Hot #SundaySample – Red White and Blew #erotica

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Red White and Blew

Red White and Blew

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It’s the Fourth of July and 18-year-old Meadow is in the mood. Everything around her is turning her on. So it’s second nature for her to pick up the handsome Army officer at the supermarket and blow him in the parking lot.

It’s not until she goes to her mother’s house that night that she realizes he’s her new boyfriend!

But is her mom mad about this? Of course not. Meadow and Judy have always been close, sharing men, sharing their bed. Tonight, the new boyfriend will find out the true meaning of fireworks with these two aroused women…


I was astounded but then I smirked. “Good evening, Colonel White.”

Mom was confused. “You two know each other?”

“A little bit,” I said. “I gave him a BJ in his truck this afternoon.”

The color drained from Mr. White’s face. “Judy, I’m so sorry.”

My mother was still cheerful though. “What are you sorry about? We said we weren’t exclusive, yes? I told you it excited me to think about you with other people. I really meant it, Red.”

“But still. This is your daughter. It’s wrong, I’m sorry.”

I grinned. “He really is straight-laced, mom!”

She shushed me and led her boyfriend to the couch where they both sat down. I remained on the other side, leaning on the armrest of the La-Z-Boy, crossing my ankles.

“It’s okay, Red. There’s nothing wrong with any of this, trust me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“We love each other, yes?”

“Of course, Judy. I love you more than I ever loved anyone.”

“And I feel the same way. No harm, no foul. I love a swinging lifestyle.”

He still struggled to come to grips with this. “But Meadow is your daughter.”

“You have to tell him, mom,” I said.

“I think you’re right, baby.”

“Tell me what?”


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