10 stories of old-school #erotica

I know you’re exhausted from all the taboo goodness so this week I’m offering something a little different.

Drilled and Thrilled

Drilled and Thrilled: 10 Steamy Stories of Debauchery

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Interested in young sluts doing nasty things? This box set includes 10 STORIES featuring virgins, anal, breeding, rough sex, and all the barely legal vixens you can handle! Includes:

Back Door Back to School
Get ’em Young Breed ’em Right
Nudist Camp Virgin
Breeding Beach Beauties
Asian Schoolgirl Shower
Valentine’s Day Sex Shop Encounter
Cum in my Christmas Stockings
Naughty Bows of Holly
Asian Breeding Career
Pleasured in Public: Cruise Ship Domination


Don’t buy these books!

These are not new stories. I’m republishing these books under new names with new covers because they were being punished by Amazon for being too risqué, practically on the verge of being blocked altogether.

If they are about something you’re into, by all means get them but I just wanted to make sure you didn’t purchase something you already owned. These stories have morphed into the following:

Asian Breeding Career = Naughty Career in China
Anus Crime = Am I in Trouble, Officer?
Arabian Sex Slave = The Arabian Gift
Get ’em Young Breed ’em Right = Taught Right

Naughty Career in China

Naughty Career in China

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Darryl has a gift. Every time he gets a woman pregnant it turns out to be a boy. Working in China, his talent is in great demand. Today he’s been hired by the in-laws of 18-year-old Ziyi, a shy and insecure young wife who finds it difficult to be handed off by her own husband.

But the moment the stud and his sexy assistant Heather go to work on her, Ziyi realizes what she’s been missing! Warm bodies against hers, skillful partners touching her in ways she never knew were possible, will she experience a genuine orgasm for the first time?

Am I in Trouble Officer

Am I in Trouble, Officer?

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Police officer McGregor is having a bad case of the hornies. So when he catches beautiful Gracie bringing herself to a screaming orgasm, in a house that doesn’t belong to her, he sees an opportunity to relieve some tension… with blackmail.

But more than that, the woman needs to be punished. Anally!

Will Gracie allow herself to be degraded in order to avoid jail?

The Arabian Gift

The Arabian Gift

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What would you do with a sexual slave?

As a reward for having unwittingly caught a terrorist, a Middle Eastern Emir gives Mike one of his harem girls, the exotic beauty Nashwa. He brings her home and is surprised that his wife his on board with him trying her out.

Join Louise as she observes her well-hung husband getting serviced by their new willing slave! See how turned on she gets when Mike becomes naughtily bossy…

Taught Right

Taught Right

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Barely legal Chrissie has an appointment with an older man who will show her what good sex is all about. He will ravage her and make her scream with pleasure!

“By doing this, my goal is to show you that you don’t have to settle for the first boy that gets your panties wet. My goal is to show you what a proper fuck feels like.”

He plans on shooting his load deep within her to teach her what REAL men are like…