a flash, I saw my entire future vanish in a puff of smoke. No new car, no tuition, no more pocket money. I would wind up bagging groceries for the rest of my life, if I didn’t become downright homeless. All because I had let my hormones take control of my body.

Without realizing I was doing, I fell to my knees in front of my father and clasped my hands together. “Daddy, please. I’m begging you! Please don’t tell mom.”

“Baby, you did this to yourself.”

“I’ll do anything! I’ll wash your car every day. I’ll cook dinner every night, all your favorite meals. If you don’t tell her, I will do everything you want. Absolutely anything!”

He opened his mouth to speak but then changed his mind. He was thinking about my offer in a much more serious manner than I’d anticipated.

He scratched his chin. “Anything? You’re sure about that?”

“Yes!” I promptly answered, my hopes soaring for the first time.

“Just so that I don’t tell your mother what a depraved little girl you are?”

“Yes, daddy. If you don’t tell her about this, I’ll do ANYTHING you want.”

He nodded and pursed his lips. “Okay, it’s your decision. Start by stripping.”



Hot #SundaySample – Last Will #erotica

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Last Will: The Taboo Clause

Last Will: The Taboo Clause

Genres: , , , ,

After the death of the long-lost relative, the Caudill family is unexpectedly invited to the reading of the will. That’s when they hear of a bombshell: they stand to inherit $1 billion, but on one condition.

They have to sleep with one another!

Great uncle Kermit had a peculiar lifestyle and he intends for it to endure. Will parents Ben and Cheryl be okay with this? Are the two step-siblings Marissa and Tommy going to accept what this entails? After all, Marissa is a virgin.

They have one week to discuss the situation, to discover if money is worth more than the forbidden taboo. And a lot can happen in one week…


I held up my hand “Wait! Let’s not jump to conclusions.”

“Marissa, please! There’s no way in hell we can do this. I’m not letting my family commit incest for money. That’s… That’s prostitution.”

“It’s a billion dollars, mom,” I said in what I judged was a reasonable tone. “I mean, we can put our principles aside for a billion dollars, can’t we?”

At that, my brother straightened up. “Yeah, I agree. We can’t let that money go to that poker foundation.”

“Tommy!” Mom was appalled and stared at him. “I can’t sleep with you! Your father can’t sleep with Marissa! That’s just wrong.”

It occurred to me that I wasn’t as scandalized as my mother was and I wondered why. Could it be that I was subconsciously excited by the idea of sleeping with my father? He would be my first, too. I had never really thought about it but the concept didn’t disgust me.

“We have to think this thing through,” daddy said sensibly.

“Ben! These are our children!”

“We’re adults,” I clarified.

“Yeah, we’re eighteen,” Tommy pitched in.

“I can’t believe the three of you aren’t storming out of this place.”

It was dad’s turn to raise his hand in a conciliatory gesture. “Let’s be rational. I have an idea.”


“We have a week to do this, right? The terms are that we move into this manor and then we have a week to fulfill the condition.”

“You mean screw our kids,” mom spat.

Dad ignored her. “What I’m suggesting is that we take the week to think about it. We say yes to the lawyers today, we settle into the manor, and then we figure out a way to get out of this obligation.”


Here’s 10 additional hot #taboo #erotica stories

Summer is here, things are getting hot! So obviously there’s no better time for a new SO WRONG bundle 🙂

As always, make sure you don’t already have all the stories. But if you don’t, if you’re missing just one, it will be worth it to you at that price.

So Wrong 15

So Wrong 15: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Genres: , , , , , , , ,

Into the fray once again because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me, Cheri Verset.

