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Taboo Cult1

Taboo Cult: The Brat’s Awakening

In The Series
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Valerie is at a crossroads. College isn’t for her and her adoptive parents are now part of the Davidson Institute of Communal Karma and Spirituality, a cult based on openness between the mind and the body.

It’s a place for swingers, honestly. It’s also a place for taboo!

If Valerie wants to join like her sister, she needs to open herself to sleeping with family members, especially dad…


“It’s kind of liberating to take a big step like this, to say it out loud.”

“And do you think you’re ready for more?” my father inquired. “Are you ready to take the next step with me?”

“You mean sleep with you, daddy?”

He nodded. “Only if that’s what you want.”

Mom winked. “He’s very good, Valerie. Your father makes women scream like you wouldn’t believe.”


My father was a bit embarrassed by us talking about him as if he wasn’t there. Still, my mother grinned knowingly.

“He can get a little rough,” she said. “But it’s part of what makes it so exciting, you know? Now it’s up to you to decide.”

The answer came to me from my body and not my brain. After having witnessed what mom had done, and then Elizabeth, after it had turned me on so much, I was in heat.

Yes, even if it was my father who was about to take care of my needs!

“Okay,” I replied after long seconds. “I want to join the Institute. I want to do it with you, daddy.”


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