Summer Bonanza – Summer Taboo

The summer is almost over but I’m still having special sales on older books between new releases. This week it’s all about a boy’s first time… with his aunt!

Less than a buck on Amazon US and UK from now until Friday.

Less than a buck

His First Summer Taboo

His First Summer Taboo

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About to head to college, 18-year-old virgin Lars has to spend his summer vacation at a nudist camp with his family. Looking at naked women all day comes with a price though: being nude himself. That’s something he’s definitely not comfortable with.

But soon his aunt Mindy notices his shyness and takes him aside for a chat, telling him to relax, that it’s okay to be aroused around women. That’s when he notices what a beautiful MILF she is, all curves and feminine charms.

What he doesn’t know is that she intends to take his virginity! Will he let her?


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