You’re into daddy and stepdaughter swinging together? Sisters taking on some guys even each other? How about an alpha uncle or stepbrother? You’re into entire families being intimate?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

Starry Nights Taboo
Try My Girl Out, Boss
How Bad Do You Want It?
Golden Age Taboo 5: Our Hero’s Welcome
Girly Games: Taboo Trio
Taboo Conjugal Visit
The Billionaire’s Duo: A Taboo First
Hush Now: Taboo in the Stacks
Bailey’s MILF Night: Taboo Trio
Houseguests 3: Taboo for Everyone


Hot #SundaySample – Bailey’s MILF Night #erotica

Here’s a look at the story!

Bailey's MILF Night

Bailey’s MILF Night: Taboo Trio

In The Series
Genres: , , , ,

It’s Mother’s Day and my older stepsister has just gotten through a divorce. She’s the kind of goody-two-shoes who would never dare go out and have fun on her own.

That’s why I’m taking her out to a biker bar tonight. She needs to get pounded hard by a stranger to see that being single can be great!

And who knows, I might join her for a three-way. After all, I always had a crush on my big sister…


“What are the two of you really doing here?”

“You want the truth, Bunker?”


“I brought my sister here so she would get properly plowed for Mother’s Day.”

At that, Eva spat her drink and choked. It took her a few seconds to regain her composure. “What?!”

“You really need it, sis.”

Bunker looked at my sister for long seconds, his eyes sweeping up from her feet to forehead, drinking it all in. I knew that he couldn’t disapprove because Eva was sexy as hell, her skirt even shorter now that she was sitting.

“I’m not against the idea,” he said.

“Bailey, geez!”

I ignored her. “She recently went through a divorce. All she does is work and take care of my baby nephew. She needs to be with a man, no strings attached.”

“Why don’t you two come up to my office so we can talk about this?”

“Your office?”

“I own this joint. Come on, I have better hooch upstairs and it’s free. Let’s go.”

He took my hand and yanked me to my feet, making me follow him. Before I was too far, I did the same to Eva, grabbing her hand and making sure she didn’t stay behind.


The nanny, daddy, and me #erotica

It was only a matter of time before she caught her stepfather in bed with the au pair and the three of them are about to have quite a taboo experience.

Oooh Pair

Oooh Pair: Our Taboo Situation

Genres: , , , ,

I love older men. I think it has to do with the crush I used to have on my stepdad. So it was a foregone conclusion that I would have an affair with one of my professors at college. But tonight things aren’t going well.

My professor doesn’t take care of my needs and I walk out frustrated with no one to hook up with me. That’s when I get the idea of going home, fortunately nearby, and using the privacy of my room to pleasure myself.

But what I find at home is my stepdad and the nanny in bed together!

Instead of being angry, I’m turned on. Besides, I’ve slept with Lily myself before so it’s no big deal. But getting it on with daddy? This could be quite an adventure…


For #Oktoberfest this niece needs uncle’s sausage

Oktoberfest just ended but it doesn’t mean the fun is over. I had a great time writing this fun taboo story 🙂

Heidi and the Bratwurst

Heidi and the Bratwurst: A Taboo Brat Story

Genres: , , , , , ,

Staying with her uncle in Germany for Oktoberfest, 18-year-old Heidi comes home late, drunk, and HORNY.

When uncle Dieter catches her pleasuring herself with a sausage in the kitchen, he decides he needs to punish her with some rough sex.


Don’t buy these books!

These are not new stories. I’m republishing these books under new names with new covers because they were being punished by Amazon for being too risqué, practically on the verge of being blocked altogether.

If they are about something you’re into, by all means get them but I just wanted to make sure you didn’t purchase something you already owned. These stories have morphed into the following:

Asian Breeding Career = Naughty Career in China
Anus Crime = Am I in Trouble, Officer?
Arabian Sex Slave = The Arabian Gift
Get ’em Young Breed ’em Right = Taught Right

Naughty Career in China

Naughty Career in China

Genres: , , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Apple Kobo Smashwords

Darryl has a gift. Every time he gets a woman pregnant it turns out to be a boy. Working in China, his talent is in great demand. Today he’s been hired by the in-laws of 18-year-old Ziyi, a shy and insecure young wife who finds it difficult to be handed off by her own husband.

