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Sticky Panties Taboo

Sticky Panties Taboo

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When doing laundry, mature Libbie discovers that her panties are covered with cum. At first, she thinks it’s from her husband Philip, but he assures her that he didn’t do it.

That means there’s only one suspect: their nephew!

This revelation rekindles their passion as well as their swinger lifestyle. What if they had a threesome between aunt, uncle, and nephew?


Husband and wife stared at one another, both grasping the implications at the exact same moment.

“Our nephew did this?!”

Philip’s shock wore off and he smirked. “The boy must have stolen your panties from the hamper. I bet he jacked off all night. And you know what that means, don’t you?”

“What?” Libbie asked, having trouble to let this sink in.

“Kevin has a crush on you. He has a crush on his aunt.”

“Oh gosh…”

Philip took a step toward her. “Why do I have a feeling you don’t think it’s a bad thing? In fact, I’m sure this is getting you even more drenched.”

“Absolutely not,” she lied.

“I remember you used to feel guilty when you got excited from our son shooting his load in your panties growing up. So this has to be getting you wet again, uh?”

Instead of answering, Libbie gazed defiantly at her husband. He took pleasure in watching her squirm. Honestly, she hadn’t been this aroused in years.

“Show me how wet you are, baby.”

In one fell swoop, he unzipped her pants and slid his right hand down her panties. His rough fingers delved between her soaking folds and it made her melt against her husband.


He pushed her against the trembling washer and she leaned on him for support.



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