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Just This Once

Just This Once: Taboo Escort

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Dating is so complicated that Perry has given up. Now divorced, it’s easier to call escorts to a hotel room. Tonight things go wrong though.

Tonight the escort turns out to be his cousin Kasey!

As they struggle with the awkwardness of the situation, they start talking and soon discover their secret attraction to taboo subjects. Kasey has a confession that will change everything and send them both on a path toward forbidden pleasure…


“We still have an hour and a half together. You already paid me. We’re related and you just admitted to being turned on by family members. We could fool around together, cousin.”

“Are you serious?”

“If you want. Besides, it’s okay for cousins to fool around together, right? Happens all the time. I like you, Perry. I never thought about you this way before, but now I find myself really attracted to you.”

“Really? Thanks. You’re gorgeous as well. Hot.”

She grinned. “And I’m also excited, Perry. All this discussion between us, you and my mom, what I do, it’s getting me in the mood. So I think it would be great to have fun together tonight. Unless you think it’s too weird.”

I spoke even before her words sank in. “It’s not too weird!”


I nodded, my member starting to ache in my briefs. “I’m… I’m game.”


She stood up slowly and rounded the table. She reached for my hand and motioned for me to get up. She caressed my chest slowly, always looking into my eyes, and I impulsively placed my hands on her waist.

“Kiss me, cousin.”



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