But the moment the stud and his sexy assistant Heather go to work on her, Ziyi realizes what she’s been missing! Warm bodies against hers, skillful partners touching her in ways she never knew were possible, will she experience a genuine orgasm for the first time?

Am I in Trouble Officer

Am I in Trouble, Officer?

Genres: , , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Apple Kobo Smashwords

Police officer McGregor is having a bad case of the hornies. So when he catches beautiful Gracie bringing herself to a screaming orgasm, in a house that doesn’t belong to her, he sees an opportunity to relieve some tension… with blackmail.

But more than that, the woman needs to be punished. Anally!

Will Gracie allow herself to be degraded in order to avoid jail?

The Arabian Gift

The Arabian Gift

Genres: , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo Smashwords

What would you do with a sexual slave?

As a reward for having unwittingly caught a terrorist, a Middle Eastern Emir gives Mike one of his harem girls, the exotic beauty Nashwa. He brings her home and is surprised that his wife his on board with him trying her out.

Join Louise as she observes her well-hung husband getting serviced by their new willing slave! See how turned on she gets when Mike becomes naughtily bossy…

Taught Right

Taught Right

Genres: , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Apple Smashwords

Barely legal Chrissie has an appointment with an older man who will show her what good sex is all about. He will ravage her and make her scream with pleasure!

“By doing this, my goal is to show you that you don’t have to settle for the first boy that gets your panties wet. My goal is to show you what a proper fuck feels like.”

He plans on shooting his load deep within her to teach her what REAL men are like…


Hot #Sample – Safe Word Not Required #BDSM

Here’s a look at the story!

Safe Word Not Required

Safe Word Not Required

Genres: , , , , , ,

Tressa Harwell has been receiving mysterious notes.

“Wear something ultra-sexy.”

“Walk around the office with a butt plug.”

And that’s before the notes become wild! But who could be sending these orders? And why is Tressa complying so easily? Is it because she suspects the handsome Shepard Prudden to be responsible? Or what if it was his twin brother Christian instead?

Buckle in for the ride and follow Tressa as she unravels the mystery and lets herself be overtaken by insane pleasure as she submits completely to this BDSM adventure.


The bus came to a halt two blocks from the office and she followed several other commuters off. She stopped to adjust her skirt then began the trek to her office building. With every step, the butt plug moved inside her, creating delicious currents of pleasure cascading through her body. After an initial adjustment period she’d lost the uncomfortable sensation that came with it.

On the most recent note’s orders, she’d switched to the larger plug that morning and once again carried that awkward feeling that people knew about the plug as she struggled to walk as normal as possible. Fighting to hide her indiscretion seemed to generate the opposite effect as her nerves jumped with every movement. She felt like a kid doing something they shouldn’t.

And it was liberating!

Ten minutes later she opened the door to Shepard’s outer office and nearly jumped with joy at the beautiful yellow calla lily on her desk blotter. Yes! With shaky hands, she picked up the flower and unwrapped the note clipped to the stem with a rubber band.

You’ve done marvelous, my darling. How do you enjoy wearing the plug? I promise you will be glad you’ve invested the time in preparing your little hole for what lies in your future.

A full body shiver flowed through Tressa at the realization of what might happen if she followed through with the game. She kept reading.

Simon Says that when you go home tonight you are to take a shower, remain naked, get comfortable, and wait for my call at promptly 9pm. Then you will proceed to do everything I tell you to do. Remember Tressa, I’m proud of you for obeying the orders, and I promise you will be well rewarded.

The outer door opened and she quickly tucked the note into her center desk drawer. Shepard walked in, stopped in front of her desk and arched a brow.

“You look flush. Are you okay?”

Tressa managed a swallow and nodded, even as more heat flooded her face. The last thing she needed was to have to explain everything to her boss.

