Hot daughter for #FathersDay #erotica

We first met Bailey on Mother’s Day with her sister. Now she takes care of daddy!

Less than a buck until Friday morning 🙂
Less than a buck

Bailey's Stud Night

Bailey’s Stud Night: Man of the House Taboo

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Having a threesome with my stepsister for Mother’s Day was the best thing to ever happen to me. It also made me realize that I’m definitely into the family taboo.

But since Eva isn’t sure if she wants to do it again with me, I turn my sights on my stepfather. The more I think about him and the stronger my desire becomes…

I have a plan. First I will arrange a secret encounter with daddy through a glory hole and then, on Father’s Day, I will tell him how I feel. I hope the fact that I offer him my cute little butt will allow me to seduce him!


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