Not always this naughty – My best vanilla books #erotica

These days, Cheri Verset is synonymous with taboo, with family members getting it on together. I know that, you know that, and I’m pretty sure the Crown Prince of Denmark knows that too.

However, it wasn’t always the case. Even though these themes have been my primary focus since the beginning – because, frankly, it’s HOT! – I spent considerable time writing more vanilla stories along the way. It was fun to explore different storylines and allowed for more flexibility.

While I’m taking the week off to write a bunch of new books for you, I thought that today I would share with you my favorite vanilla stories that I’ve written over the years. Don’t mind some of the subpar covers though 🙂 Happy reading!

best vanilla books

The Erotic Young Witch

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If young witch wants to fly
Witch needs to milk a virgin dry…

Gorgeous 18-year-old Jade wants nothing more in life than to become a full-blown witch and be allowed to fly on her shiny new broom!

After she gets caught playing with herself, using the hard black broom handle, she convinces her family that she’s ready for more responsibility, ready to become a woman. In order to cast her first spell, she needs a list of exotic ingredients but while some are easy to find, such as elephant dandruff and albino eagle eggshells, one item becomes a challenge.

Jade must find fresh semen from a virgin!

Follow her light and charming quest to seduce a young man out of his creamy jizz. Will she discover a naughty side of her? Will it convince her to lose her own virginity? One thing’s for sure, this will be the wildest day of her life!


Choose Your Own Fantasies

Choose Your Own Fantasies: Steamy Elevator Office Spanking

In The Series
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YOU DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT – A story like you’ve never seen before, INTERACTIVE FICTION goes naughty!

The story begins with beautiful and overworked Kari going home after a dreadful day at the office. But what happens then? Does she get trapped in the elevator with the dreamy supervisor Forbes, or will the rugged janitor seduce her? And then what?

There are a DOZEN possible outcomes and you get to decide EVERYTHING!

This gamebook addresses multiple kinks, from sweet to intense to taboo. You can read this book multiple times and get a different outcome every time.


The Time Traveler's Escapades

The Time Traveler’s Escapades

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Dr. Dustin Chesterton invented time travel but as far as he’s concerned it’s there for his personal enjoyment. He uses the time machine to seduce movie stars, Cleopatra, and even attend Roman orgies.

But when he’s saddled with his gorgeous assistant Karen on the last day he can use his invention, they inadvertently get stranded in the early 90s and disrupt the space-time continuum.

There’s only one way they can come back to the future: Dr. Chesterton must convince Karen to have sex with his younger self!

Will she able to overcome her inhibitions and get intimate with the only man she truly can’t stand?


Ready for Danger

Ready for Danger

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Palmer Fash is paid for one thing and one thing only: to protect billionaire heiress Kathleen Rhinebolt.

And that’s the last thing she wants.

Kathleen is perfectly happy being an aid worker in Southeast Asia, helping villagers and teaching kids. She doesn’t need a bodyguard, even one as rugged and handsome as Palmer.

He has to put up with her crap even though he’s getting fed up. Every day she’s throwing herself into more and more danger, always further from her cushy New York lifestyle.

But as rebels close in, there’s something else Kathleen and Palmer have to fight: the growing attraction between them.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Fucker

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Did you know a sexy vampire inspired Abraham Lincoln to write the Gettysburg Address?

And then she seduced him!

Follow President Lincoln as he struggles to comprehend his illogical longing for vampires. He tries to have the same kind of sex with First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln but it just isn’t the same. Ultimately, making love to vampire Lady Josephine and her manservant Frederick will awaken deep presidential urges that will decide his fate.


Erotic Pen Pal Care Package

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It’s Lena’s birthday and she’s about to get the BEST PRESENT EVER!

When she thinks she’s heading into a disastrous nonevent, her penpal sends her a mysterious box to brighten her day… as well as her sex life.

And then there are two strangers who show up to tie her up and invite her into a world of unexpected pleasure!

Join the gorgeous Lena as she is forced to film herself and put on a show for the man she secretly loves but who has never met. Erotic Pen Pal Care Package is a story of sex, decadence, shattered inhibitions, and unbridled romance.


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