Because Thanksgiving is about family…

Last week was Thanksgiving and I know that I still haven’t fully recuperated. Anyone else out there who needs a massage and a vacation?

It’s the homestretch before the holidays so I’m hard at work on some scorching news stories. And since Thanksgiving is all about family, while you wait for a new book, I figured I would tell you again about this timely story about two sisters helping out their stepdad during the holidays.

Enjoy 😉

Taboo Side Effects: Two Brats Help Out

Taboo Side Effects: Two Brats Help Out

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Why is daddy getting hard while he’s hugging his stepdaughters this Thanksgiving?

The two sisters Ember and Alisa find themselves intrigued when mom informs them that their stepfather is on an experimental drug that makes him horny and inappropriate.

Left alone with him one evening, the two brats decide to push the limits and see how far they can go with daddy and how much taboo pleasure they can have together!



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