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His First Summer Taboo

His First Summer Taboo

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About to head to college, 18-year-old virgin Lars has to spend his summer vacation at a nudist camp with his family. Looking at naked women all day comes with a price though: being nude himself. That’s something he’s definitely not comfortable with.

But soon his aunt Mindy notices his shyness and takes him aside for a chat, telling him to relax, that it’s okay to be aroused around women. That’s when he notices what a beautiful MILF she is, all curves and feminine charms.

What he doesn’t know is that she intends to take his virginity! Will he let her?


Once she was between my legs, she scooted closer and sat on her haunches. I didn’t dare move from my position, reclining on my elbows, and simply watched her as she took me in her hand again. She resumed jerking me off and on the upswing she brushed her thumb against the crown.

“Ugh…” I breathed as I felt quivers in my belly.

“Do you like this?”

“It feels so… I’ve never… Yes!”

With a smile, she touched me with her other hand as well. Aunt Mindy used both hands to massage me in no discernible pattern. Not knowing how she would touch me next made me that much harder. Then, she went back to touching my balls while she stroked the stem.

“Would you like to kiss me, Lars?”

I had never been especially attracted to older women, chiefly because I had never given it much thought. I was always surrounded by girls my age so it made no sense looking beyond them. However, looking at my aunt it was impossible to deny how gorgeous she was.

On top of that, I was getting more and more excited by the fact that we were related. It was wrong and yet part of the appeal.

Her eyes were lightly squinting which emphasized a handful of wrinkles – laugh lines. Her plump, sensuous lips were half open as she awaited my response. And that said nothing of her shapely body, soft but unbearably appealing.

I nodded and whispered, “Yes, auntie. Please do it.”

Never letting go of my throbbing manhood, she leaned forward until I could feel her breath on my mouth.


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