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Watch Us Play

Watch Us Play: Taboo for Three

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Josie and her father have a special relationship. They love each other like man and wife but her dad won’t allow themselves to cross the line into forbidden territory.

So they have an arrangement: they can watch each other be with other people, but they can’t touch!

Brent is about to find this firsthand when he’s picked up at a club by the 18-year-old nymph and brought home so she can put on a show for daddy. But Brent is all too willing to see if the two of them can push the envelope to the limit in this peculiar threesome.


“Oh my God! I’m so sorry, sir. I thought we were alone. I swear I’ve been nothing but courteous to her. And…”

“Relax, son. There’s nothing to apologize for.”

As he spoke, Mr. Roswell went to a sideboard on the left wall and he poured himself a glass of amaretto. It occurred to me that I sure could use a glass myself to calm down.

I looked down at Josie and shrugged with a question. Why was she still holding my member? Why wasn’t she freaking out that her dad had just walked in on us? She didn’t have a stitch of clothing on her! She was fully exposed to her own father!

And yet she smiled amusingly at me. What’s more, I felt her hand move along my length a little.

“Josie!” I stage-whispered.

“It’s okay,” she replied with a wink.

Mr. Roswell returned, taking a sip. “So, how did the two of you meet? You look too old to go to high school with my daughter.”

“You’re still in high school?!”

“Yeah but I really am eighteen. One of the bouncers at the club always lets me in.” She turned to her dad. “We met at Club Neon.”

“Oh, good. He’s treating you well?”

Josie nodded. “You have no idea, daddy! He’s a real gentleman. I had to be the one to take him upstairs. He made me moan in about one minute, just with his fingers.”

“That’s my little girl, all right!”


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