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Last Will: The Taboo Clause

Last Will: The Taboo Clause

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After the death of the long-lost relative, the Caudill family is unexpectedly invited to the reading of the will. That’s when they hear of a bombshell: they stand to inherit $1 billion, but on one condition.

They have to sleep with one another!

Great uncle Kermit had a peculiar lifestyle and he intends for it to endure. Will parents Ben and Cheryl be okay with this? Are the two step-siblings Marissa and Tommy going to accept what this entails? After all, Marissa is a virgin.

They have one week to discuss the situation, to discover if money is worth more than the forbidden taboo. And a lot can happen in one week…


I held up my hand “Wait! Let’s not jump to conclusions.”

“Marissa, please! There’s no way in hell we can do this. I’m not letting my family commit incest for money. That’s… That’s prostitution.”

“It’s a billion dollars, mom,” I said in what I judged was a reasonable tone. “I mean, we can put our principles aside for a billion dollars, can’t we?”

At that, my brother straightened up. “Yeah, I agree. We can’t let that money go to that poker foundation.”

“Tommy!” Mom was appalled and stared at him. “I can’t sleep with you! Your father can’t sleep with Marissa! That’s just wrong.”

It occurred to me that I wasn’t as scandalized as my mother was and I wondered why. Could it be that I was subconsciously excited by the idea of sleeping with my father? He would be my first, too. I had never really thought about it but the concept didn’t disgust me.

“We have to think this thing through,” daddy said sensibly.

“Ben! These are our children!”

“We’re adults,” I clarified.

“Yeah, we’re eighteen,” Tommy pitched in.

“I can’t believe the three of you aren’t storming out of this place.”

It was dad’s turn to raise his hand in a conciliatory gesture. “Let’s be rational. I have an idea.”


“We have a week to do this, right? The terms are that we move into this manor and then we have a week to fulfill the condition.”

“You mean screw our kids,” mom spat.

Dad ignored her. “What I’m suggesting is that we take the week to think about it. We say yes to the lawyers today, we settle into the manor, and then we figure out a way to get out of this obligation.”


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