Hot #SundaySample – Sticky Panties Taboo #erotica

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Sticky Panties Taboo

Sticky Panties Taboo

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When doing laundry, mature Libbie discovers that her panties are covered with cum. At first, she thinks it’s from her husband Philip, but he assures her that he didn’t do it.

That means there’s only one suspect: their nephew!

This revelation rekindles their passion as well as their swinger lifestyle. What if they had a threesome between aunt, uncle, and nephew?


Husband and wife stared at one another, both grasping the implications at the exact same moment.

“Our nephew did this?!”

Philip’s shock wore off and he smirked. “The boy must have stolen your panties from the hamper. I bet he jacked off all night. And you know what that means, don’t you?”

“What?” Libbie asked, having trouble to let this sink in.

“Kevin has a crush on you. He has a crush on his aunt.”

“Oh gosh…”

Philip took a step toward her. “Why do I have a feeling you don’t think it’s a bad thing? In fact, I’m sure this is getting you even more drenched.”

“Absolutely not,” she lied.

“I remember you used to feel guilty when you got excited from our son shooting his load in your panties growing up. So this has to be getting you wet again, uh?”

Instead of answering, Libbie gazed defiantly at her husband. He took pleasure in watching her squirm. Honestly, she hadn’t been this aroused in years.

“Show me how wet you are, baby.”

In one fell swoop, he unzipped her pants and slid his right hand down her panties. His rough fingers delved between her soaking folds and it made her melt against her husband.


He pushed her against the trembling washer and she leaned on him for support.



Hot #SundaySample – Hot Sticky Nights #erotica

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Hot Sticky Nights

Hot Sticky Nights

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Ashlynn wakes up with cum on her body. Did somebody jerk off over her while she was sleeping?

That’s impossible, in the house there are only her daddy and brother who could do this!

Even though at first she’s confused, it soon turns her on to think about the men in her family doing this to her. What if tonight she stayed awake to see what really happens when she sleeps?

And what if she turned the tables and made them have their way with her?!


I was certain dad was about to wake me up in order to tell me something. But that’s when I noticed he had a hand on his crotch.

He was stroking himself! What was going on?!

He bent down and rummaged through my discarded clothes. He picked up my worn panties and pulled them to his face.

“Hmmm…” he moaned as he inhaled deeply.

I was mortified. Daddy was smelling my panties? He was rubbing himself at the same time?

A million thoughts tumbled through my head. I wanted to bolt upright, to tell my stepfather to get out of here. I needed to tell him how what he was doing was wrong and perverted. I could call the cops on him!

But before I could act, I tried to think more sensibly. He was actually a great man, friendly, kind, generous. He provided for me – for the whole family. As shallow as it sounds, I didn’t want to lose the lifestyle to which I had become accustomed.

So what if he got his rocks off doing something kinky like this? Who was I to judge what dad was doing?

His eyes were devouring me. He swiped his gaze from my head down to my toes. It was kind of hot to be desired like this, to be honest.


Want two HOT #menage stories in one? Multiple People Pleasure

Are you familiar with the wild creative mind of Giselle Renarde? You should be! I have teamed up with her for this release where she included a bonus story of her own.

If you like group sex, this is for you 🙂

Multiple People Pleasure

Multiple People Pleasure

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What if there was a secret magical portal that let you live out your most intimate fantasies?

That’s exactly what happens in “Magic Trio with Studs” when Marleigh inadvertently enters a dressing room and finds herself given the opportunity to be taken by the handsome Sawyer and Brett. Together! Will it be as fulfilling as she’d imagined?

And don’t miss the second story included, “Debbie Does Dalhousie” by Giselle Renarde! It’s the scorching hot tale of a mature woman who parties with three college girls, introducing her to the world of wild lust…


New hot sample! – Prom Night DP

Here’s a look at my latest release, Prom Night DP.

After having her life saved from drowning, the most beautiful and popular cheerleader in school rewards Shawn by inviting him for a threesome with her boyfriend on prom night. She loves to be double penetrated by two men!

It was almost midnight when the three of them entered the hotel room. Shawn had gone to the prom by himself. Mostly it was so he’d be able to say 20 years from now that he had gone to his senior prom. He’d observed the crowd and drank the substandard fruit punch which no one had dared to spike because the librarian/chaperone kept a keen eye on the bowl.

Now none of this mattered. He’d come to the hotel in his own Jeep and had been relieved when Lucas and Erica hadn’t turned him away in the lobby. Instead she brandished their overnight bag and the champagne bottle she’d brought and they made their way up.

“So we’re really going through with this, uh?” he asked while Lucas locked the door.

“You better believe it. I’ve been horny all week thinking about it.”

She spun on her heels and wrapped her arms around Shawn’s neck. She pulled him down for a long, wet kiss. After a moment, Lucas joined them and pulled her away so he could also get in on this make out session. He ran his hands up and down her frilly dress.

“Hold on,” she said. “I have to go get ready. Open the champagne, okay?”

She gave Shawn a quick kiss and brought the bag with her in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Lucas got busy locating glasses and opening the bottle. For his part, Shawn busied himself searching for suitable music on the radio.

“Is this something you do often, sharing her with other guys?”

“She likes it, bro. She really loves cock. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, right? We’re all 18, about to ship off to college. Shouldn’t we be having fun right now?”

“Well yeah, but you’re okay with this?”

“As long as we don’t cross swords tonight, it’s all good.”

“Cool,” Shawn agreed. “I don’t swing that way anyhow.”

They each took a plastic cup of champagne and drank while waiting for her to come out. They then removed their tuxedo jacket and bowtie to make the wait more tolerable. They had to refill their glasses before Erica emerged. Shawn couldn’t help thinking it was worth the wait. She was barefoot and in fact the only thing she was wearing was a black baby doll.

“Damn, baby.”

“You like?”

“Damn, baby,” Lucas repeated evenly.

She turned to the other guy. “What about you?”

“You’re beautiful, Erica.”

He handed her some champagne and they drank while she danced softly to the music. After a moment, she went to them. Since they were both sitting on the edge of the bed it was easy to get intimate. Lucas softly stroked her bare legs and touched her through the fabric.

Erica leaned forward and began making out with her savior. She took his free hand and made him trace her heavy breasts. She moaned in his mouth at his dexterous fingers.

“Strip for us, baby.”

She smiled and finished her drink. After she put her cup away, she resumed dancing in front of them. Dreamily, she lowered the straps off her shoulders, one after the other, and the silk negligee dropped halfway down her tits. She stopped it before revealing her nipples, dragging on the boys’ agony.

“Come on, take it off!”

She continued putting on a show, undulating sexily while rubbing her hands up and down her young body. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled the baby doll off her head.

“Whoa,” Shawn whispered.

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New release! – Prom Night DP

A fun day at the lake turns tragic when beautiful cheerleader Erica falls into the water. Luckily, outsider Shawn reacts quickly and saves her from drowning in the nick of time!

“Is there anything I can do to thank you?” she asks.

He suggests taking her out to the prom but she already has a date. But all is not lost.

“What about prom night?” she says. “If I can’t go to the prom with you, maybe you can spend prom night with us.”

Read Prom Night DP (5,400 words) to discover how much she’s looking forward to being double penetrated by two men in a hotel room! How depraved can three 18-year-olds get?

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