Hot #SundaySample – Debauchery on Taboo Street #erotica

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Debauchery on Taboo Street

Debauchery on Taboo Street

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Luke hasn’t slept with his stepmom Rhea in a long time and now he can’t get her out of his head. But when he gets to her house on Taboo Street, he finds his cousin Stephanie already there.

As it turns out, mom and her 18-year-old niece have been role-playing together for some time. They fantasize about creating a taboo family for themselves, Stephanie becoming a hucow made to serve men, getting bred for them…

That’s when they ask Luke if he wants to participate in a menage to make his cousin pregnant!


Without warning, my mother leaned toward me, her mouth pressing against mine. We kissed sweetly until I couldn’t hold back anymore and thrust my tongue between her lips. I knew what the objective was: to make Stephanie at ease. She wanted to make her understand that there was a point when role-playing had to develop into actual playing.

“What do you think, Luke? Do you think breeding your cousin is something you’d be excited to do?”

I glanced at the young brunette. She was cowering in her chair and yet not running away screaming. I wanted to be with her so bad!

“There’s nothing I want to do more, mom.”

“Wonderful,” she said before turning to her niece. “And you, Stephanie? Do you think you’re ready for my son to have fun with you and make you pregnant?”

My cousin nodded.

“Tell me, honey. Do you want auntie Rhea to be there with you as your cousin gets on top of you, transforming you into a proper little girl?”

“Yes!” Stephanie replied with the first trace of enthusiasm I’d witnessed so far. “I’m not very experienced though. But I want to.”

My mother was beaming. “Then I think it’s time we go inside and finally have some real fun.”


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