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Taboo Rite of Passage

Taboo Rite of Passage

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While visiting her grandmother’s farm, barely legal Zoey learns a shocking secret: the people in her family have been sleeping with their parents on their 18th birthday for generations.

It’s a ritual initially designed for family bonding but now devoted to pleasure. Jack and Holly decided not to bring up their daughter this way but when the teenager learns about it, she’s determined not to let forbidden relations get in the way.

She wants daddy to sleep with her. She even wants mom to be there to watch, touching herself and sharing the taboo.

Zoey can’t wait to go through this taboo rite of passage!


“It’s a shock, but for some reason I’m intrigued.”

“You are?” dad said in relief.

My mom also seemed more relaxed. Hopeful. “Are you sure, honey? My whole life I knew what was coming up on my eighteenth birthday. I had years to prepare myself for this rite of passage. This is a lot for you to take today.”

“I guess,” I replied with a shrug. “But it’s also kind of hot, you know? So I want to do it.”

“What?!” dad yelped.

Mom said, “You should take a few days to think about it.”

“I don’t need to think about it, mom. It just feels… I don’t know, it feels right. I can’t explain it, like it’s something I want to do. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s in me that I have to do this just like you and grandma.”

Granny Wendell hugged me and it felt good to be in her arms. “I’m so proud of you, Zoey!”

“You’re really sure about this?” my father said. “You know what this entails, right? You want us to sleep together.”

“Of course. I mean, don’t you want to, daddy? You’re not attracted to me?”

“It’s not that. You’re gorgeous, honey. It will be an honor and a pleasure to do this with you. I just want to be sure you understand that there’s no going back if we go through with this.”

“It’s a sacred ritual, right? It’s a rite of passage so it’s okay. It’s implied that there is no going back. It will make us closer than ever, I just know it!”



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