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Hush Now: Taboo in the Library

Hush Now: Taboo in the Library

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What is it about school libraries that turns you into a complete slut?

It began innocently enough, for a college student like me anyway, just fooling around at the library one night. But everything goes to hell when my uncle Ward catches me in the act. He works here, I should have been more careful, but I was swept away by how good it felt to be ravaged in the stacks.

At first, I’m wondering if it’s just a matter of hoping he won’t tell my parents. In hindsight, that would have been the easy way out. Instead he wants to punish me in his office.

He wants to spank me and take me roughly even though I’m his niece! Then again, what if I like it?


“So, Sherri,” he began, sitting on the desk in front of me. “What are you hoping to accomplish in your college career?”

“Uh,” I said, feeling guilty as sin.

“I stuck my head out for you to get you in here, you know. It was because I wanted you to secure your future.”

“I’m grateful, uncle Ward. I really am.”

“Is that why you’re thanking me by getting ravaged in public?”

The ball was dropped. My worst nightmare was coming true. I couldn’t look him in the eyes.

“Are you just a slut, Sherri? How often do you do things like this?”

Was I a slut?!? I mean, I did get frisky in the library. What’s more, uncle Ward had been watching, and there was the simple fact that I think I liked that he was watching me. Nevertheless, I wasn’t up to speed on the current qualifications for slut status.

“No,” I said quietly. “That was the first time.”

The first part I wasn’t sure was a lie, but that was the first time I had ever indulged in doing something so public.

“You need to be punished, and be taught a lesson that you shouldn’t do things like that again.”


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