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The Billionaire's Duo

The Billionaire’s Duo: A Taboo First

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My boss is famous billionaire Salinger Ackerman and he finally notices me just as I spill coffee all over important documents. But instead of getting angry, he glimpses my stepsister’s picture and decides he wants her.

He wants BOTH OF US!

Before I know it, he whisks me away by limo and helicopter and private jet to my sister’s college in the Midwest and soon the three of us are having wine in a fancy hotel. He wants to see us in bed together. He wants to take my sister’s virginity.

He wants to breed us. Can you really say no to a handsome alpha billionaire?


“Come on, Taryn. You’re not that innocent.” She was blushing again. “Besides, I think it’s either this or he’s going to fire me. He’s the type who can get away with demands like this.”

“I don’t know. I mean, he is sort of hot for an older guy, but, I don’t know. I’ve…”

“I’ll be here for you. You’re comfortable with me, right? You have to be with the things we’ve done.”

“Things you’ve done?” a very masculine voice interrupted. Mr. Akerman was stepping out of the bathroom. “What things have you two done?”

Taryn started giggling. The wine and absurdity of the situation was getting to her.

It was up to me to explain. “Uh, when our parents weren’t home, we were curious. Getting those feelings that teenagers get.”

“Please don’t tell him, Renna,” Taryn said, still embarrassed by all of this.

“We practiced kissing with one another. You know, for when we wanted to do it for real with boys. As it turns out, we liked kissing one another, a lot too. Then we practiced other things with each other. Taboo things.”

“You promised we’d never tell anyone, Renna.”

Salinger crossed his arms and looked down at us both, still side by side at the edge of his bed.

“Show me. Show me what you used to do to one another.”

I swallowed. I had promised Taryn that years ago that no one would ever know. It was behind us. This situation though was different. It wasn’t just about my job.

I discovered that I wanted more of Salinger and I knew Taryn was the key to it. Plus, would like it as well, I was sure of it. She needed to be broken out of her shell somehow.

Okay, I decided. We could do this…


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