Hot #SundaySample – Try My Girl Out, Boss #erotica

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Try My Girl Out Boss

Try My Girl Out, Boss

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I really want to get a promotion but I know my boss is holding back. It’s okay, I have a solution.

One evening after a business dinner, I bring Mr. Reiner home with me and that’s when my 18-year-old stepdaughter shows up looking all cute in nightgown and pigtails.

He won’t be able to resist her just like I won’t be able to resist joining them for a threesome!


“Try my girl out, boss. It’s obvious you’re dying to, and from experience it’s the same for her.”

“Totally, daddy.”

She was between his legs now, fumbling with his zipper. He was putting on token resistance but I was pretty sure that even trained international spies wouldn’t be able to resist my hot little vixen.

“No, we can’t…”

“Mr. Reiner, let me try first. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop, promise.”

My boss looked at me, his mouth wide open. “Skip, this is your daughter!”

“I know and she sucks beautifully, let me tell you.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“It’s okay, she’s eighteen now and old enough to make her own choices. Isn’t that right, Hannah?”

“Absolutely, daddy. And right now I want to blow him.”

In a split second, she snaked his member out and began fellating him. Mr. Reiner was paralyzed and left with no other choice but to let her do this.


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