“Fine. I’m fine.”

He remained in place a few seconds longer, clearly worried, and finally moved on. She let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.


The darkest and greatest in romance

A box set featuring nine books of dark romance for $0.99 is something you’re interested in? Of course it is 😉Dark Desires

Remember earlier this spring when I was part of a group of authors who launched Dark Passions? Well, the group (minus me this time) has put together another epic collection.

Dark Desires is a dark romance boxed set by Cerys du Lys, Ethan Winters, Terry Towers, Gia Vanna, Anna Antonia, Linda Barlow, PJ Adams, Vanessa Waltz, Selena Kitt, and Adriana Hunter. I’ve started reading it and it’s great!!

Get it now because it’s less than a dollar but only for a limited time 🙂

Hot #Sample – Daddy and the Blind Virgin

Here’s a look at the story!

Daddy and the Blind Virgin

Daddy and the Blind Virgin

Genres: , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Bryci is blind and she no longer wants to be a virgin as she gets ready to leave for college. She asks her stepfather to help her find a male escort to take care of her needs.

But daddy is getting increasingly turned on by the barely legal girl. What if he switched places with the gigolo? Since his daughter is blind, she would never find out, right?


My voice was trembling because a million thoughts jumbled through my head. I had a boner the size of a semi-trailer and talking about sex with my stepdaughter whom I lusted after was not helping. Was this turning into a genuine porn movie? Would she ask me to deflower her?

She said, “I found this website and I wanna hire a male escort to be my first.”

Before I could speak, she gabbed quickly, explaining how she had been thinking about this for months. She had thought about the consequences and even said that she wanted to pay for it herself. I couldn’t slip a single word for the next five minutes as she stated her case.

“I see that you’ve put a lot of thought into this,” I said. “So I’m guessing you won’t change your mind.”

“No, I won’t. I could have done this behind your back but I want your approval. I don’t want any secrets between us. It’s how it’s always been and I want to continue this way.”

I smiled at her maturity. As a father, I couldn’t be prouder.

“I’ll help you, Bryci. You’re my girl, you know I’ll do anything for you.”

“Thank you, daddy!”

She threw herself into my arms and I hugged her firmly. I snorted at the Jerry Springer moment; the true definition of love was helping your daughter hire a gigolo to take her virginity.

We went to her computer which was equipped with both a screen and a braille terminal and she showed me the website she had bookmarked. Prices were steep but it wasn’t time to be stingy. I was impressed with the number of men available.

“So,” I began, dismissing how strange the situation was. “Do you want any guy or do you have something specific in mind?”

“He has to be older, I don’t want some young boy I’d be likely to run into in school. Like… 40s?”

“A man in his 40s?” I promptly caught the indignation my voice and realized we weren’t responsible for what turned us on. After all, I was the guy who only yesterday had jerked off while spying on my own barely legal daughter. “I’m sorry, I’m not judging. Tell me more.”

“Okay, so I want somebody tall, like way taller than me. Hopefully his hair is a little curly but not too much.”

“I know it doesn’t matter to you, but any color preference?”

She shrugged. “Yeah, it doesn’t matter but see if there’s anyone with light brown hair. Oh and he absolutely has to have a beard! That’s really important.”

I wrote all this down and then proceeded to scroll through the website until I found the closest possible match. Growing fretful, I wondered if I should be happy or alarmed that my little girl wanted to have her virginity taken by a man who looked exactly like me, her dad.




Would you take your daughter’s virginity if she didn’t know it was you?

Probably my most WRONG story ever… and also my HOTTEST!

Daddy and the Blind Virgin

Daddy and the Blind Virgin

Genres: , , , ,
Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Bryci is blind and she no longer wants to be a virgin as she gets ready to leave for college. She asks her stepfather to help her find a male escort to take care of her needs.

