Parents join stepsiblings #erotica

First they listened, then they watched, and when it became unbearable the parents joined their 18-year-old kids!

Dirty Noises

Dirty Noises: A Taboo Home

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Zeke and Samantha are getting frisky late at night when they hear dirty noises coming from inside the house. While beautiful mature Samantha is excited listening to what obviously is her daughter having some fun, Zeke thinks that she shouldn’t have people over on a school night.

Determined to stop these shenanigans, he goes to her room but the sound isn’t coming from there. Instead, it’s coming from their son’s room…

Their son Evan who never does anything wrong, who never even had a girlfriend. Sure enough, he has a girl in bed right now and it’s his STEPSISTER Whitney!

How will the parents react at finding these two 18-year-olds together in bed? Will it awaken their swinger tendencies to turn this into an orgy?


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