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Dirty Noises

Dirty Noises: A Taboo Home

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Zeke and Samantha are getting frisky late at night when they hear dirty noises coming from inside the house. While beautiful mature Samantha is excited listening to what obviously is her daughter having some fun, Zeke thinks that she shouldn’t have people over on a school night.

Determined to stop these shenanigans, he goes to her room but the sound isn’t coming from there. Instead, it’s coming from their son’s room…

Their son Evan who never does anything wrong, who never even had a girlfriend. Sure enough, he has a girl in bed right now and it’s his STEPSISTER Whitney!

How will the parents react at finding these two 18-year-olds together in bed? Will it awaken their swinger tendencies to turn this into an orgy?


I felt Samantha walking behind me but I wouldn’t let her presence keep me from doing what needed to be done. This teenager had to learn that under my roof I was the one who made the rules.

The worst part was that I didn’t want to say any of this. It was giving me no pleasure. In fact, it broke my heart that I needed to punish my child. I loved her and I knew it would be hurtful for her.

Plus there was the fact that my wife had been correct, it was exciting to listen to her moan as she was getting ravaged. I could have ignored my parental responsibility and simply get off on it as I made love to Samantha. And yet I had to do this, as difficult as it was.

I puffed up my chest, braced for what I had to do, and put my hand on Whitney’s bedroom doorknob. I stopped when I realized this wasn’t where the sound was coming from!

I spun on my heels, looking at my wife, and she was just as surprised as I was.

“What the…” I mouthed.

She shrugged and we both tiptoed toward the source of the dirty noises: Evan’s room! Sure enough, the sounds became louder as we approached.

Samantha searched out my eyes and she was smiling from ear to ear. I could understand the sensation. Our son had never had a girlfriend so it was time for rejoicing that his luck had finally improved.

I was about to turn around and go back to my room where I would pleasure my wife seven ways to Sunday, not caring about the double standards of leaving Evan alone when I was about to chide his sister for the same thing. But something occurred to me. Who was the girl?

I could tell that Samantha was thinking the same thing. She came closer to the door, putting her ear against it.

“Samantha, no!”

She winked at me and pressed a finger against her lips, making me quiet down. I was happy for our son finally getting some action – maybe he wasn’t such a big nerd after all – but I also felt he needed some privacy.

“Just a quick peek,” my wife whispered naughtily, cracking open the door.

I was standing behind her by now, able to see above her head. I understood everything before I actually peered into the room. I had heard that voice a million times before. I hadn’t been mistaken, the voice was truly Whitney’s.

Which meant…

I was agape from both the realization and the sight before me. My son and daughter were lying side-by-side on the bed, leaning against the headboard. They were nude and touching one another!


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