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Glowing for Him

Glowing for Him: Pregnant Taboo

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Sarah is pregnant to the gills. Eight months going on fifty. She likes being in this condition, but being single makes it difficult to satisfy her sky-high libido.

So things take a turn when her uncle Burt shows up to see how she’s doing. She’s not about to admit that she would give anything to be ravaged by a big strong man right now, naturally. You don’t say these things to a family member.

But when uncle Burt reveals that he is extremely attracted to pregnant women, all bets are off! She’s about to get the relief she craves and he’s about to fulfill his deepest fantasy…


“You’re gorgeous, sweetie. You’ve always been absolutely gorgeous. You can’t deny that.”

I rolled my eyes. “I will admit that, okay, I was a hot little number eight-plus months ago, yes. But not now. Feast your eyes on this, uncle Burt. I’m so big that the last time I wanted to take a selfie I had to use Google Earth. I’m so big that the phone company is in talks to give me my own area code.”


“I’m so big that if I want to get cleaned up, I need to go to a car wash. And they charge me extra. I’m disgusting.”

He laughed and shook his head. “You’re really not. You are a radiant. You’re beautiful. Then again…”


“I always kind of had a thing for pregnant women.”

That was the first time I had heard such a thing and my eyes grew. “Really?”

“Yes, I can’t explain it. When your aunt was pregnant, well… I don’t think I need to draw you a picture. She had such an effect on me and it never went away.”

I noticed for the first time the way he was looking at me. His eyes were sweeping over my body, from my bare feet to my full breasts which even my loose maternity dress couldn’t contain. Was he turned on by me, his niece?!

No, that couldn’t be. He was my uncle, that was nuts. I was probably reading too much into this because I had been thinking about naughty things all day.



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