But daddy is getting increasingly turned on by the barely legal girl. What if he switched places with the gigolo? Since his daughter is blind, she would never find out, right?



Hot sample – Savage Bikers Lust

Here’s a look at the story!


His hands found my panties and without ceremony he yanked them down until they were around my ankles.

“I don’t even know your name.”


“I’m Madden.”

“I need to fuck you, Madden.”

He lifted my skirt and I realized I was completely exposed now. He would see that I was wet, he would see the effect he had on me and I hated this vulnerable feeling. On top of that, I was tremendously self-conscious at being scrutinized this way. I was about to push him away when he closed his eyes and inhaled. A grin appeared across his lips.

It turned me on even more to know he felt this way.

He stroked the inside of my thighs, inching ever closer toward my shaved pussy. I was shaking as I anticipated his touch and it was as if he wanted to torture me, making me long for his fingers on my slit.

“Do it,” I whispered, finally deciding to put an end to my misery.

Smiling, he brought his thumb all the way to my outer lips and he grazed them softly. I braced for more and he backed away.

“You’re ready for me, aren’t you?”

“Please, touch me…”

He climbed to his feet again and didn’t waste time undoing his jeans. My eyes were riveted to his crotch as he lowered the zipper and then moved his underwear to the side. He released the most beautiful shaft I’d ever seen. It was long and thick and completely hard.

“Feel it,” he ordered.

I was almost in a trance as I reached forward. When I hesitated a few inches away from the objective, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me all the way to him. My fingers curled around his scorching length and I gasped.

I think he gave me some instructions but I didn’t hear him. I was focused on what was in my hand and I stroked it up and down, letting my fingers dig into his flesh. I had flashes of memory, sitting on the living room couch as a teenager and jacking off my boyfriends while we made out. I used to love doing that and I would finger myself for hours afterwards, lying in bed and reliving the events.

Before I knew it he was kissing me again and pressing me into the wall. I was forced to let go of him but my disappointment was short-lived. He hiked my skirt, prodded my feet apart, and guided his cock between my legs. This was real, so real!

“You ready?” he asked.

“Don’t make me wait anymore.”


Ever been ravaged by bikers? 99cents limited time

This is my second release in the Diamond Collection and this time I have a biker novella for you. It’s my single longest book and I hope you get a kick out of this one.

It has darker themes but ultimately just as much romance and hot juicy sex! Hey, there’s even a scorching taboo scene which I know you will love 🙂

It’s $0.99 for a limited time!

And don’t be afraid to let me know if you think I should go back to just short erotica…


New story sample! – Anything for a Christmas Bonus

Here’s a look at my latest release, Anything for a Christmas Bonus.

Frances is looking forward to getting her much-needed Christmas bonus. But when the mysterious and dominating executive announces there won’t be any this year, she slips into his office and claims she’ll do anything for her bonus. Absolutely anything.

She nodded and followed his command, sitting while keeping her knees together demurely. He sat down in the armchair.

“You haven’t got home to put on some panties during your lunch break, have you?”

“No, Mr. Ashe.”

“Show me.”

“You mean…”

“Show me,” he repeated evenly.

Just when Frances thought the nightmare might have been avoided, here he was making her jump through dangerous hoops. And this was so much worse than just having sex with him!

Seeing no other alternative and thinking about the money she desperately needed, she slowly parted her knees. She felt like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

“Your dress is short but not that short. I don’t have a good view from here. Hike up your dress, Frances.”

Looking away from him, she did as she was told, standing up momentarily to bunch the dress up around her waist. She sat back down and gradually opened her legs, exposing herself to him.

Was she really doing that? She was showing a stranger her pussy to get a Christmas bonus?

“You shave, uh? Do you do this to honor someone’s special request?”

“No, it’s just for me. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“You like the hairless look?”


“Tell me why, Frances.”

“It feels… It feels more… s-sexy. It feels more naked.”

“And does that turn you on?”

