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The Taboo Birds and the Bees

The Taboo Birds and the Bees

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The talk about the birds and the bees was a long time ago but now Jimmy Lee is about to get a very taboo take on it!

It’s the 1940s and Jimmy Lee is eager to leave the farm and join the Navy, much to his parents’ disappointment. His dad Buford has an idea though. He will teach his son to be a real man before leaving.

And doing so involves making mother and stepson sleep together!

Buford starts by showing the 18-year-old how to treat a woman before he can do it himself. What starts as a regular Mississippi evening soon becomes a family threesome…


“Maybe it’s my fault you turned out like that, not wanting to remain with your family. If you knew what you were missing, how good it is to have a woman of your own, then maybe you’d change your mind.”

Mama turned toward him with questions in her eyes. And yet, she seemed to know what he was hinting at. She whispered, “You sure, Buford?”

“Sure am. It’s time we truly showed him about the birds and the bees, sugar plum.”

“Pa, we already had this talk.”

“Exactly, it was just talk. Now we’re gonna show you how it’s done. It’s time that you become a real man.”

“I reckon I don’t understand,” I said, running a hand through my hair.

“You’re gonna sleep with your mama.”

“I beg your pardon?!” I practically screamed.

While I was agape, struggling to let this sink in, my mother wiped her hands on her apron and went over to pa. She stood by his side, putting a hand on his shoulder. It was a gesture of solidarity. They almost appeared as if they were getting their portrait taken.

“You can’t be acting like a child no more, Jimmy Lee. So what’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna drop them britches and go to bed with her tonight.”

“You’re serious?”

“Serious as a tax man, boy.”

Mama nodded. “Yes.”


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