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Bad Brat Caught

Bad Brat Caught: First Time Taboo

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Daddy caught me. I don’t understand, I was being careful with the boy in the car, but he saw everything. He stopped me just before I lost my virginity.

And now dad says that if I don’t do a striptease for him, he’ll tell what I did to my mother. That means I will lose my new car, my college education. Everything.

But why is daddy so rough with me? Why do I let him do this to me? So much humiliation, spanking… So much pleasure! My first time will be TABOO in every way!


“We’re not talking about me, little girl. We’re talking about you. I didn’t do anything wrong, you did and you know it. Your mother laid out the ground rules for you when we split up. She said that if you wanted to keep living with me – which you did because you knew I wasn’t as uptight as she was – you had to live by her rules. That meant home early, studying hard, and no unauthorized dating. It don’t take no NASA scientist to realize you’ve been breaking all these rules.”


“I have to tell her, I have no choice.”

“Please don’t.”

“If I don’t tell her, she’s gonna have her lawyers go hogwild on me. She’ll prove I was dishonest with her and take away the spousal support I was promised. I can’t take that chance.”

In a flash, I saw my entire future vanish in a puff of smoke. No new car, no tuition, no more pocket money. I would wind up bagging groceries for the rest of my life, if I didn’t become downright homeless. All because I had let my hormones take control of my body.

Without realizing I was doing, I fell to my knees in front of my father and clasped my hands together. “Daddy, please. I’m begging you! Please don’t tell mom.”

“Baby, you did this to yourself.”

“I’ll do anything! I’ll wash your car every day. I’ll cook dinner every night, all your favorite meals. If you don’t tell her, I will do everything you want. Absolutely anything!”

He opened his mouth to speak but then changed his mind. He was thinking about my offer in a much more serious manner than I’d anticipated.

He scratched his chin. “Anything? You’re sure about that?”

“Yes!” I promptly answered, my hopes soaring for the first time.

“Just so that I don’t tell your mother what a depraved little girl you are?”

“Yes, daddy. If you don’t tell her about this, I’ll do ANYTHING you want.”

He nodded and pursed his lips. “Okay, it’s your decision. Start by stripping.”



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