She averted her eyes from his and wanted to close her legs. It was one thing to let him look but talking about this was much more intimate than she would have believed.

“Answer me. Does shaving your pussy turn you on?”

“Y-yes, Mr. Ashe.”

When he didn’t speak for a minute, she looked up at him again. He had his legs crossed and his chin cradled in his hand. His eyes were riveted to her body.

“Now use your fingers to spread yourself open. I want to see everything.”


“Do it, Frances.”

Read it all now!

New release! – Anything for a Christmas Bonus

It’s the season of Christmas erotica! The first one of the year comes from Angelina.

Frances is looking forward to getting her much-needed Christmas bonus. But when the mysterious and dominating executive announces there won’t be any this year, she slips into his office and claims she’ll do anything for her bonus.

Absolutely anything.

But is she really prepared for what Mr. Ashe has in mind? Will she allow herself to be humiliated – and pleasured! – just so she can pay the rent?

Anything for a Christmas Bonus (5,600 words) is about the forbidden power games that are played in large corporations. It’s about a secretary getting in touch with her wild side and servicing her superior.

Read it now!

New story sample! – Bred by The Cuckolding King

Here’s a look at Angelina’s latest story, Bred by The Cuckolding King. King Vidalin invokes Primae Noctis, the lord’s right to the first night with the bride, in order to seduce beautiful Susanna. Shockingly, he demands that the handsome groom Darius watch them! Will Darius get turned on by watching his young bride being dominated by the king? Will Susanna find pleasure in being forced to betray her new husband with the royal seed?

“Tell me,” Vidalin continued, getting closer so only he could hear. “How many times have you stroked yourself thinking about what is going to happen tonight, taking your wife’s maidenhead?”

The groom was positively bristling. His hands instinctively went to his waist to draw his sword but he was unarmed.

The king pulled back, smiling privately as the husband’s discomfort. He took Susanna’s hand in his.

“Will you bless me with a dance, my Lady?”

She was taken aback at being called a lady. She was so stunned that she let her sovereign lead her to the open space a few feet away. Azaruk snapped his fingers while pointing at the musicians and they launched into a beautiful rendition of The Brave Prince’s Pastoral Ballad.

Vidalin was filled with desire as he held Susanna’s hands. He could feel her body heat as they swirled in the middle of the crowd. She looked nervous but there was a hint of excitement as well. After all, how many brides got to be visited by the King on their wedding day?

“Are you enjoying yourself, my dear?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“The same cannot be said of your husband.”

She followed the King’s gaze and found Darius still taking umbrage on the sidelines.

“He’s not used to sharing me.”

“Is that so?”

“He once pummeled a man half to death for looking at me wrong. He’s not a bad man,” she added quickly. “He can be a little jealous, is all.”

“Perhaps we shall need to do something about that. Jealous men make for terrible husbands.”

The song ended and the crowd applauded dutifully. The King offered one of his rare smiles and bowed enthusiastically like he had seen troubadours do after performances.

“I have given the bride and groom the privilege of my presence on this day,” the said at the top of his voice so everyone could hear. “No doubt this will be recounted for generations in this village and in this family.”

People laughed and he chuckled along. Even Darius softened.

“I shall however ask for something in return. I invoke the ancient law of Primae Noctis! I require the bride to grant me first access between her legs!”

Read it all now!

New story! – Bred by The Cuckolding King

Angelina strikes again!

King Vidalin has an eye on beautiful maiden Susanna. When he hears she’s getting married to the handsome swordsman Darius, he invokes Primae Noctis, the lord’s right to the first night with the bride. But Vidalin is as perverse as he is horny.

He demands that Darius watch them!

Will Darius get turned on by watching his young bride being dominated by the king? Will Susanna find pleasure in being forced to betray her new husband with the royal seed?

