Would you sleep with daddy to inherit? #erotica

Attention, attention! This is probably the best book I’ve written so far.

I’m not just saying that either. It has a virgin daughter with her stepdad, with her stepbrother, and said brother even sleeps with mom. But more than everything, it has a genuine and surprisingly deep story. I’m very proud of this story and I hope you enjoy it.

Last Will: The Taboo Clause

Last Will: The Taboo Clause

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After the death of the long-lost relative, the Caudill family is unexpectedly invited to the reading of the will. That’s when they hear of a bombshell: they stand to inherit $1 billion, but on one condition.

They have to sleep with one another!

Great uncle Kermit had a peculiar lifestyle and he intends for it to endure. Will parents Ben and Cheryl be okay with this? Are the two step-siblings Marissa and Tommy going to accept what this entails? After all, Marissa is a virgin.

They have one week to discuss the situation, to discover if money is worth more than the forbidden taboo. And a lot can happen in one week…


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