Hot #SundaySample – Back Door on Taboo Street #erotica

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Back Door on Taboo Street

Back Door on Taboo Street

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I have a very unhealthy fixation on daddy. I want him, I need him! I know I would be perfect for him even if it’s forbidden.

He’s always out with these other girls. So why not me instead? Can’t he see how drenched he makes me?

But I have a plan. I will give him what he can’t get elsewhere: access to my butt!

I’ve never done it before but I will do ANYTHING for daddy…


“I know what it’s like to have a huge appetite. I’m the same way, daddy.”

“I’m so sorry if I’ve neglected you, Bianca, and…”

I shook my head and once more gestured for him to let me speak. “What I’m saying, dad, is that you don’t have to go out anymore to get what you’re looking for. You could be getting all the fun you want at home. With me.”

“What?! Bianca, what are you saying?”

It was plain in his agape expression that he knew what I was saying although he chose not to believe it.

“Daddy, let’s not play games, okay? I don’t know if you’re acting shocked because you are, or if it’s because you think it’s expected of you. I know you’re stiff all the time, daddy. I also know that you get turned on by me.”

“No!” he swiftly replied.

“We’ve always been close, you and me, daddy. But I also noticed how you’ve always looked at me. Your expression changed when I started wearing bikinis, when I started to have a real cleavage. I always realized there was something different in your eyes. You don’t have to pretend anymore.”


“The feeling is mutual, daddy. I’ve been fantasizing about you for such a long time, you have no idea.”


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