Bred by The Cuckolding King (6,000 words) is only for readers interested in exploring the wicked nature of their desires as it contains cuckolding, domination, breeding, voyeurism, and a shocking twist that will leave you wanting more…

Read it now!

New story sample! – Breeding Beach Beauties

Here’s a peek at my latest story, Breeding Beach Beauties. Meeting the beautiful Lisa and Paige by chance at the beach, Melvin remembers they were mean girls back in high school. Now a psychology genius, he hypnotizes them into a threesome where they beg to have his baby. Revenge by mind control is the sweetest!
They pulled down each other’s top at the same time, rewarding me with four magnificent breasts. Paige had perky B-cups while her friend had her beat by two sizes.

“You like?” Lisa asked as she touched her heavy tits.

“It’s a good start.”

The blond then turned to her friend, grabbed the waistline of her bikini and pushed down. Paige had no choice but to get on her back as Lisa completely removed the swimwear. I saw a tuft of dark hair fashioned into a landing strip just above her pussy.

“My turn!” Lisa announced.

The brunette returned the favor, sliding Lisa’s bikini bottoms down her butt and along her tanned legs. I had a good view of her snatch; it was completely bald. My cock hardened instantly.

“Why don’t you put on show for me. Play with yourselves, show me how much you want to be with me.”

The girls displayed incredulity but only for a second. They exchanged glances and chuckled privately again. They backed up so that they leaned against the headboard, side by side. They spread open their legs until their knees touched.

While they slowly caressed their young bodies, I got up from the bed and brought a chair forward. It would be more comfortable to enjoy the show. I yanked my polo shirt off, kicked off my shoes, and let my Bermuda shorts fall to the ground. I sat down on the chair and propped up one leg on the mattress.

By now, Lisa was rubbing her boobs languorously while petting her pussy. It was already glistening with arousal. My hypnosis was really making her horny for me! She ran a finger up and down her slit, going faster and deeper with each pass. Next to her, Paige was following her lead. Her movements were less assured but she was quickly growing comfortable.

“I make you hot, don’t I?”

“Yes, Melvin,” Lisa purred.

She wasn’t in a trance. I didn’t want either of them to be. They’d had enough suggestions to do whatever they were doing of their own volition. I didn’t need to implant any ideas anymore. They were genuinely excited.

Read it all now!

New story! – Breeding Beach Beauties

What if you could hypnotize gorgeous women into doing anything you want?

What if these gorgeous women actually deserved to be punished?

Meeting the beautiful Lisa and Paige by chance at the beach, Melvin remembers they were mean girls back in high school. Now a psychology genius, he hypnotizes them into a threesome where they beg to have his baby. Revenge by mind control is the sweetest!

Breeding Beach Beauties (5,200 words) is a tale of comeuppance where nerds finally get revenge. It includes hot penetration, oral sex, and two stunning girls tasting the joys of lesbian sex for the very first time!

New story sample! – Anus Crime

Here’s a look at my latest story, Anus Crime. Police officer McGregor catches trespasser Gracie getting off in a stranger’s house and blackmails her: rough sex or prison. But that’s not enough. She needs to be punished, anally! Will Gracie allow herself to be degraded in order to avoid jail?
He advanced on her menacingly. He put the keys back in his pocket and came out with his handcuffs.

“No, get away from me!”

Sneering, he sprung forward and pinned her against the wall with his body.


He grabbed her wrists and frog-marched her to the barred wall.

“Stop squirming.”

“You can’t do this!”

“I am doing this.”

Once her hands were through the bars, he snapped the handcuffs on her. He took a step back to admire his handiwork. She was facing the bars which meant he had full access to her beautiful little ass.

“The more difficult you make this for me the harder my cock becomes.”

At that, her head jerked sideways as she tried to look at him. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“I think you’re awfully more quiet when you have my cock inside of you. I think we proved that earlier.”

“No, please.”

“You need to be punished properly. I’m gonna drive my cock up that little ass of yours and teach you some manners.”