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Taboo Cult 3

Taboo Cult: Final Group Ritual

In The Series
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Max and Valerie are ready to take the final step to join the Davidson Institute of Communal Karma and Spirituality, a cult based on openness and family members swinging together.

That means that Valerie will sleep with her stepdad and Guru Dave, Max will get together with his future mother-in-law, and the entire family will then join in for an orgy.

Will it be too much for the young lovers or exactly what they need?


Max’s face became redder. Sisters Anya and Rose laughed good-naturedly at his awkwardness.

“It’s time to take the next step,” Guru Dave continued. “To seal their bond with the universe and all living things, it is time for the Ritual of the Kundalini Aura Power Exchange.”

“The what?” Max couldn’t help ask.

At that, Guru Dave cocked his head to the side and winked. “In layman’s terms, you will have a family orgy together. Are you ready for this new phase of your enlightenment?”

Max was nervous, but so was Valerie. She had slept with every person in this room and she now couldn’t get enough of intimate fun with her parents and sister. Still, this was going further than anything she had done before.

She wanted to do it but she was scared of her fiancé’s reaction. This was the moment of truth. He couldn’t hide behind propriety anymore. The entire relationship hinged on what he would say in the next few seconds.

He turned to Valerie and whispered, “What do you think? Are you okay with me having an orgy with your parents and sister?”


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